Best Way to Shave: How to Get the Perfect Shave

best way to shaveWhen you start to shave, you may notice that it can be difficult getting a clean shave. A clean shave means that your skin feels smooth to the touch when you’re finished. Most times, people believe that it is the razor or other tools that they use to shave that keep them from getting a clean shave, but that is not always the case.

In many cases, the reason why people don’t get a clean shave is because they don’t follow the proper instructions needed to really get that last line of stubble, but there are ways to remedy this situation. With a few pieces of advice on how to shave and what to do before you put the razor to your facial hair, anyone can have a baby bottom smooth face.

Shaving can be important depending on your environment. A man with a clean shave can seem more professional than an unkempt counterpart. There is also the idea that shaving and having a tidy appearance when it comes to facial hair in general has a strong connection to masculinity.

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The “Right” Shave

Except for those who plan on sporting a full beard, many people find themselves shaving on a daily basis. In the past, people tried to get a great shave with a simple single-blade razor and some foam shaving cream, but today there are several options available to you in order to clean up your appearance.

There is no right way to get a clean shave though, as different people have different types of hair and skin that need special care. Whatever routine you find works best for you is something that you should stick to, but there are a few helpful tricks and tips you can use to make your shave a bit closer 

Preparing to Shave

One major mistake people tend to make when they’re shaving is not preparing their skin for it. Without proper preparation for your skin, you can expect to have a multitude of problems, from a stubbly shave to cuts. The few simple steps outlined below will help you obtain a closer, cleaner shave.

The first thing you should always do is clean your face. A nice thorough cleansing helps to open your pores. Cleaning your face also makes your hair and stubble softer, which in turn makes it easier to remove completely. Most importantly though is that when you clean your beard, you remove the dirt and bacteria that a beard can harbor.

A helpful tip is to use a moisturizing face wash instead of something more simplistic, such as a bar of soap. The reason for this is that shaving removes the protective oils that your skin naturally produces. With the right face wash, you can help replenish and rehydrate your skin.


After you’ve cleansed your skin you should exfoliate as well. Exfoliating may be a term you’ve heard a lot when it comes to taking care of your skin, but it isn’t a particularly fancy or difficult procedure. Exfoliating simply means that you’re removing or scrubbing the dead skin cells off your body with something such as a washcloth or a facial cleaning product. Not only does good exfoliating make your skin healthy, but it also makes your skin look great.

The Best Time to Shave

If you really want to get in a good shave, you should do it right after your shower. The steam from your shower will undoubtedly open up your pores, and since you’re getting out of the shower your skin is already clean. You can avoid the preparatory steps completely. If you don’t have the time to take a shower before your shave, put a hot towel on your face for about five minutes and that will work just as well.

Now that you know what to do to get your skin ready, all you have to do next is to find the right moisturizing shaving gel and apply it to your neck and face. Smooth it out all over and let it sit for just a short while.

Choosing the Right Product

Today there are hundreds of different types of razors and shaving cream for you to choose from. It can be a bit daunting choosing the right product from the available choices in the market. No matter how much preparation you do, if you don’t pick the right razor, then you will still not get that perfect shave that you want.

The first thing you should do when you’re deciding on choosing the right razor is to choose whether or not you want an electric razor or a cartridge disposable razor. Both of them will give you a pretty close shave, but they also have their pros and cons.

If you want the closest shave possible, you could get one at your barber who uses a straight razor, but if you prefer to shave at home you can try using a cartridge-style razor with multiple blades. The sharper the blades the better the cut will be.

On one hand the cartridge blade will be a great asset in getting you the closest shave, but if you want to avoid irritating your skin then the electric razor is the way to go.

If you’re still having difficulty coming up with the right tool to shave with or even just fixing up your appearance altogether, you can read Udemy’s blog on various beauty tips for men.

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Shaving Technique

Once you’ve chosen your product, the final step is to actually shave. The first thing you want to do is give yourself a shave with slow gentle strokes. With a sharp blade, you don’t have to worry about trying too hard to get a close cut. If you want to really dig deep, you should try stretching the skin as it is a lot easier to clean a smooth flat surface.

The first time you begin to shave, you want to move your strokes in the direction that your hair grows, which is usually downwards. The next time you go around to remove the excess stubble, you should shave against the grain.

A helpful tip is to rinse your blade in hot water often. In fact, you should do it after every stroke.

Taking Things a Step Further 

Now that you have that impeccable clean shave, why don’t you take things a step further? The Udemy course, Men’s Fashion Style System will teach you all about what to wear in order to have a great, clean appearance. If you’re still having trouble putting yourself out there, you should take the Masterful Social Skills for Men course as well, which is all about teaching you how to being more social and outgoing.