Best Spreadsheet App for iPad to Keep All Your Numbers in One Place

bestspreadsheetappforipadThe tablet revolution has been making life easier for people far and wide. Credit card scanners have become accessible, affording small business owners the luxury of mobile transactions. Purchasing apps have popped up everywhere, giving contractors the ability to quickly acquire what they need.

Recently, spreadsheet apps have emerged on the scene as the perfect way for you to track and analyze any and all data that you may have. Whether you are monitoring a home financial budget, or are scouring your sheets to create the right plan for your business, here are the best spreadsheet apps for your iPad that will change the way you use your tablet:

1. For Apple By Apple

With an Apple iPad in hand, you may think it your best bet to use an app specifically created to work on your home tablet – and there is no better choice than to download the Apple specific Numbers app. Because it was made to be used solely on the iPad, it allows for the usage of the Retina Display function apparent in your new device.

Being more than just a cool toy though, this iPad-specific spreadsheet app allows you to upload all of your charts, photos, tables, and graphics, and stores them neatly in one single type of document.

And don’t worry if your tablet isn’t at hand when you need to use it the most – this app syncs with iCloud, and will store all of your data so that it can be accessed on any other Apple device.

Because this app uses a specific type of document to sort your information, you may want to try this course to learn how to use the Numbers software as efficiently as possible.

2. Another Name in Business

If you are thinking about branching out and testing your luck with a company other than Apple, you don’t have to look very far. In fact, one of the biggest names in the tech industry has already created a spreadsheet app that will streamline your number calculation.

Google Drive, created by the tech giant of the same name, is a dual-purpose spreadsheet app that can manage your numbers efficiently and effectively. Originally created as a cloud-storage program that telecommuters around the world embraced as a digital conference room, this app now gives you the ability to create your own documents and worksheets to be stored online.

Because it was intended as a sharing program for multiple users, changes made on the drive in use will appear in real time, and can be quickly and easily modified by anyone that is given access.

Google Drives does include a multitude of different program options, and you should consider taking this course on Google spreadsheet creation to make the best use of this great new app.

3. A Third Option for Microsoft Users

You may be a dedicated Apple iPad user, yet still have unfaltering loyalty for Microsoft and all of its useful software. There is nothing wrong with that, and if this sounds like you, there is the perfect app for you out there that will combine your shared interests.

QuickOffice Pro HD, another fantastic spreadsheet app for your iPad, is an app that was specifically created to work with Microsoft’s famous Office Excel worksheet software. This app lets you view and edit Excel spreadsheets, and even allows you to take a peek at .PDF files as well. And for quick and easy storage, this app has also been configured to work with the Google Drive technology, meaning you can count on your information being actively stored in the cloud space.

What sets this Microsoft-based app apart from the rest though, is that it gives you full capability of using both Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint documents – instead of having to switch over to a .DOC viewer, you can use this app for all of the same purposes that you would use Microsoft Office on your computer.

You may love Microsoft, but it is possible that all of your hours spent with your iPad have made you a bit rusty with the software. If that is the case, think about taking this quick Excel outline course to bolster your skills and use this app to its full potential. If you are an advanced user,this course might be a better option for you.

4. Other Notable Mentions

While these three spreadsheet apps for the iPad are some of the best on the market today, they are not the only ones available. And just because they have received critical acclaim, doesn’t mean they will work for you. Here are a few more that might best suit your needs:

Sheet2 HD is another great option for those familiar with Microsoft Excel, as it was specifically fashioned to be able to create .XLS and .XLSX formatted files. Beyond this, those more familiar with either Google Docs or Numbers will find it useful as well, as this app reportedly works just as well with both.

Another great app that is fully compatible with the Microsoft Office software is Polaris. It has the ability to open .PDF and .HWP files, and will even open files that have been saved on the oft-used Dropbox software. If you are one for visual appeal, this app might be for you – it comes complete with 2D and 3D charts, templates, and a camera mode to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

Finally, if you are someone who loves to tinker around with different functions on your iPad, then Sheets to Go is the right option for you. While it is also fully compatible with Excel-formatted documents, it has 111 different functions that enhance its usability, and will ensure that you make the exact sheet that you want.

Finding the Right Option for You

Using a spreadsheet app for iPad can be a great way to manage your numbers and make your life easier. But before you jump in, look over this list to find the right app that will deliver everything you need.