Best Photo Editors: Four Packages That Stand Out

It’s so easy to take pictures these days with our camera phone, many of us don’t even think about what we can do to make pictures better. There are many photo editors available at every price point. Each can help you produce better pictures more often, enhancing your enjoyment of both your camera and images. Here are five of the best photo editors for you to consider when you want to make your pictures shine.

best photo editor


Of course, the industry standard is Photoshop. Over the years it has developed many photo editing features that have been copied by its competitors. Photoshop sets the bar, and everyone else tries to meet the standard. Adobe has done a good job of keeping Photoshop at the cutting edge of image editing technology. While expensive, Photoshop is the tool used by serious photographers.

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GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)

GIMP is a free, open-source image editor that first came on the scene in 1996. With regular updates, it has many of the features that Photoshop boasts. The latest version offers unparalleled access to some of the best editing functions of any software package, free or paid. You can manipulate colors, improve contrast, remove redeye and add special lighting effects. GIMP also has some of the best filters available, many of them provided by GIMP supporters and enthusiasts.

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Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements is Adobe’s less expensive, more user-friendly version of Photoshop for casual users. Like Photoshop itself, Photoshop Elements is the number one selling software in its class. Amateur photographers can edit pictures and then publish them to the web, social media and more. Its user interface is geared toward the casual user with big icons and plenty of help screens. Users can select guided editing modes to help them get the assistance they need to properly manipulate their photos.

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Paint.NET is a proprietary program for Microsoft Windows. Created for the .NET framework, it began as a student project and has become the accepted replacement for the popular Microsoft Paint program. It now has blending, plug-ins, layers and many of the other features found in much more advanced programs that cost hundreds of dollars. While not as powerful as GIMP, this free tool has everything that an everyday user needs to clean up their images and make them pop off the page.

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From Photoshop to Paint.NET, we’ve touched on many of the best photo editors available. Take the time to examine these packages in everyday use. You’ll discover which one fits your style and workflow the best. In time, you’ll be recognized by your professional photos and envied by everyone on your block.