Blog ideasWhen you are starting a new blog, it can be tough to attract readers and keep them interested. It can be difficult to predict which blogs will achieve a wide readership, but there are some topics that have excellent potential for attracting readers’ interest. Here are a few ideas that you can use for your blog.

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What’s New?

Commentary on current events is a good way to engage the readers of your blog, especially if you encourage visitors to leave comments of their own. Try to choose an interesting topic that has not been covered too extensively in the mainstream media, and ensure that you take a unique slant on the story.

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Get Crafty!

If you are thinking of starting a new blog but are stuck for ideas, how about using your blog to share your creative talents? Tutorial blogs that teach people new creative skills are always popular. Whether your skill is drawing, painting, knitting or sewing, you can use your blog as a place to showcase your creations, and teach others how to produce similar items.

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Reviews of products and services are very popular topics for blog posts. Reviews have the added advantage that you can earn money by including affiliate links to the products you are reviewing. To maintain your authenticity and the respect of your readers, always be honest about the products or services that you review; include the drawbacks as well as the positives.

Money-Saving Tips

In these times of economic hardship, many people turn to the Internet to find out how they can save a few bucks on the things they need or want. Is there any way in which you can help them? Money-saving tips, if included as part of a general offering of related high-quality content, can be a great way of encouraging loyalty among your readership. Sharing discount codes and coupons for products and services related to the topic of your blog will convince your readers of the advantages of subscribing to your blog or email list. Once readers are subscribed to your email list, you can use your email marketing strategy to keep them engaged with your blog or brand.

Share Your Professional Knowledge

A blog that is a simple diary about your everyday life is no longer enough to attract attention online. However, the best blogs are those where the author has a personal knowledge of the subject that is being blogged about. If you have an interesting job, why not write a blog about it? Do not include any identifying details that could get you into trouble with your employer, but think about the career advice you could give to people who intend to follow in your footsteps.

Guest Blog Posts

A good way to prevent your blog from becoming stale is to invite other bloggers to write guest blog posts. As a blogger, you should be constantly networking with other bloggers in your subject area, so you should have a pool of potential authors to choose from. Leave comments on other people’s blogs that sincerely compliment their work and let them know how much you would appreciate their input on your blog. Offer to return the favor by writing guest posts of your own for others; this will also help to get your name and blog known more widely.

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