Best Food for Puppies: Make All the Right Choices!

best food for puppiesMaking sure that your puppy gets all the right food is critical to ensuring a happy, healthy life. With the number of commercial brands available these days, it can be a daunting task to know which is going to be the best. Puppies, like humans, have their own preferences as well, so you need to approach it in the same way as with a child, by picking what you think is best, and trying to get them to like it too. It is crucial to understand how to give your new best friend the best possible life they can have. You can do so quickly and conclusively by learning how to train a puppy. In addition, read on to discover how to go about selecting the right kind of food for your puppy.

Look for Quality

When choosing your new puppy’s food a good start is to start weeding down the number of choices. Avoid any types of no name brands, or discounted food. This is because you do not know where the product is manufactured or if  it is USDA approved. Over the past decade there have been more and more puppy brand food recalls. Countless animals have died through no fault of their owner’s. It was simply a case of bad food. You have to be extremely selective with what you feed them in there most fragile period of life.

What you are looking for are well known quality brands without any artificial ingredients. Feeding your puppy good quality food will help to prevent sickness, and provide lots of energy for exercising and playing. There are a number of high quality brands out there, so once you have narrowed down the field to those, It is between you and your puppy as to which you choose.

Find One Designed for Puppies

It is very important to only feed your puppy food designed for puppies, as the balance of nutrients is different for a growing dog compared to an adult. The label should state clearly whether the food is suitable for puppies. Puppies need food that is higher in calories, fats, and proteins, to keep up with the rapid pace in the development of their bodies, and minds. A good quality food should have specific feeding guidelines on the packaging. These guidelines will help you to feed your puppy the correct amount of food for his or her weight. Not to mention, when they are healthy then you can teach them how to improve their mannerisms with a polite puppy dog training class. Who doesn’t love a polite puppy?

Examine the Label for AFFCO Approval

The Association of American Feed Control Officials has developed a specific nutrient profile for puppy food. It ensures that puppies receive at least 10 amino acids, 12 minerals and 11 vitamins daily. Any dog food that meets these requirements, and has been tested by the AFFCO, will have an AAFCO nutritional adequacy statement on the back of the label. This statement means that the AFFCO has approved the puppy food, and it will meet the requirement for growth, maintenance, and nutrition, during your puppy’s development. The statement should read something like “Product formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles for growth.”

Check the Ingredients

The best type of food for a puppy is one that contains high quality ingredients. Look on the label to see if the ingredients contain U.S. Department of Agriculture human grade food product. Foods that do not have USDA approval can often be low in nutritional value. If you have the resources, go for organic puppy food. Organic food is more expensive, but you get what you pay for.

Puppies are carnivores, so the food should reflect that. Look for food that is high in meat and low in grain content. The first three ingredients on the label should be meat products. Be especially careful to look for meat byproducts as these are not the best option. You want to find a food that is made from whole meat and that specifies the source of the fat content. If the label just says animal fat without specifying the animal, avoid that product. Generic animal fat can cause digestive problems as it is often of low quality. Avoid any foods that contain corn meal, soy meal or wheat as they are just there to bolster the volume of the food, rather than to add any nutritional value.

Find Food with Natural Preservatives

best food for puppiesChemical based preservatives can be harmful to puppies, so if the label contains ingredients that use words that you do not understand, avoid them. Things to look out for are terms like BHA, BHT and Ethoxyquin. These ingredients are dangerous for puppies to ingest over a long period. Most good quality dog foods will specify if they contain only natural preservatives, and when you look on the list of ingredients, you should find products like mixed Tocopherols and Vitamin E. The last thing you want is for anything to happen to your beloved pet. However, if something does happen, you can learn first aid for pets online.

Change Food Gradually

When you first get your puppy, check with the breeder as to what they have been using for food. While your puppy settles in keep feeding him or her the same food and then gradually make the change to the new food. Every couple of days, decrease the proportion of the old food and gradually increase the proportion of the new food. After about a week the puppy should be weaned on to your new choice of food and eating healthily.

Ensuring that you find the best type of food for your puppy will help ensure he, or she, has the best chance at a wonderful, vibrant life. Good puppy food does not have to break the bank, and by taking care in the beginning, you should be able to find an excellent, cost effective, balanced diet for your new best friend. Now that you know the best food for puppies, do you live in a smaller space and not sure what type of puppy to get? Well, reading about the best apartment dogs will help solve that problem!