Best Photoshop Tutorials: Get Up and Running With Photoshop Fast

best photoshop tutorialsPhotoshop has led the image editing software niche for many years. Professionals and amateurs alike use it to turn out some amazing photos. The program has a lot of power, but can also be hard to understand. The right tool seems hidden, or the sequence of menus for a certain result seems counterintuitive. Photoshop is big, powerful, complex and confusing.

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Photoshop tutorials take a lot of the guesswork out of your image editing work, saving you time and money. The beauty of a good tutorial is that it tells you exactly what menu to click and what to do next. Here are some common Photoshop tutorial categories that can help you tame the giant.

Image Editing

Image editing is manipulating and changing photos, icons and scans to create an improved version, or a whole new creation. Altering a photo can take many forms. You can change the compression, number of pixels per inch, crop an area to capture only part of the photo, and more. You can create icons, lines, circles, buttons and text art.

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Another unique feature of Photoshop is the ability to make drawings from a photo. The program looks for the main lines in the picture, and turns them into artistic pencil or pen drawings. It’s an amazing transformation that looks almost like the real thing. Here are some other popular Photoshop projects:

— Make a glowing lightsaber like those in Star Wars.

— Build a dashed-line effect similar to a cut-out coupon.

— Put your face on another body for a humorous photo.

— Make an infrared image as if taken on Mars.

— Make amazing photos with a reflective surface like a professional studio.

— Create a pop portrait similar to the famous Andy Warhol paintings.

— Create more exposure using layers.

— Make a “grungy” photo by using blends and layers masks.

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Power and Complexity

Photoshop has grown in power but also in complexity. The main menu functions are File, Edit, Image, Layer, Select, and Filters:

— The File menu is where you will find the basic commands needed to open, close, save and print images.

— Edit menu allows you to cut, copy, paste, scale, rotate and distort the image, among many other functions.

— The Image menu gives you the opportunity to do advanced editing like duplicating, changing the canvas, cropping, trimming and changing to grayscale.

— The Layer menu is one of the true power centers in Photoshop. Layers let you “layer” photos on top of each other, as if in a stack on a table. From there, you can manipulate them to create new images. You can allow one image to bleed into another, set layer properties, group layers together and more.

— Select menu allows to select, deselect, modify, grow, feather, and transform an image.

— Filters are powerful methods to add artistic touches, blurs, brush strokes, distortions, noise, pixelation, renders, textures, sharpening and more.

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Photoshop is in a class by itself. Once you learn how to use it properly, your work will rise to the next level. The best Photoshop tutorials make learning complex tasks simple.