Best Foundation for Dry Skin: Stay Smooth and Hydrated!

best foundation for dry skinWith summer right around the corner, you might be dying to get your tan on!  However, your skin might not be, especially if you are already plagued with dry skin.  Also, what about your makeup?  When you are outside during the summer, you want your skin to look clear and as glowing as possible while keeping it hydrated at the same time.  How do you keep it from drying out even more?  Since, unfortunately, your skin will not automatically adapt to fit your every need, you will have to go with your next best option: finding the best foundation for dry skin.  After all, foundation is what will set the base for your overall look.  Having the right foundation will keep your normally dry skin looking hydrated, healthy, and evenly toned.  Stop scrubbing away your flakes and listen up as we give you some of the best foundation options for dry skin.

Dry Skin Causes

Before we get into your best foundation options, sometimes the best form of care for your dry skin is knowing how to properly control or prevent the dryness itself.  Here are some causes of dry skin that you should watch out for:

  • Soaps:  Although you should be washing your face with soap twice a day, certain soaps can dry out your skin.  Know that bar soap tends to dry out skin more than liquid soap.  Liquid soaps or cleansers can actually work to moisture and hydrate your skin.
  • Medication:  Be aware of any medication that you are taking, and consult with your doctor if your skin is becoming excessively dry, as your medication could be a cause.
  • Water:  This might sound odd, but instead of hydrating your skin, water can leave your skin dry and tight when exposed to water or hot water frequently.
  • Sun:  Although we love getting our rays during the summer time, direct sunlight can dry out your skin by reducing the amount of natural oils that your skin produces.  This leads to flaky skin and wrinkles (even when you are young!).

Best Foundations for Dry Skin

Now that you have some ideas of how you can care or prevent your skin from drying out, let’s take a look at some of the best foundations for dry skin.  We are going to give you some reasonably priced foundations with brands you are probably familiar with, and a few high-end foundations just to keep things varied.  Enjoy!

Bobbi Brown:  Bobbi’s line of foundation incorporates great coverage and proves to be buildable for all skin types.  With Bobbi’s foundation, you know you will keep your skin covered, but will need to shell out around $45.

Covergirl:  We are sure you have seen the ads; Covergirl provides flawless finishing foundation and combines it with Olay’s hydrating formula to cater to dry skin needs.  The best part is that it is an affordable foundation choice, at an easy $10.99.

Mac:  If you have been to the mall, you are probably familiar with M.A.C.  M.A.C offers a wide variety of foundations for any skin types.  For dry skin, they offer their water-resistant water-based foundation that can work on both your face and body.  At around $27, it will have all your areas covered!

Nars:  Another popular brand, Nars offers an oil-free sheer foundation that is supposed to help keep your dry skin hydrated throughout the day.  Additionally, it will work to enhance your summer skin by covering hyper pigmentation and illuminating your skin tone.  It is a bit on the pricier side at around $43.

Revlon:  Revlon is a staple for drugstore makeup, and it is no surprise that they have come up with a time-release foundation that is said to hydrate and keep your skin smooth all day long.  It additionally will help to keep dry skin from flaking.  This is another steal at $13.99.

YSL:  Another popular brand, YSL has a foundation channeling light-reflecting qualities that will provide luminous coverage to your otherwise dry and flaky skin.  YSL foundation can be more expensive, ringing in at around $55.

How to Apply Foundation to Dry Skin

Now that you have some wonderful options, let’s go over how you should be applying your foundation if you have dry skin.

  1. Wash your face with a liquid cleanser that uses a medium sized portion of moisturizer.
  2. Take some ice cubes or a towel soaked in cold water and press it over your face for 3 to 5 minutes.
  3. After hydrating your face with cold water, massage it using a moisturizer.
  4. Let your skin dry off for awhile.  You can fan your face to dry it faster or use a cold air fan.
  5. Apply a moisturizing primer over your face and neck.
  6. Apply your foundation of choice.
  7. Once your foundation is applied, you can apply some mineral based pressed powder for finish, if you so choose.

Dry Skin Tips

Here are some other natural at home remedies that you can use to help hydrate your dry skin:

  • Apply raw honey, milk, or lemon to your skin for hydration.
  • Drink plenty of water.  You should already be drinking 8 glasses a day, so aim for 10!
  • Sooth your skin with a proper hydrating night crème over night.   Dry air can dry your skin out even more.
  • Face powder can dry out your skin even more, so try to avoid it.
  • Wear sunglasses to shade your eyes and a hat to keep your skin covered during the summer.
  • Always wear sunscreen lotion.  Aim for a minimum of SPF 20.
  • Did we already cover drinking more water? As this is the best thing you can do for your skin, I think it’s worth emphasizing again!

Stay Smooth and Fully Hydrated!

If you dread wearing foundation because of your dry and flaky skin, these six foundation choices, along with our other helpful tips, will be sure to keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated.  Remember to consult Udemy’s helpful online courses for other skin care or makeup tips, and you will be well on your way to keeping your dry skin hydrated and looking fresh and clear this summer!