Book Writing Software: How to Make Writing Easy

shutterstock_128298695Whether you are an experienced writer or looking to begin your first novel, writing can be tough. You need to be able to structure your sentences, outline your ideas, take notes, and organize all your different settings, backgrounds, and character information.  Luckily, with the help of book writing software, you can use a program designed specifically for writers that will allow you to develop and write your novel or short story with tools to make the overall process easier.

If you are looking for an easier way to organize your creative thoughts, let’s take a look at 10 different book writing software programs that will give you the tools you need to simplify the writing process.

LibreOffice Writer

Every writer needs a good word processor for at least some tasks, and LibreOffice has one of the best free options for word processor around.

  • LibreOffice writer gives you the options of Auto-completion, auto-formatting, and spell checker as you write.
  • It provides you with ways to spice up your text and make it a bit more interesting with embedded images, footnotes, endnotes, indexes, and bibliographies.
  • With LibreOffice, you can save your work as a PDF file to share with others.

Overall, LibreOffice delivers good results with little hassle in a Word-2007 style interface.


TheSage is a powerful dictionary and thesaurus that is pack-full of useful features for writers.  Here are some things that it offers:

  • TheSage has a one-click lookup for most applications that will provide you with a definition, example sentences, and a pronunciation guide with audio for reference.
  • It will also give you any synonym, hypernyms, hyponyms and meronyms for your words in question.
  • If you need help spelling a word, TheSage offers a Google-like alternative for if you get a spelling wrong.
  • There is an anagram solver available.
  • Any searches that you perform will be stored for alter reference.


If you are an e-book author or looking to publish your own e-book, consider using the Sigil software.  Sigil is equipped with the tools for e-publishing and has a EPUB editor with essential features that any writer can use.

  • Sigil has a WSIWYG Book view for users to fine-tune their projects by tweaking the EPUB code.
  • Sigil offers a powerful search tool to help you update text and format as you wish.
  • It offers tools, such as a table of contents or an index platform so that you can give your work a more personal touch.


Writing a book requires heavy organization.  If you need any help in this area, consider TreeSheets.  TreeSheets is a note-taking program that works like a spreadsheet and can store a large amount of images, data, and texts.

  • TreeSheets will help you create a list of items and incorporate tables, images, and add other tools for more dimensions.
  • TreeSheets is a bit unconventional, however, so it may require some getting used to.  Once you are able to master the program, it is a great way to organize and arrange your thoughts to make your writing process more fluid.


Have you ever needed to search the web while working on a project only to find that you internet is down or not working?  Kiwix is a great solution for this.

  • Kiwix allows you to download a large amount of content that you can view offline in your own time without internet connection.
  • The files will be easily accessible for you anytime; however, the files are limited only to text.  This makes it ideal for research or any other written information or references that you may need to use while writing.


Storybook helps you structure your thoughts for a novel, screenplay, or any other type of written work.

  • Storybook allows you to begin with creating a single strand for each of your plotlines or scenes to help you tell your story.
  • Once you have your scenes, you can add in characters and rearrange them as you go and however you like.

This software writing program helps you better visualize and understand the direction in which your story is going as you move forward with your writing.


For a lot of people, staying focused throughout the writing process can be a struggle.  Luckily, FocusWriter can help you get rid of all of your distractions by clearing your screen so that you can concentrate solely on writing.

  • FocusWriter has a menu with the basic editing features, such as: text formatting, search and replace alignment, indents, spell, etc.
  • You can also set a daily goal of how much you want to get done, and by when.  FocusWriter will equipt you with a status bar to help track this.


YWriter5will help you plan the structure, format, and timeline of your novel.  It will show you have much you have to do, how much time you have left, and if you are on schedule to finish.

  • YWriter5 will also help you organize your story’s characters, items, and locations into scenes so that you can outline your book easily.
  • If you happen to want to change aspects or structure of your novel, you can do this as well.  YWriter 5 will store all your previous scenes so you may review them later.


If you write a lot, you have probably heard of Evernote before.  Evernote allows you to create detailed notes and add personalized formatting and imaging in an online account.  You can use Evernote to save and record web content, such as: URLs, parts of text online, or a full page of information that you might find useful.

  • For your convenience, Evernote runs on all different types of platforms, such as: Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Anroid, Blackberry, and Windows Phone.  It can also be used from different browsers.
  • If you are working on a writing project, Evernote allows you to share your notes with others as well.

Unravel The Writing Process

With these nine different options for book writing software, you will find something that fits your book writing style and needs to help you on your path towards publishing your material.  Who knows, a little book writing software may be all the help that you need in becoming a better writer.