Best Audio Editing Software Qualities

bestaudioeditingsoftwareIf you work with audio files, you must always be on the lookout for latest editing software applications that provide you with the most options for the lowest price. There are several free to download audio editing software available online; however, these software applications usually come with a lot of strings attached, and fail to deliver the kind of quality you expect from them. In this blog post, you will learn the qualities you should look for in an audio editing software application.

1. The Right Level of Complexity

The majority of audio editing software applications can be classified as unnecessarily complex or overly simplistic. The best audio editing software must have the following options:

  • auto trim

  • amplify

  • copy

  • cut

  • fade in and out

  • normalize

  • paste

  • remove vocals

  • silence remover

  • trim

  • volume control options (tweak volume, adjust, normalize, freehand volume curve, multiple fades)

Furthermore, the software applications must have an option where you can download additional plug-ins so it can be enhanced according to your requirements. Pro Tools 10 is a software application that has just the right level of complexity for beginners and professionals alike. You can learn all about using Pro Tools 10 here.

2. Better Audio Quality of the Edited File

Working with free to download editing software mostly results in low quality files, so it is best to save a copy of the original separately. If you have the time, you can download a number of audio editing software applications and can work with a test file on all of them to compare results. Adobe Audition offers great sound quality in the edited file. If you are a beginner, you can learn everything you need to know about Adobe Audition here. You can also opt for Audacity and similar mainstream audio editing software programs.

3. Ability to Handle Multiple Types of Audio Files

You wouldn’t think of it as an issue in this day and age, but there are still many audio editing software applications out there that cannot handle multiple types of audio files. There are several software applications that only handle .mp3 files, and there are still some that only handle .wav files. Before you download or buy an audio editing software application, make sure it handles multiple audio file types, because you should have the option to work with different formats, and should be able to save the edited file in any audio format irrespective of the format of the original file.

4.  Compatibility with Music Composition Software / Recording Ability

If you compose a tune or a song using a generative software application, and try to edit it on another, it goes without saying that the two software applications must be compatible. Most audio editing software applications have the ability to record music, so you do not have to work with multiple software programs for the same file. We recommend you go for an audio editing tool that can record as well, so you can record a file, create a back up version, and edit away.

5. User Friendly Interface

The best audio editing software application must have a user friendly interface. All the options must be laid out in front of you clearly, and you should be able to find the options you are looking for without having to dig into a manual. In short, you shouldn’t have to be a tech whizz to figure out how the software application works.

Audacity has to be the most commonly used, free, audio editing software available in the market. It has a clean and user friendly interface that allows the user to get down to editing audio files without any distractions. Learn all about audacity here.

6. Moderate Software Size and Resource Consumption

The size of the audio editing software applications varies from a few kilobytes to a few gigabytes. A software application that only takes a few kilobytes of your hard drive will only have a few basic options, and software applications for professionals will require a powerful PC with high specs. If you are a beginner, you still require editing software that can handle complex projects as your skill set grows.

We recommend you go with a software application that has a moderate size and uses a moderate amount of resources on your PC. A basic audio editing software application will lack the options, and a professional audio editing software application might be too heavy for your system.

7.  Adequate Help and Support

Although you can learn how to use different audio editing software applications at, you might still come across bugs and other issues. Visit the website of the software vendor, and see if there is enough help and support available for the software you are interested in. Ideally, the website must have a detailed FAQ section about the software application, a clearly stated phone number and email address, and text as well as video tutorials about using the application. It might also come in handy to go to independent sites and read reviews posted by users.

8. OS Compatibility

Some audio editing software programs are only compatible with certain operating systems. If you have a PC and MS Windows (7, 8, XP, or Vista), most audio editing programs will work fine on your system. However, if you have a Mac, you should check a program for OS compatibility before you download it.

The Best Audio Editing Software May Vary From Person to Person

The qualities we have discussed can be used to judge whether a software program is good or not. However, the best audio editing software for you may not be the best for another artist/musician. You should choose an audio editing application while taking your skill set, your requirements, and the resources you have at hand into consideration. If you are a beginner, you can take a course to learn about Adobe Audition CS6, and start using audio editing software immediately.

We hope that this blog post will make it easier for you to choose the best audio editing software for yourself. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments, we will love to hear what you have to say.