Boudoir Photography: Sexy, Classy, Romantic, and Fun

boudoir photographyBoudoir photography has gained a lot of popularity recently, and why wouldn’t it?  With this empowering new movement, women of all shapes and sizes are able to express themselves in fun and sexy ways, and get a keepsake photo out of the experience as well.  Whether these images are going to be sultry gifts for a special someone, or just a cheeky, artsy addition to your photos at home, getting the image you want should be a carefree and creative experience.

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Typically these, images come together as the result of an artistic team.  A hair stylist, a makeup professional, a wardrobe stylist, and of course, the photographer.  One of the most alluring aspects of these photo sessions is the ability for every day women to look and feel their best, all while capturing it on film.  Lingerie shots are no longer reserved exclusively for lingerie models, and boudoir photographers are helping to make those images a reality.  There are many fun occasions and themes to choose from.  Let’s go through a few examples.

The Bridal Photo

boudoir photographyYour wedding day is likely to be the most “dressed up” you will ever get.  The über formal gown, the long veil, the expensive manicure and the heels probably all combine to create the single most expensive outfit you have ever worn.  A secret known to many brides however, is just how much of that expense was taken up by the bridal lingerie.  The bustier, the garters, the stockings and maybe even the little panties that say “Bride” in rhinestones – all told, the things the bride is wearing under her dress might have cost hundreds of dollars!  With that in mind, why not get a picture of that part of the outfit too?

Bridal boudoir photos can easily be taken the morning of the wedding, as the bride prepares to dress for her big day.  Her hair, makeup and veil are already done, and all she needs to do now is get dressed.  Considering what a lengthy process that can sometimes be (depending on the dress), you might as well take advantage, and get some lovely, classy lingerie photos.

While it’s true that a bride may not be too keen on laying back on a mattress when her hair is styled for her wedding, you can absolutely take some fantastic shots of her in seated, or standing poses.  These photos make a lovely keepsake for the newly married couple.

The Classic Pinup Girl Photo

boudoir photographyCheesecake pinup photos are always a hit, with both the women posing in the photos, and the lucky individuals receiving copies.  These exaggerated and classically styled photos offer a little more variety for the subject.  While a woman may be interested in boudoir photos, she may not be interested in posing in teeny, tiny lingerie.  Pinup photos can be sexy, fun and even daring, without necessarily showing a lot of skin.

Pinup portraits can make creative use of everything from aprons, to military-inspired uniforms, to knee length dresses, to denim shorts.  Some women may be more comfortable choosing this type of portrait, especially if this is their first time commissioning an image like this.  Really, the magic of these photos is in the hair, makeup, background, and expression of the model.  Nearly any outfit can be made to look a little naughty if it is famed just right.  A good photographer will know that pinup photos are more about the woman, and not necessarily about what she’s wearing.

The “Nothing at All” Photo

boudoir photographyNot to be confused with an out and out nude photograph, these artistic photos offer tantalizing glimpses of bare skin, but also make creative use of non-clothing objects as tasteful covering.  In reality, the model might be clothed (or at least wearing underwear) on set, but it is the creative framing and good use of photo angles which create the illusion.

Silky sheets are a popular set piece for the nearly nude photos.  Other objects put to great use are things like rose petals, jewelry, bubble baths, or even the model’s hands.  The allure of these photos is obvious – they are showing a lot without showing anything at all.  These may be a more daring endeavor, but if the end result is tasteful and sexy, everyone involved will be very happy.

The Abstract Photo

shutterstock_153521414If you are a fan of black and white photography, you may just love the idea of more abstract boudoir photos.  In these images, the model might be only partially shown.  For example a picture of only her legs, in fishnet stockings, going down to stiletto heels.  Another might be a closeup photo of her hands reaching behind her back to tie (or untie) a corset.

These photos are a little more high concept, and may work better as an addition to an overall set which includes more full body or head shots.  Still, for those wanting something that stands out, or creates a striking image without necessarily showing the model, this is the way to go.

Couples Photo Sessions

shutterstock_70011778While men may not make up the largest percentage of those clients seeking boudoir photos, they are by no means absent from the market.  Couples photography has gained popularity, and sometimes, even as part of a wedding photo package.  A honeymoon photo, if you will.  For these shots, the couple is usually looking for a theme of “romance ” as opposed to a more scintillating theme.  Usually these shots involve soft colors, tender touching between the two subjects, and sometimes even parts of the wedding clothes.  These shots may wind up being just a private keepsake for the couple, or if they are tasteful enough, they might be part of the wedding album itself.

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