5 Best Calendar Apps for the iPhone

bestcalendarappforiphoneIf you’re an iPhone user, you were probably just as excited as everyone else about the new iOS 7 release, which came out last month. However, many iPhone users are still frustrated that the calendar app is “just not good.” In fact, many users complaining about the calendar app are suggesting other apps like Fantastical or Sunrise. Here are five free calendar apps that you can use to replace your iOS calendar.

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One of the best things about the Sunrise calendar app began with the registration. Unlike other apps that only allow registration through Facebook or email, Sunrise allows registration through Facebook, email, and Google. Once registered, the app takes you to a beautiful two-week layout that can include the weather and United States holidays if you like. You can set that up in settings.

Adding an event is simple and easy. You type in the title, set the start and end time, and you can even add people to the event. This makes it easy to share your calendar events with other people that need to be there, or you can even send Sunrise party invitations. You can also add notes and repeat this event if it’s something that occurs more frequently.


One of the unfortunate things about PocketLife is it begins as nothing more than a free trial. When it opens to your calendar, there is a white space that says, “Full Version – Advert Free, Import Images, Unlimited Events”. The calendar accepts Emoji images, which is great because it allows you to add little images to your calendar. To upgrade is $2.99, and you have to pay $0.99 more each year to add the new calendar. It also costs $0.99 to add U.S. Holidays.

Aside from those nominal costs, the app itself is still pretty functional and customizable. You can change the colors of your events so that work can be a separate color from birthday parties, and you can use your Emoji keyboard to add fun little images to the events. Another great feature about PocketLife is the ability to print your calendar to share with anyone who needs a copy.

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One of the unfortunate things about Tempo in comparison with Sunrise is that you must sign up for a Tempo account. There is no “sign in with Facebook” option or even a “sign in with Google” option. Once you’ve registered, you can link email accounts to get all the emails and documents that deal with any meetings in your calendar.

After you complete the linking, your calendar can take up to five minutes to load (according to the Tempo app). The orange bar at the top of two of the photos above is the loading of my calendar into the app. Unlike Sunrise, Tempo seems more business-oriented.

Once you connect your email account, it attaches emails and documents to meetings. Any people in your phone you list as attendees to the meeting, you can email or text them to let them know if you’re running late. If you’re going on a business trip or picking up someone coming in for a business trip, you can keep track of flights through the app.

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Cal by Any.do

Like most apps, Cal offers two methods of signing up. You can sign up through Facebook (enabling you to invite people to events), or you can sign up with your email and create a new account. If you’re familiar with Any.do, you shouldn’t have any problems figuring out Cal. One of the unfortunate things about Cal is, like Tempo, your calendar takes quite a while to load.

The settings are fun to play around with because you can change the photo theme of your calendar and the app icon badge. You can change it to display either the current date or the number of pending events. One odd thing about Cal, however, is that your first added event is already written in for you – “Meet Emma at Tony’s Pizza.” Otherwise, Cal is a great, simple calendar app to replace the iOS 7 calendar.

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Awesome Calendar Lite(+Google Task/Diary)

Another great “free to try” app is Awesome Calendar Lite. Unlike PocketLife, you don’t have to pay every year to add the calendar, and you don’t have to pay for U.S. Holidays. In fact, it asks which country to add holidays for when you start the app. There are no limit to the amount of events you can add, but there are ads all over the calendar. The app is easy to use; you can double-tap the calendar to change to week view.

To add an event, it’s as easy as pressing and holding on the date the event takes place. A little drop-down menu pops up, and you just click on the option you want – event, note, or to do. If you purchase the full version, you can add Emoji icons for just $0.99 more.

There are many more calendar apps out there, and there are a few great ones out there that can cost a little bit of money. However, if you’re on a budget, these five free calendar apps are great. Feel free to comment below about your favorite free calendar app.