Best Editing Software: Finding The Perfect Fit

Wildly popular websites like Pinterest and Instagram show the incredible growth of photos and photo sharing on the Internet. At the same time, just about every smartphone has a camera built-in. We are taking more pictures than ever before.

best editing softwareHowever, not many of us have the tools to edit the photos to make them look their best. Fortunately, there is a number of editing software packages that can crop, trim, pixelate, and filter your photos to put them in tip top shape before you release them into the world. Here is a closer look at some of the best editing software on the market.


Photoshop was born at the University of Michigan when a doctoral student wrote a program on his Macintosh to display images. Adobe bought the license to the program in 1988, and it has grown to the biggest editing software program in the world. It is used by serious photographers and image editors. Photoshop has a significant learning curve while offering a feature set unparalleled by any other competitor. It is considered the defacto standard in photo editing.

Check out these Free Photoshop Tutorials!

Udemy offers several Photoshop training courses to help you get a handle on this powerful software. The Photoshop for Web Design Beginners course shows you how to make a clean, simple website design. You learn how to install custom brushes as well as how to understand custom shapes. Later in the course, you’ll learn layers and groups, two key Photoshop concepts that will apply to every project you undertake.

For professional photographers, Photoshop is a must. Considered the Udemy course Photoshop for Professional Photographers to gain a solid understanding of the software, and learn skills you need to harness its power. There are over 20 complete videos that give an over-the-shoulder view so you can see exactly what the instructor is teaching you at all times.

Photoshop Elements

As good as Photoshop is, it is overkill for many people. Adobe saw a need for a smaller, more affordable, similar photo editing software package. The result is Photoshop elements, Photoshop’s little brother. While Photoshop Elements is much easier to use, it also has unique quirks and characteristics that take some time to figure out, unless someone shows you ahead of time.

That’s where the Udemy course Photoshop Elements 10 can save you a lot of time. You’ll gain the knowledge to make your photos look better than ever. You get a complete breakdown of the program interface and advanced features. You’ll discover basic techniques and key insights to make your editing time as productive as possible. Each video is in stunning High Definition.

Corel PaintShop

Another budget image editing software package is Corel PaintShop. Beginning life as a shareware program many years ago, Corel PaintShop Pro X5 is the latest iteration. It has a superior image organizational capability as well as advanced editing tools. The Manage tab conveniently presents both the editing and organizing functions in a single window. You can add text to your images as well as vector objects. There are Instant Effects as well as Adjustment Layers that you can apply and manipulate until your photo is ready to go.

Taking pictures is fun, and gives us a wonderful record of the places we’ve visited with our family and friends. However, too many photos end up looking washed out, or everyone in the picture has red eyes. We’ve looked at some of the best editing software that can make you and your friends look better than you thought possible.