Blueberry Wine: A Healthy Indulgence

blueberry wineWhen it comes to alcohol, there are very few selections that doctors say are good for you. Wine (in moderation) is said to have value, especially for older people who may have trouble with circulation.

Doctors are also likely to recommended blueberries. They are said to be loaded with antioxidants and also have the nutrients to improve memory. There’s more: blueberries also contain manganese (good for bones), fiber and vitamin C.

So now imagine the value of wine and blueberries together: blueberry wine!

Let’s go back to wine for a second. Because wine is typically made from fruit, it does have nutritional value. A good wine contains:

  • fluoride, which is good for teeth
  • manganese, an antioxidant good for the brain, liver and nervous system
  • potassium, which helps your hear beat
  • iron, important because it helps deliver oxygen to the brain
  • vitamin B6, which works to access energy in your system
  • vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, which is another antioxidant that also helps with the flow of oxygen
  • phosphorous, which works on strengthening bones, regulating hormones and aiding digestion
  • choline, a substance that helps with memory and liver function

Now, that doesn’t mean you should turn into a wino. Moderation is the key. Remember, there is alcohol in wine.

However, if you really want to control ingredients in the wine you drink, make your own. Incorporate blueberries into your own recipe that you make at home easily picked up through this course that will teach you from scratch. Make your own blueberry wine, possibly the most nutritious beverage on the planet!

Some wines have additives that don’t add real value, while others are not processed properly and the fruit loses its worth. You can control what goes in the wine and how much it adds to your health.

Become A Wine Connoisseur

As with anything you put into your body, you should do a bit of research as to how it’s made, the value of the ingredients and how much it too much. You can ask others, but then again, you can learn how to become a wine connoisseur yourself. Experts share their insight and teach you via lecture about aromas and flaws, red and white wines, secrets from wine professionals, how to order the right wine for the right food and how to impress friends, family and clients with your knowledge.

Why Blueberry Wine Is Trending

It wasn’t that long ago that blueberries were declared a “super food.” Super foods are foods that are exceptionally high in nutritional value and recommended by nutrition and dietary experts pretty much across the board. So over the last two decades, blueberries have been in higher demand than ever, as more and more people look to make their daily diets healthier. Production went up and so did the need to dispose of those blueberries that didn’t make the grade – those that were bruised or maybe too small.

So some blueberry farmers actually came up with the realization that blueberry wine could help them pass on their excess crop, while providing a beverage loaded with nutrients. It almost takes you back to the Prohibition era, when farmers secretly brewed alcohol in their barns late at night and sold it to thirsty citizens and even mobsters fighting to put alcohol in their speakeasies.

Here are modern farmers who have ventured into wine making and are making it work.

  • In Hammonton, New Jersey, you’ll find the Tomasello Winery, which gets its blueberries to make blueberry wine from the Atlantic Blueberry Co., considered the largest blueberry farm in the world. It started in 1995 with the first blueberry wine in the state. Tomasello actually makes a variety of blueberry wines, including sparkling and semi-dry, which are suited to go with desserts and cheeses. The Tomasello wines made out of blueberries range in price from $10-$18 and are sold in some 28 states.
  • Out of Plant City, FL, the Keel & Curley blueberry farm has found an incredible market for its wine. Its sweet, dry and semi-dry wines sell for about $10 online and at a large amount of retailers in the area, including Wal-Mart, Publix (large southern grocery chain) and some liquor stores.
  • Florida has several blueberry wineries, as its climate is ripe for blueberry farms. Another one in the north central part of Florida is the Island Grove Wine Co. This part of Florida is responsible for 25 percent of the state’s blueberry production. It’s a nearly $100 million industry in Florida, by the way. Island Grove, the town, has a Blueberry Festival in May during the peak of the harvest season. Island Grove Wine Co. makes Sorta Sweet and Kinda Dry blueberry wines, as well as strawberry, raspberry, black berry, apple and peach wines.
  • Go north, way north, northwest to Alaska to Bear Creek and find the Bear Creek Winery, where Blu Zin blueberries and Zinfandel) is produced, as well as Blueberry Mirlo (blueberries and Merlot). The wines are sold online for about $25 a bottle and can also be found in some restaurants and liquor stores in Juno, Fairbanks and Anchorage, Alaska.

Researchers Applaud Blueberry Wine

Stop laughing. It’s true that research has been done on wines. You guessed it. It’s not difficult to get volunteers. But back to the matter at hand…

A research study conducted by the University of Florida (UF) in 2012 found that blueberry wines have way more antioxidants than grape-based wines. UF’s Institute of Food and Agriculture Sciences measured blueberry wine against the traditional reds and whites and found that blueberry wine beat all the white wines and 80 percent of the reds.

Make Your Own Blueberry Wine

Here’s what you need to make your own blueberry wine:

  • 18 pounds of blueberries
  • 1 tsp. grape tannins
  • 1 tbsp. yeast nutrient
  • 1 tbsp. acid blend
  • 1 tbsp. picric enzyme
  • 10 pounds of sugar (may be able to use sugar substitute – something to experiment with)
  • 1 package champagne yeast
  • a fermenter, a hydrometer, six good freezer bags, a mesh bag, a glass carboy, a bottling bucket, wine bottles.
  • This recipe makes about six gallons of wine. Please be patient, as this is a process that won’t happen overnight. In fact, it takes more than a month for the concoction to turn into blueberry wine. Here’s where to find your step-by-step instructions –

You can make the process simpler by buying a wine making kit (less than $50). They aren’t that expensive and will give the beginner or novice a good start in becoming a great wine maker.

And if you are going to make your own, you can never have too much knowledge. You need to understand the ingredients and how to taste even your own wine to make sure that it is at its optimum for your personal pleasure and especially if you are thinking of sharing it or even selling it. It can’t hurt for you to become an expert at making sure that your own wine is of the best quality.

You’ll note that most blueberry wine making companies have more than one blueberry wine product. As with red and white wines, certain variations go with certain foods. Check out this course for the best wine pairings. How impressive it will be for you to be in a social setting or at a dinner meeting with a client and be able to match the food and wine for the best taste and experience.

Blueberry wine can be a great home project or just another beverage to enjoy that is also an asset to your health.