Companies and their employees today face a monumental challenge today — stay on top of technological developments and workplace changes or fall behind. But while learning at work is the solution, business leaders rightfully expect to understand the impact employee learning and development has on their organization’s bottom line. 

Now that Betterworks integrates with Udemy for Business, measuring the impact of workplace learning has never been easier.

For nearly a decade, Betterworks has helped organizations connect their people strategy to their business strategy. And with the new Udemy for Business integration, you can link learning progress to employee OKRs, create a culture of learning at work, and highlight the role learning plays in your organization’s success.  

Here are a few advantages Udemy for Business and Betterworks’ new integration offers you:

1. Prove the value of learning 

Through the integration, learners can search Udemy for Business content from within the Betterworks interface and link course progress to an OKR. From there, detailed course progress will be tracked back to Betterworks and updated as a key result within an OKR. 

This new integration is essential for learning and development (L&D). Why? Consider this — according to an October 2020 McKinsey survey, 87% of executives said they were experiencing skill gaps, but less than half of respondents had a clear sense of how to address the problem. 

When you connect the dots between learning and achieving critical business objectives, you’ll demonstrate the importance of workplace learning to executives — and our friends in the finance department.

Imagine a sales development representative (SDR) taking a strategic thinking course to support their goal of being promoted to an account executive. Or a financial analyst enrolling in data visualization courses to support the company’s OKR to make more data-driven decisions. 

2. Shrink your skills gap faster

79% of CEOs are concerned about their employees’ lack of essential skills and rank the skills gap as the 6th greatest threat to their business. Their employees agree. 60% of employees worry their current skills will be obsolete in the next three to five years. 

When learning is integrated into your employees’ performance conversations on Betterworks, business leaders and managers can guide workplace learning more effectively, ensuring their teams learn the most important skills the business needs. 

“Adding a learning component to performance management means employees move closer to their career aspirations while honing skills necessary for employers to meet their business objectives. Tying this to OKRs is a smart move that pays dividends to all parties.”

George LaRocque, founder and market analyst from Worktech

And with Udemy for Business’ content curation model, you can rest assured that employees have access to the highest quality, freshest courses. Udemy’s content strategists select only the top courses out of a marketplace of 155,000 so that your employees learn from the best courses and instructors — rather than a spray and pray approach.

3. Build a robust feedback culture

Healthy, constructive feedback is not only the foundation of a thriving learning culture, it’s necessary to achieve your goals for learning outcomes and impact. The path to career development and resiliency is paved with feedback cycles. Companies must teach employees how to give and receive constructive feedback with a growth mindset that creates a safe environment for all.

As executive coach Marshall Goldsmith says, “What got you here won’t get you there.” That’s because the work landscape is always changing. Wherever you hope to go next, you’ll need to be intimately familiar with your strengths and areas for improvement. Together, these strengths and weaknesses are the engine that will take you from here to there.

With Udemy for Business’ courses and Betterworks’ OKR platform tightly integrated, you can create (and scale) a culture of continuous learning and actionable feedback for your organization. 

Move your business forward

Betterworks’ Udemy integration is built to elevate and increase the awareness of the connection between skill development, goal/OKR achievement, and performance management. 

If you’re an existing Betterworks and Udemy for Business customer and want to take advantage of the new integration, reach out to your strategic business partners on the Customer Success team. 

And if your organization uses Betterworks and would like to offer employees the fresh, high-quality courses available through Udemy for Business, speak to our expert sales team to unlock the potential of this integration.