Best Joomla Templates: What Are My Options?

best joomla templates Joomla is a free, very popular open source content management system (CMS).  People use it to build websites and applications, and you’ll find it being used in places like the Harvard Graduate School website and the Linux website.

Like other CMSs, Joomla has a large database of unique templates for it’s users to choose from.  These determine the general design of the site, the layout of the headings and content.

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Here are some of the top templates being used for a variety of purposes around the net today for.

Aedon – Aedon is a multipurpose template, meaning it can be used for web hosting, magazines, blogs, and applications.  It is known for being very responsive.  It supports HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, and comes with four color skins and four menu styles.  Included are 25 dropdown menus and accordion menus.

NEWS24 – NEWS24 is a template meant for magazine, news, and sports websites.  It comes with four styles and support for over 500 Google fonts.  The exclusive shortcode system lets you easily embed Youtube and Vimeo videos in your articles, as well as Google Maps.  You can display your content in an unlimited number of positions, and it supports all the major browsers – Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer.

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JA Travel – This is a great travel/hotel website template.  It was built to be quickly and easily customizable by anyone looking to start a site without much hassle.  Included are interactive menus, a hotel/flight/event search, and additional features like polls, news, suggestions, and travel quotes.

Shelf – Shelf is a simple but beautiful template, perfect for presenting products on a mobile device.  It comes with eight styles, with text in five colors and ten fonts.  The Widgetkit lets you easily create slidesets, slideshows, maps, galleries, spotlights, and media players.  Smooth slide effects make transitions pleasing to the eye, and many features are customizable.  It supports HTML5 and CSS3.

The Big Easy – This template is great for small magazines and blogs.   It features huge pictures and smooth scrolling for easy access to multiple posts or articles.  You can choose from eight different color styles, with four different module position sets.

Arapah – Arapah is designed for online retail and other business projects.  It comes with eight color options and four menu options – mega menus, CSS menus, split menus, and dropline menus.  All major browsers are supported and a Quickstart package is included to speed you on your way.

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Beauty Salon Responsive Joomla Template – This template was created for any site dedicated to beauty.  It’s great for therapy, massage, spa, and beauty salon sites.  There are over 50 different module positions, it makes good use of CSS3, and lets you choose from an unlimited number of colors.  It even comes with free template setup assistance.

JM Lifestyle – This a very responsive, professional template made for business use, particularly corporate sites.  It has simple administrator control panels and runs on Twitter’s Bootstrap.  There are two preset styles and four menus options, with an extensive typography selection.  This template looks great on big screens and mobile devices.

Compassion – This template was designed for charity website.  It has an advanced menu system, using S5 Flex Menus.  This is an extension to existing Joomla menus, and uses submenus, multiple columns, and several JavaScript effects.  A sleek and smooth effect is created with advanced image slide and transition software, with four slide transition effects – continuous horizontal, continuous vertical, fade, and fade slide left.  Included are a popup box for logging in, accordion menus, and CSS/JS compression to optimize performance.

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