Best Cardio For Fat Loss: 9 Amazing Exercises That Actually Work!

best cardio for fat lossThere is now such a massive quantity of exercise regimes, routines, and fads out there, it can often be overwhelming trying to identify which exercises are actually the best ones to help you lose weight. To help you negotiate the head-spinning world of weight-loss exercise, this mini-guide will cut through the nonsense and the jargon, providing you with 9 exercises guaranteed to help you cut the pounds. In addition to the best cardio for fat loss, you can boost your results with changing what you eat. This online course gives you the information you need to ensure a transformational dietary makeover in only four weeks.


One of the easiest exercises to do, requiring no equipment and no gym is running. It provides a steady, low-intensity form of cardiovascular training. Some people suggest running on an empty stomach. This can be perfect for losing weight because your body will begin to tap into all your stored body fat. Your body looks for the energy it needs to drive it forward (please be aware that running on an empty stomach should only be undertaken with the correct precautions – consult your doctor – and never sprint on an empty stomach). Tailor your running regime to suit your general fitness. Start with 5 to 10 minute runs, 3-4 times a week. This is about right for a beginner, but remember to increase the duration of your runs as you progress to get the full benefits.

Skip / Jump Rope

Another simple exercise that can be performed at home is skipping / jumping rope. This is a cardio exercise that works muscles all over the body and thus will help you to tone-up from top to bottom. It also improves your coordination and balance if you are seeking good, well-rounded fitness. Your goal is to get amazing results, isn’t it?

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Although tremendously difficult, this high-intensity exercise is one of the best for burning calories fast. If you can manage it, 10 minutes or so will help you burn at least 100 calories. To perform burpees, begin by squatting on the floor, with your hands placed centrally on the floor in front of you. Jump your feet backwards so that your body forms the plank position, before jumping them back in and standing up. Repeat these movements as many times as you can handle. Be careful though. You know you have gone too far if you feel the need to throw up!


Another high-intensity exercise that offers a similar calorie burn ratio as burpees is kickboxing, which also has the added advantage of providing an outlet to let out some pent-up aggression! You’ll need to learn some simple kicks and moves, so look up a tutorial video on the web, or find a local kickboxing class to teach you the basics.

Squat Jumps

Squat jumps are a plyometric exercise – a jumping based exercise that focuses on intensity – which will raise your heart rate sufficiently to burn off a large amount of calories. To perform a squat jump, begin by squatting down to the floor before jumping as high as you can and landing back down into a squat position. Repeat 10 times, and then take a break.

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Push Ups

The best fat-burning routines combine both cardio and weight lifting exercises to maximize your body’s calorie consumption. A classic, well-honed exercise like push-ups will help consolidate the weight loss achieved through cardio-based exercises. To perform a push-up, lie down in the plank position with your hands flat on the floor beside your head. Keep them at the width of your shoulders and push up, extending your arms fully, before lowering back to the floor and repeating. Once you have started losing fat, the objective is to keep it off. This course gives you a treasure chest of resources for mastering weight loss forever.

Get on your Bike!

Cycling provides an excellent cardio workout, and it uses muscles throughout the legs and lower half of your body. This leads to weight loss from the thighs and other areas in which fat is traditionally hard to burn. Either take to the roads for real, or begin a routine at the gym involving an exercise bike.

Engage in Additional Cardio Activities or Sports

Cardio for fat loss does not need to be boring. Compliment your normal routine by getting active on the weekend. You could play your favorite sport (tennis, soccer and basketball are just some that provide a great cardio workout), or involve yourself in a dynamic activity such as kayaking or hiking.

Interval Training

Interval training can be deployed using many of the exercises already discussed to ensure you gain maximum results from your exercise routine. Interval training focuses on using short, sharp bursts of intensive activity followed by a brief recovery period. Interval training proves more effective at burning calories than traditional aerobic training, because it utilizes both the aerobic and the anaerobic capacities of the body simultaneously.

It also taps into fat stores when performing lower intensity forms of exercise. To begin interval training, engage in a short but highly concerted burst of a single activity, before having a brief two minute rest. After that, move quickly onto the next exercise, which should also be performed extremely energetically. Aim to make your routines last for about 30 minutes each initially. On the other hand, working out can get boring sometimes. Get that energy back with some of these fired up workout songs.

Any and all of these activities and exercises will help you shed the pounds, as long as you can maintain the willpower to stick to your routine. Remember, everyone is different, so tailor your routine with exercises that you feel are best suited to your body and ability. However, make sure to push yourself out of your comfort zone; otherwise you won’t get the substantial fat-burning results you’re wanting. Moreover, always make sure you drink plenty of fluids while exercising. Do not forget to consult your doctor before engaging in high-intensity workouts if you have, or have ever experienced, heart problems. Other than that, let’s get moving!