Body Confidence: Get it Now!

Body ConfidencePicture how often you hear the phrase “image is everything” and think about what it really means. Does it mean that the way your body looks is the most important thing over and above the way you feel about yourself and how you interact with other people? No, it absolutely doesn’t! Having confidence in the way you look is almost entirely a mental rather than a physical challenge. Taking pride in your appearance, whatever it is, is what will project to other people and will help form the image that they have of you. Here are a few pointers to help you conquer that mental battle, and get more body confidence today!

Look at Yourself Differently

When looking in the mirror what do you see? Do you admire how great you look or look at one particular area that you do not like and wish it were different. It’s time to change that around and instead of focusing on the flaws, admire the things of which you are proud: be it your smile, your eyes, or your hands. The more things that you notice that you like about yourself, the higher your overall confidence in your body as a whole will be. To help you achieve your goal, try enrolling in this Udemy course, Transform Self Doubt Into Self Confidence


Your genes are what made who you are, and they are the result of hundreds of years of success; otherwise, you would not be here today. The whole way that genealogy works is through stronger genes taking over from the weaker ones. The way you look now is a result of millions of tiny strengths that have evolved over the centuries. Your body is the way it is because it is the best version of your inherited genes. This is part of what makes you special.

Don’t Look with Envy but with Interest

There is no point in comparing your appearance with others as they all have different bodies. They have their own things that they are proud of and not so happy with, and your opinion does not matter to them because they also see the imperfections in themselves. Instead, look at things you like about their overall appearance and how you could adapt that particular thing to your personal style and taste.

Pamper Yourself

Instead of buying magazines and wishing you could look like the photo-shopped stars that spend thousands of dollars adjusting their appearance only to then have their photo altered to portray the image society demands, spend the money on pampering yourself. We often spoil the ones we love, and you should do this for yourself. Buy some nice toiletries to be able to have the most luxurious bath, and go ahead, it is allowed: Treat you to a nice new outfit or a visit to the salon. Doing things that make you feel good will help you to relax and also give you a warm glow which is your body confidence shining through for all to see.

Be Active

Your body works hard for you every single hour of every day and it needs your help to stay fit and healthy. Doing some form of daily exercise will not only help you stay physically fit, but it will also improve your mood. In addition, it will help you sleep and give you a valuable energy boost which will in turn increase your overall body confidence.

It’s true that changing your own view of yourself is not an easy thing to do and can’t be done overnight. However, you can start by making the effort to start changing how you perceive yourself by following these tips. Moving forward and after maintaining this positive opinion for an extended period, you will find that you do not see flaws when you look at yourself but what you really are, a body confident, attractive person with a fabulous image.


It is okay to use the imagination that you were born with to pretend that you look exactly like your favorite celebrity. If you do not look in the mirror while you are imagining, you’ll never know the difference, and everyone else will be in awe of your star persona with your contagious confident attitude. The secret of the stars is to fake it because they all see their own flaws, but they use their acting skills to act like they are perfect, and you can do it, too.


If you cannot do it being yourself, you can pretend you are someone else. An alter ego can go do things that you never would, and no one will ever know that is really you. After all, it may sound clichéd, but it works for Beyoncé, and the same strategy can work for you.

Add Pizzazz

You know what you like, and it does not matter if it conforms to the trendy fashion rules. Just be you, and the world will notice in a good way. If you like what you’re wearing, your body language and face will show it. Others will be envious because you are at ease in your own style, so go ahead, if you like a bright shiny necklace or tie, wear it, and it will take your outfit from drab to dramatic in record time.

Stand Tall

There is nothing in the world like walking onto the world’s stage in a new pair of designer heels. Whether it is boots or stilettos, with your extra height and your head held high, you will take the world by storm. Standing tall and powerful is a secret of the confident who take charge with a commanding presence when they walk in the room. Try on a new pair and walk in with your head held high. You will ooze charisma and everyone will wonder what is different about you. Even Cinderella and Prince Charming knew that the secret to success was in wearing the right shoe.

The Nose Always Knows

Perfume or cologne applied just right can make the difference in your outlook. If you find a fragrance that you like, wear it often. It will make you feel sexy, and sexiness translates to confidence from the bedroom to the boardroom. Make the best use of your senses, and let your nose lead the way.

Following these tips will help you achieve your goal of body confidence much sooner than you think. To move the process even further along, you should check out these Udemy courses, Confidence: A Practical Guide for Boosting Self-Confidence and Double Your Confidence & Self Esteem – Complete Blueprint. You should also take some time to read this Udemy blog, Confidence Tips: Defeating Self-Doubt.