Benefits of Deep Breathing: A Simple Way to Promote Well Being

Think about it, we only breathe deeply when we sigh or are out of breath. Modern life does not encourage conscious or deep breathing. Cars, elevators, escalators, trains and planes – most modern conveniences – prevent challenges to our lungs. Simply walking is not strenuous enough to get the breath going either. I joke that if you are not chasing your food every day or don’t do a cardio workout 4 to 6 times a week you are probably a shallow breather.

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Pay attention, watch people around you. Do you see their chest expand and contract, do their ribs move? Probably not, except at the gym. Shallow breathing is everywhere – and our health is suffering for it.

For today and every day, why not breathe deep? This simple practice promotes energy and a sense of well-being by bringing oxygen and nutrients via the blood to every cell in your body. Deeper breathing, more oxygen, stimulation of your cells, more health!

Deep breathing is a conscious decision. The key idea is to remember to breathe deep, especially after you forget. Every day, add a few deep breaths and you will move more oxygen through your body, nourish your organs and brain, and stimulate better health. Remain conscious of your breathing and, over time, you will breathe deeper and deeper for more minutes throughout the day.

 Are you ready to make this conscious decision ?

Say it:

I do not want to be a shallow breather!

Say it:

I want to be a deep breather!

Say it:

I want to breathe deep throughout the day!

Keep saying and thinking these three sentences, taking your first step.

Now the second step.

Remember to remember! Even if you made the smart and healthy decision to be a deep breather you will find that you will forget again and again.

My reminder trick is to associate deep breathing with things I do every day. For example, when I brush my teeth I start my deep breathing. When I open or close a door I take a deep breath. Before I start the car, I breathe deep, at every red light I breathe, while I wait for a bus, I breathe. While I listen to someone go on and on, I take deep breaths.

When I use these reminders throughout the day it builds healthy habits and allows me to do more and feel better – and so can you!

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