The Best Dog Food for Pitbulls

best dog food for pitbullsPit bulls are probably one of the most misunderstood dog breeds out there. Many people associate pit bulls with aggression and violence. These traits couldn’t be further from the truth. Pit bulls are a loving and loyal breed that just happens to be strong and muscular. The problems that we see with pit bulls happen because owners exploit their strength and loyalty and turn them into the aggressive dogs we stereotype them as.

Because pit bulls are so big and strong, they need proper nutrition and enough food to keep them healthy. In order to understand proper nutrition for your dog, you need to be able to understand and practice proper nutrition for yourself. You wouldn’t want to feed your pit bull junk food and fast food, so why would you feed it to yourself? You can learn the relationship between food, our bodies and the benefits of proper nutrition through this course. Through it, you will learn how food can fend off diseases and how to better feed your body. Once you know how you can better treat yourself, you will be able to better treat your pit bull through proper nutrition.

Which Food Should You Be Buying

Because a pit bull is a large, strong and muscular breed, you need to make sure they are getting the proper nutrition that will help their natural build. The problem with many dog foods out there is that they use fillers and too much salt, that do not necessarily aid in muscle growth and deliver the energy and strength your pit bull needs to thrive. In addition to giving your dog the food it needs to be strong, you also need to be able to control your dog’s strength. Pit bulls need exercise, just like every dog, but can be difficult to walk because of their strength. Teach your dog how to walk politely with this course, which will make walking easier and fun.

When looking for dog food for your pit bull, go for ones that are heavy in protein. If you want to go the extra mile, add in some raw meat with their dry food to give them the extra protein they need. You can pick up raw meat from your local grocery store of butcher. If you can afford to add raw meat to every meal, that is probably the best for your dog. But we get it. Meat can be expensive in addition to the amount you already pay for your dog’s food. That is why it’s OK to add some raw meat in every once in a while or as a treat for your dog. They will not only love it, but the raw meat will give your dog an extra dose of protein and nutrients to its diet. If your dog’s primary diet is dry food, check with your vet and local pet store to see which brand is best for your pit bull. There are various kinds of dry food depending on whether your dog is full grown or a puppy. All of these foods include high doses of protein, which is essential to growth and to maintain muscle.

Here are a couple brands that are best for pit bull nutrition:

  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness

This brand is inspired by what wolves eat in the wild. It includes more meat and is grain free, which is also helpful if your dog has any kind of grain allergies. There are no preservatives, artificial ingredients or poultry product in this dog food. Blue Buffalo Wilderness also enhances its food with extra nutrients and antioxidants to keep your dog extra healthy.

  • Taste of the Wild

Like Blue Buffalo Wilderness, Taste of the Wild models its dog food off of dogs’ wild ancestors. The diet that Taste of the Wild offers is modeled off of what dogs need through their genes, going back to a time before domestication. The mixture is made with roasted meats and a combination of fruits and vegetables so your dog can get a well-rounded diet. It also does not include grain and helps in digestion, with your dog’s immune system and uses water in the cooking process.

  • Orijen

This award-winning company makes “biologically appropriate” food for your dog. What this means is that Orijen looks at the evolution of dogs and creates its food based on that evolution with fresh and regionally sourced ingredients. The food focuses heavily on a meat diet, with fruits and vegetables mixed in to support your dog’s diet. The food is a low-carbohydrate, low-glycemic formula that supports healthy blood sugars.

Giving Treats Responsibly

Pit bulls are athletes by nature, but even they can gain weight if they are not given a well-balanced diet and proper nutrition. The key to keeping your dog’s weight in check is through its daily diet, but especially by monitoring the number of treats you give your dog every day. Treats are where owners usually overfeed their dogs, leading the dogs to pack on unnecessary pounds. You can avoid this by limiting the number of treats you give your dog every day, substituting food items for treats or by creating your own treats.

Limit Your Treats

Instead of giving your dog large treats, break down the treats into smaller sizes or buy smaller treats. Large treats may meet a large dog’s appetite, but if you give your dog too many, they may put on weight. Instead of buying treats for large dogs, step down a size and give your dog smaller treats. That way they will be getting a lesser amount without having to cut down on how many they get per day.

Substitute Your Treats

If your dog is like most dogs, they will eat anything. Find some people-food alternatives that are safe and healthy for your dog. A great substitution for high-calorie treats are baby carrots. Most dogs love the taste and texture of carrots and won’t even notice that they are getting a substitute. Baby carrots are also cost effective as well, sometimes costing less than dog treats.

Another vegetable option that is healthy and safe is celery. Like carrots, dogs love the crunchy texture of this vegetable. Prepare your celery “treats” for your dog by cutting them up into bite-sized pieces. This is to ensure that your dog does not choke on the big stalk. Other vegetable options you can use as substitutes include spinach, broccoli, cucumber, and lettuce.

You can also include fruit in their snack diet as well if you want to reward them with something sweet. Some fruit options that are safe and healthy for dogs include blueberries, strawberries, apples, bananas and watermelon. You have to make sure, however, that all fruit and vegetables are washed and all inedible skins are removed. Treat your dog like you would treat yourself!

Make Your Own Treats

By making your own dog treats, you can be certain that you know exactly what goes into them. this is reassuring for dog owners because they know exactly what they are feeding their dogs. There are many recipes out there for different styles of treats. You can get creative and make different types of treats to really diversify your dog’s diet. They can be as fancy as apple crunch pup-cakes to as simple as your basic dog biscuit. For specific recipes and tips for making your own dog treats, you can read this blog.

With dog treats, you don’t want to rid them from your dog’s diet completely. Treats are used to tell dogs that they are being good and doing what they are supposed to be doing. Dogs thrive with reward-based training, so to train your pit bull right, you need to be able to find the kind of treat they love and reward them with it when they do something right. If you want to train your pit bull to do more tricks, there are 25 dog tricks featured in this course.

If you do not have a pit bull yet and are looking to adopt one, this is a wonderful breed to adopt for your family. Because this breed gets a lot of bad press, you do need to be careful in training your dog so they can be a good example of the breed. Like with any breed, dogs need good training in order to behave around your house and in front of others. Once you train your dog, you will have a family member that will give you constant love, affection and loyalty. If you are looking to adopt a dog, make sure you are ready with this course, which goes through all the things you need to do to prepare for your new family member.