The Best Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes: Make Your Eyes Pop!

best eyeshadow for blue eyesIf you’re anything like me, you’ve been wearing the same color of eyeshadow since high school. Not to mention the fact that it’s a neutral color that easily blends in with your skin tone and people can barely tell it’s there. While ‘au natural’ is certainly a good look – especially in the summer months when you seem to sweat off all of your makeup anyway – sometimes wearing the same makeup day after day can get boring. But where do you start? Finding the best eyeshadow for blue eyes may seem tricky, but with a bit of knowledge under your belt you can spruce up your look in no time.

You may or may not be aware that there are certain colors that go well together and certain colors that don’t. Have you ever tried to pair red and green in the middle of summer, and looked in the mirror only to find that you turned into a human Christmas tree? Eyeshadow colors can clash just as clothing colors do. With blue eyes, there are specific shades that will do wonders for brightening your eyes and enhancing your features – the trick is knowing which colors are successful and which aren’t! If you need a quick refresher on color theory or the color wheel, this course on mastering color is specifically geared towards perfecting your makeup techniques.

Orange Tones

If you’ve been stuck in the rut of neutral eye makeup, you may feel as though it’s time for a drastic change. Those who are just starting out will find this course on makeup basics extremely helpful! If you take a quick look at a color wheel, you’ll see that the color directly opposite to blue is orange. Unless you plan on finding yourself in an 80s workout video anytime soon, you probably want to avoid wearing bright orange eyeshadow. A simple solution to this is to choose a color that is a more subtle version of orange – such as an earthy reddish color, like terra cotta. The strong contrast of orange paired with blue is still apparent, yet with a more subtle effect. Since blue is a cool tone, using a warm-toned shadow will help your eyes become even more radiant and beautiful than they already are.

Purple Tones

If earthy, burnt tones aren’t your thing, why not try a variation of the color purple? Again, try to sway towards warmer shades of purple such as plum. The warm tones in these colors will help to accentuate your eyes just as well as the warm orange tones, and give you a bit more versatility in terms of shades. If you have lighter skin, try a light violet shade. If you have darker skin, you can opt for a darker, more vibrant shade of purple.

Neutral Tones

Let’s say you’re not the daredevil type: you’re probably not going to prance out of the house wearing bright purple eyeshadow. That’s okay! There are ways to make your eyes pop without adding too much color. If you’ve been sticking to the same neutral shade, why not kick it up a notch and try a warm-toned gold or bronze? Even choosing a shimmery version of your favorite neutral tone will help bring some life back into your eyes. The intensity of pigments varies between brands, so you can find a shadow that adds a lot of color or only a pinch. If you’re still nervous about making the switch, using a small bit of colored eyeshadow along with your neutral shade will add a small burst of color that will make your eyes pop without being too flashy.

Skin and Hair Color Matter Too!

It’s important to remember that the perfect color of eyeshadow varies depending on your skin tone and hair color as well. For those with fairer skin and hair, light purple tones and lighter neutrals will work best. For those with a darker complexion and hair color, rustic orange and red tones will enhance your eyes without seeming too overwhelming. And I can’t forget those with red hair, who will benefit most from warm-toned brown and bronze shadows. If you’re sure about what goes with your skin, you may be interested in learning how to apply makeup geared towards their skin tone.

There are many different brands of eyeshadow to choose from, and you may find that it’s easier to pick up a couple of shades at your local drugstore until you find the color you are looking for. If you find your perfect match through this process, congratulations! But if you aren’t satisfied with the pigments, choosing a department store version of your favorite shade will ensure long-lasting wear and more intense color. If you’re anxious to get out there and give it a go, use this course to learn how to apply makeup like a pro! Once you have mastered the basics, you can get more creative with your eyeshadow. Stunning, radiant eyes are just hours away, and the tools to get you there are all available to you on Udemy!