best martial arts for kids Martial arts is an ancient way to learn discipline and balance. For most, it is an outlet for aggression, but when started early enough it can do wonders for self-confidence and courage. Children are impressionable and that makes this the perfect time for martial arts instructions. Classes can be offered everywhere from the YMCA to the street corner gym. It is not often that people have the free time for 2-3 visits per week. So to assist the spread of positive forms of exercise and discipline you can check out instructional videos from a place that is trusted for martial arts for kids. Here your child will be able to enjoy the positives that come from learning martial arts, without the negative experience of searching for and joining a gym.

Some of the things martial arts will teach your kids are:

To understand how to find the best martial arts for kids, one must build a foundation by starting with the basics of martial arts. The basics will include breathing techniques, stances, strikes, and defensive posture. The first thing that every martial arts instructor teaches is how to avoid confrontation completely and defuse the situation. Unfortunately, this does not always solve the problem and things escalate to physical altercations. The worst thought a parent has about bullying, is that their children are scared, helpless, and cannot deal with the bullying. It is a sad truth and needs to be prevented at all costs, even if that must be a course in the best martial arts for kids.

Most situations can be solved with words or the help of adults, but only when those options are no longer available should children resort to self defense. Taijutsu is a technique for close combat. Examples of beginner Taijustsu and its benefits can be found in this instructional course in Taijutsu.

There are millions of schools for martial arts that will compete to be the best martial arts for your kids, but there are easy ways of narrowing down that number so that you choose the absolute best schooling for your child.

Some things to looks for are:

When finding the best martial arts for kids, it is important to familiarize yourself with a few of the different forms. Judo, for example, involves close combat with throws and holds. For a child that isn’t comfortable with people in his or her personal space or for a child who is claustrophobic, Judo may not be the best martial art. Karate and kickboxing would likely suit him or her more. Karate is an art form that involves defensive striking and parrying. Throws are only used to neutralize attackers who have already entered one’s personal space. Kickboxing however uses the length of the legs to create space with flurries of fast kicks and punches to keep attackers away from yourself. The best martial arts for kids also include fight prevention. In courses teaching conflict prevention, students learn how to stop fights before they begin. These are important skills to learn because bullies are not easily deterred.

The importance of learning the best martial arts for kids is understanding that in this growing population, conflict is unavoidable. Those who try to avoid social situations live in fear and never come out of their shells, while those who relish in conflict are often in trouble and find themselves living in fear of police. Martial arts teaches discipline and the main advantage that comes from discipline is tranquility and understanding. You will understand that some people are deterred easily by strong words while others will not stop until you defend yourself. Fights are scary for anyone who engages in them, but going in with a basis in one or more martial arts will instill confidence that will calm you child before confrontation. Control is important and this control will keep your children safe and secure. 

Children must learn discipline at a young age, for it is then when the effects of learning is felt the strongest.  No parent ever wants to hear that their son or daughter is being a bully or being bullied.  The only way you can hope to combat this is to nip it in the bud.  You may benefit from classroom settings or from the comfort of your home, where you can watch over the lesson without having the insecurities of being in a room full of shouting.  The choice is yours and you only benefit when your children is learning to protect him or herself.  Children with disabilities such as ADHD and other learning disorders often find that the focus that is instilled during martial arts classes helps them at school as well.  Children will grow up with this knowledge of protection and safety.

Bravery, confidence and mercy are important in development, especially in a world that is so obsessed with violence.  In each class students will learn to channel their excess energy and negativity into positive exercises that foster balance and improve physical health.  Most of what creates happiness for people is routine and balance.  Martial arts will unconsciously teach values that will create a foundation for routine and balance.  The last reason that finding the best martial arts for kids is that a child that is successful in martial arts will be happier and more productive in school.  They will respect authority figures and their parents, as well as understand better the difference between right and wrong.  Martial arts teaches first and foremost that fighting is bad.  The best fights are the ones avoided, but it is important to know how to effectively defend yourself and neutralize attackers so that fights that occur end quickly and end with your child safe and sound.  Parents will no longer need to fear for their children’s safety when they are away.  They will know that because their children learned martial arts.  That they will be safe.

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