The iSight camera is arguably iPhone’s best feature. While competitors have been playing catchup and packing in megapixels, Apple has been innovating with better features, better lenses and better all-around performance. Throw in a huge range of professional image-editing apps, and you can see why the iPhone is the amateur photographer’s camera of choice.

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Picking the right iPhone image editing app, however, can be difficult. There are thousands upon thousands of apps, mostly with similar sounding names and features. What should you buy? What should you skip? Read on to find out.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Price: Free

You had me at Photoshop.

Granted, it isn’t real Photoshop, but it’s a solid little app that does the job with minimum fuss. Want to remove red eye? Check. Get rid of that annoying photobomber? Double check. Adjust contrast and increase brightness? Yup, it can do that too.

What it doesn’t include is 1001 image filters, wacky 3D effects, a microwave oven, a back scrubber, and the thousand other useless features packed into most photo editing apps.

For all other purposes, it’s the only photo editing app you’ll ever need.


2. Instagram

Price: Free

A ‘best photo editing app’ list without Instagram is as laughable as a best-ever NBA list without Michael Jordan.

Simply put, Instagram is too popular, too versatile and too good to be ignored. While the image-filters are the app’s bread and butter, where Instagram really shines is its huge community of users (now even bigger post Facebook acquisition). You can spend hours browsing through the gorgeous, creative images taken by millions of Instagram users. These image-discovery capabilities more than makes up for the lack of editing features.


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3. PicLab HD

Price: $1.99

A picture says a thousand words.

A picture with words on it?

That’s got to account for a few hundred thousand words at least.

PicLab HD lets you do exactly that: create stunning images superimposed with text and graphics. You can add photo filters, make color adjustments, and throw in some gorgeous typography and graphics as well. The results are incredibly share-worthy and make even your worst images look like something from Ansel Adams.


4. Handy Photo

Price: $1.99

On the surface, Handy Photo looks like any of your standard image editing apps. There’s a strong range of retouching tools, a solid selection of image filters, and a potpourri of textures and patterns to spice up pictures.

But what sets this app apart from the crowd is its UI. Instead of ugly menus, every feature is nestled into the top right corner under a hand icon. Tap this icon and buttons to add filters, change textures, crop, and adjust colors will pop up. It’s a clean, intuitive, gesture-friendly way to interact with pictures that your fingers will absolutely love.



5. Path On

Price: $1.99

Remember those middle-school projects when using WordArt in an essay was the highlight of your day? PathOn is like that, except way cooler and more fun to use. Instead of using pre-set shapes, you can draw a free path on any image and wrap your text around it. There’s no limit to the kind of shapes you can create – circles, ovals, squiggly lines, and more. It’s fun, it’s flexible, and the results, honestly, are a little wow!


6. FaceTune

Price: $2.99

FaceTune brings Hollywood’s worst kept secret to your phone.

What secret, you ask?

Airbrushing, of course!

Remove pimples, correct smiles, and give yourself skin smooth enough to be on the cover of Vogue with this app. It’s packed with all the features the pros use in Photoshop to touchup pictures – whitening dark lines, removing creases and hiding baggy eyes – but without the learning curve.

In other words, this app will make your pictures look fabulous!


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7. iPhoto

Price: $4.99

It’s easy to overlook Apple’s iPhoto given the sheer variety of photo editing apps in the App Store. While it may not boast the hipster-chic of Instagram, the robustness of Photoshop Express, or the quirky UI of Handy Photo, iPhoto remains a highly useful, powerful, and well-rounded app. The UI is trademark Apple – skeuomorphic elements and intuitive touch controls – and the app has enough filters, touchup and adjustment tools to give competitors a serious run for their money.

It’s slightly more expensive than others, but it also boasts the quintessential Apple quality.


8. Camera+

Price: $1.99

This is iPhone’s default built-in camera:

This is Camera+:

Camera+ takes the default iPhone camera and tricks it up with better flash, better zoom, and advanced shooting modes. If that wasn’t enough, it also throws in a huge range of effects, filters, and adjustment tools. And if that still wasn’t enough, it also lets you choose specific scene modes and add borders to your image.

In other words: this is one app every camera-happy iPhone owner must have.


Mastering photography with iPhone can be a challenge. Learn iPhone camera essentials in this course to make the most of your phone’s camera.

Did your favorite iPhone image editing app make the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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