The Best Email App for iPhone: From Mailbox to Evomail

Best Email App for iPhoneDo you manage your inbox from your iPhone? Apple’s standard mail app is a great tool for casual email users, but power users might want to change to a third-party email app for more power and better features.

From Mailbox to Evomail, we’ve looked at eight different apps to find the best email app for iPhone. If you read and send a lot of emails from your iOS device, try one of these powerful, user-friendly apps to simplify your mobile inbox.

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Mailbox is one of the most popular third-party email apps for iPhone. Designed for a combination of simplicity and power, it has a clean interface that isn’t very different from the standard iPhone email app.

Aside from the similar interface, however, Mailbox has little in common with Apple’s simple and largely featureless built-in email app. The entire Mailbox app is designed for rapid operation – instead of selecting emails and pushing a ‘delete’ button, users can simply swipe emails they’re finished with to send them to the trash.

Mailbox supports up to 10 Gmail, iCloud, or Google Apps accounts, making it a useful tool for businesses and power users. Available for iPhone and iPad, it’s arguably the best third-party email app for iOS.

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Designed from the ground up for busy professionals, Triage is a simple email app that’s focused on maximizing your mobile productivity. With a design based on a stack of cards, Triage uses a simple up or down swipe mechanism to sort email.

Want to archive an email? After you’ve read it, swipe up on your screen to add it to your email archive. Want to keep an email? Swipe down to keep it in your inbox for later action.

As well as making email sorting easy, Triage makes responding to your emails an even simpler process. Tap the reply or forward button and type out your reply in seconds for the quickest, simplest email management available on iPhone.


With support for Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, Google Apps, iCloud, and more, it’s hard to find a more comprehensive email app than Boxer. This simple yet powerful email app is perfect for mobile professionals in need of a functional email inbox.

Boxer uses gestures for quick and simple email management. It also includes built-in to-do lists, which you can assign their own priority levels, due dates, and other great sorting features.

With full support for Dropbox, Boxer makes integrating cloud storage and emails an easy, straightforward process. This powerful email app also connects with corporate CRM software like Salesforce for quick and simple mobile project management.

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Dispatch is an excellent iPhone email app designed for quick and simple operation and maximum productivity. Inspired by Merlin Mann’s inbox management strategy, it’s a slick, simple, and swipe-enabled app that’s perfect for mobile entrepreneurs.

With full support for TextExpander, Dispatch makes responding to emails a quick and simple process. Quickly switch out one email signature for another, or develop simple situational replies for clients, customers, and business contacts.

Built from the ground up for the mobile entrepreneur or freelancer, Dispatch is a great app that will appeal to its core audience. Unlike Mailbox, which is built for a wide audience, Dispatch is an app that’s clearly made for the serious mobile user.


Evomail calls itself “email, evolved.” With an ultra-modern interface and plenty of great features, it certainly lives up to its promises. This stylish and user-friendly email app is a great choice for users that love simple and cool modern design.

Unlike other email apps, which include hundreds of features you’ll never use, the interface in Evomail is built around a single button. Using one button, you can sort, filter, review, and reply to messages in your inbox at an incredible speed.

With built-in mail scheduling, Evomail is a great choice for professionals that need some downtime from their inbox. This user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing app has native support for Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo! Mail and other IMAP email providers.

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Designed for Gmail, Outlook, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, and more, CloudMagic is a great choice for keeping track of your email on the go. This powerful app links up with plenty of other applications, including Zendesk, MailChimp, and Salesforce.

Designed for business users and mobile entrepreneurs in need of both power and flexibility, CloudMagic combines a simple interface with a huge range of powerful and effective features like Evernote note taking and Trello support.

It also includes a fantastic ‘tasks’ feature that you can use to organize your inbox, check off items as they’re completed, and keep track of your schedule. All around, CloudMagic is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs and professionals seeking the optimum combination of style, function, and power.

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Seed Mail

Unlike other mobile mail apps, which are mostly built for flexibility and power, Seed Mail has been designed for the ultimate in email efficiency. Scroll through your new emails in a clean, simple, and user-friendly inbox that makes replying very simple.

Seed Mail supports all Exchange and IMAP email accounts, including Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, and more. Unbelievably simple, it’s the ideal app for users that care more about efficiency and clean design than an endless list of features.

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Gmail for iOS

Don’t need an advanced iPhone email app? Why not stick to the classics? Gmail for iOS has improved a lot since it was launched several years ago, and it now boasts a wide range of features that were once only found in the desktop Gmail interface.

From threaded conversations to the user-friendly tabbed inbox, Gmail for iOS has a huge range of useful features for users. It’s also got a timeless interface that anyone, from newbies to power users, can work out how to operate.

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