Better Photography in 3 Easy Steps


If you love photography and find yourself fiddling around with a camera in your spare time and always looking for the next best shot, you are probably more advanced than someone who is just picking up a camera for the first time. In fact, you might even be ready to take your hobby to the next level and to gain a little more knowledge and practice to turn you from a good photographer to a great one. Being a great photographer doesn’t just mean having an eye for pretty shots or a great camera that lets you capture them. There is a lot more involved in becoming an awesome photographer and here are a few ways that you can make yourself stand out in a field saturated with beginners.  They aren’t difficult to master and once you implement them in your photography, you’ll notice an improvement right away.

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1. Find a community

Having a community, whether it be a class, a group of friends or some other kind of network, will bring positivity, confidence and strength to your work. Any kind of hobby can be difficult when your on your own and having others around you who share your interests and encourage you can help improve your work drastically. There are a lot of great photography networks that can be found on the web, via Facebook and other social platforms. And signing up for a class in your community or online will help you develop connections with other photographers so that you can ask questions and get feedback on your work. Look for positive and friendly people who won’t be overly critical – this should be a fun and rewarding experience for you, not one that cuts you down.

2. Focus on a specialty

As a beginner, it’s great to keep your focus wide in order to get a taste of all the different types of photography. But after some time, you may find that there are certain areas that you’re more drawn to than others. For instance, some people enjoy photographing portraits while others are more inclined toward landscapes. Some photographers enjoy the challenge of night photography, some like long exposure and some lean toward product photography. Whatever it is that piques your interest, it can help to hone in and make yourself excel in that one area – taking one of our photography courses at Udemy is a good way to become a master in a particular area.

3. Stop comparing yourself to others

You rarely, if ever, hear artists claim that comparing themselves to others helped their work in any  way. You’re on your own course so stop comparing yourself to what other people are doing! It’s great to stay abreast of what is happening in your field, especially as a beginner. But as you get better and better in your specialty, trust your instincts and take yourself on your own journey. There’s a lot to learn and everyone will be going at their own pace so don’t try to speed up or slow down based on anything but your own internal rhythm. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can always look at what other photographers are doing and admire it or decide it’s not for you – but that should have nothing to do with the way you value your own work.

Good luck shooting! Follow these tips and get started in an online course to take yourself to the next level of photography greatness! Here are some courses that we recommend for photographers ready to escalate their talent: