Best Online Dating Profiles: Be The Best You Online!

best online dating profilesSo you have it all: the looks, charm, character, and you are successful to boot!  You walk into a room and know how to make a first impression – everyone in your area knows your name, and you do not have to do or say much to get a pair of eyes following your tail.  While this is all fine and dandy in real life, how can you translate this charm, personality, and charisma onto the internet and on an online dating profile?  Great question!  If you feel like you are a top notch contender in the dating world and want to get yourself at the top of the pack online, we are here to show you how!

However, if you happen to be the complete opposite of the extrovert that we seemed to have described above (and we know you guys are out there!), then not to worry either, we can help you out, too.  The best part about online dating is that you have the chance to make a great first impression while giving it some initial thought.  So, no matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert in real life, we are going to show you some examples on how to create the best online dating profile for you!  Power up your computer and let’s get started!

Tips for the Best Online Dating Profile

So, you have your have your computer open and area ready to create an online dating profile.  Here are some general tips as to how to make the most of your profile.  Remember, you want people to be able to see the best you through the computer:

  • Consult your friends:  Sometimes other people know you better than you know yourself.  Ask your good friends or family members for some of your best qualities and be sure to include them in your profile.
  • Stay away from Clichés:  There are certain things that might always remind you of some run of the mill and exhausted lines that you hear people talk about on a first date or when they are just meeting someone.  Things like, “I enjoy walks on the beach”, or “I love cuddling by the fire” might be some examples of things you want to leave out of your profile.  This shows nothing unique and interesting about you, and will not work to grab your potential mate’s interest.
  • Past times:  When people look through potential online dating profiles, they do so in an attempt of possibly going on a date and meeting this person.  Therefore, they are going to look for someone that they think enjoys things that they do.  The best way to make yourself stand out online is to be yourself, but add some pizzazz to that.  For instance, if you love reading, say so – but explain what books you love and why you love them.  A good way to spark others’ interest in your profile is to list hobbies and pastimes that are sociable.  This shows that you are a fun person to be around and that you can do well in groups.  No one likes someone who is always by themselves.
  • Be Positive:  Let’s face it, no one likes someone who is negative, and this applies to online dating profiles as well.  Save any sob stories or negative experiences and comments for your diary or your best friends.  Make sure your profile exhibits a fun and positive attitude and try not to use words such as: “don’t”, “against”, or “no”.
  • Be Honest:  The last thing you want to do is to make false promises about yourself or what you want in a partner.  If you do not like sailing, or actually have no idea how to speak Russian – do not say that you do!  Lying will never get you very far, and can only create problems down the road.
  • Specify:  When your online dating profile is too general, no one will be able to get a feel for who you really are.  For instance, do not just say that you love traveling – say why, where you have been, and what you like about certain places.  This shows that you have depth, character, personality, and more importantly, a strong opinion.  With a very specific profile, you will come across as being someone who is lively and fun to talk to!
  • Update:  Once you have your profile set up, that does not mean you work is done.  You will undoubtedly see other examples online, develop new interests, or find ways to make yourself more marketable in the online word.  Therefore, go ahead and update your profile regularly.  Also, go ahead and do this if you feel you are not getting as many (or any good) responses or bites!
  • Spell check:  This might seem silly, but a lot of people make very basic grammar or spelling mistakes in their online dating profile.  Sure you might be nervous, but do not let that come across in simple grammar mistakes on your profile.
  • Photos:  Your online photo will say a lot about you, even if you do not intend to.  Make sure that you choose a photo where you are smiling (keep sexy pouts for the bedroom).  Your optimism will be just as attractive!  Also, choose a recent photo of you.  You might be tempted to pick a photo where you might have been 5 pounds lighter or looking a little younger, but remember to be honest about your appearance, and your confidence will shine through!
  • Nice and short:  You will want to keep your online profile as short, sweet, and to the point as possible. If you end up writing too much, and some people do, you may leave potential candidates feeling overwhelmed or just plain bored.  For instance, you would not disclose your entire life’s history on a first date – so do not do it in your online profile either!

What not to Do

Since we provided you with the to-dos of creating the best online dating profile, we are also going to touch on a few things that you should do your best to avoid.  Listen up!

  • Do not: insult online dating in your profile.
  • Do not: list any money requirements that you expect your potential partner to have.
  • Do not: talk about wanting, or not wanting, kids.
  • Do not: talk about bad dating experiences you have had in the past.
  • Do not: give any personal information out on your profile.
  • Do not: appear narcissistic, such as making it seem like you “demand” or “deserve” certain anything.
  • Do not: leave questions blank in your profile.
  • Do not: be the creepy cat lady, even if you love cats and you are not afraid to show it.

best online dating profilesOnline Dating Profile Picture Tips

As we mentioned before, your profile picture is a big selling point of your online dating profile.  Because of its importance, we are going to offer you some helpful tips on how to achieve the perfect photo:

  • Keep your face in plain sight and clear; don’t hide it!
  • Keep yourself as the focal point.
  • Do not use web cam shots—they look tacky!
  • Have more than one photo in your album if the site allows
  • Make eye contact with the camera look straight into the camera lense.
  • Make sure you smile!   There is no need to be overly serious or serious at all.
  • If you are nerdy, there is no need to hide it.  Nerdy romantic is attractive too!

Put the Best Profile Forward!

With our helpful tips, you will be all ready to create your best online dating profile!  Make sure to check out for some more helpful courses on relationship, dating, and online dating.  Now get out there and have fun!