benefits of teamworkWhen you hear about successes, individual or otherwise, it is important to remember that behind each successful person, company, or group is a great team of people that work collectively to get that person, business, or brand to where it is today.  The benefits of teamwork are far and widespread.  Teamwork helps goals become accomplished more quickly and effectively, it creates new ideas, and it solves issues.

Before you start thinking about taking on your next task solo, or dividing work amongst your employees, here are some of the wonderful benefits of teamwork that can help get productivity optimized and problems solved.

The Benefits of Teamwork

Teamwork can benefit you on both a personal and a collaborative level.  Let’s take a look at some of the benefits teamwork has to offer.  Teamwork…

Increases Efficiency:  Think about your favorite restaurant.  Isn’t there usually more than one person working there?  A collaborative effort from a group of people will help create a better workflow and allow tasks to get some faster.  Of course, each person has one thing that they are good at.  For example, in a restaurant there will be certain cooks that make certain dishes the best.  By having a healthy and productive team, teamwork can allow each person to focus on what they do best.

Improves Performance:  Performance goes hand in hand with efficiency.  When you are able to focus on something that you love and you work best at, you will produce a greater product.  If you do not have to deal with extraneous tasks or distractions, you can focus on the certain skills that you excel at and use those to produce some amazing results.

Encourages Collaboration:  In the workplace, it is important to understand how your work contributes to a whole.  This will give you a better understanding of your purpose and your goal for the company, business, or product.  When there is efficient teamwork, it allows team members to take a look at everyone else’s positions and roles and seeing how everyone is essential to the end product.

Develops Trust:  If you consider your most successful relationships, think about the amount of trust that you have in them.  A strong team, like any relationship, needs a strong foundation of trust.  Trust is developed through communication, working on projects, and activity engaging one another to meet a collective goals.

Reduces Stress:  Sure, you might love doing everything yourself, but overtime this could put a damper on your productivity and performance levels (not to mention your physical and mental health).  It is good to have some pressure sometimes, but having teammates who you can work with to make your tasks easier will take a heavy load (literally) off your shoulders.  Teamwork will ultimately reduce stress down the line and prevent burnout so that you can transition properly onto your next tasks.

Encourages Innovation:  Usually the greatest inventions, ideas, and “ah ha” moments can come when you are brainstorming and thinking up new ideas with a team.  Overtime, your own thoughts can get tiring, and everyone hits a writer’s block or development block of some sort.  With more than one set of thinkers, you will have different people to help development, fine tune, and execute a project in the most innovative way possible.

Looks Good on Your Resume:  Have you ever applied for a job where “teamwork” was not mentioned in the job description?  Probably not, because knowing how to work collectively and with a team is essential in thriving in the workplace.  Unless you are your own company, you usually do not work alone, and most any job out there will have you working alongside others or with a team to produce an end product.

Improves Service:  People generally gravitate towards companies or businesses that are filled with happy people and that seem to demonstrate a strong work ethic and team spirit.  A successful organization will have a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration that works to improve service and meet the needs of their customers in the most effective and positive way possible.

Tips for Encouraging Teamwork in the Workplace

benefits of teamworkIf you are in charge of a team or looking for some ways to encourage teamwork in your workplace, here are some great tips to help those around you start contributing to the betterment of a whole.

  1. Have everyone be aware of the benefits that teamwork has to offer.  If you are working on a project with a group of people, have everyone involved take turns giving suggestions and input into how the projects efficiency can be improved and how goals can be more easily met.  This will help everyone know what they need to do to help achieve a certain goal or vision.
  2. Make sure everyone feels important.  If there is one person on a team that does not feel needed or valued, then the entire team is likely to suffer.  Make sure that everyone is involved and knows what needs to be done to achieve to goal.  If each team member has a role, they will feel like they have contributed to the end product and will have a sense of accomplishment.
  3. Encourage feedback:  Be sure to regularly encourage feedback and ask for suggestions from the team.  This will help improve communication and it could help a project or goal become easier.
  4. Encourage team bonding:  Organize activities, outings, or BBQs outside of work so that team members are able to get to know each other on a deeper level.  This would create some great friendships and contribute to a better overall workflow.
  5. Offer incentives:  A great way for people to get to performing at the optimal levels is to offer recognition or reward for outstanding team members.  Have certificates, awards, or small gifts for people that stood out in the team or demonstrated leadership.  This will also encourage others to work more actively on the team’s next project or goal.

Get Your Team Motivated!

Humans are naturally social creatures, and teamwork allows us to maintain healthy and happy lifestyles by working with others on a more personal level.  Teamwork can make work fun, help us develop relationships, and contribute to our over-all well being.  If you are looking for ways to build the next high-performing team, check out this course to join thousands of other empowered individuals.

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