Become a Udemy Affiliate Partner & Find Your Affiliate Code

So, you’d like to become one of our Affiliate Partners? We’re honored. :)

After reading through the instructions below, you will know how to:

  • Apply for and log into your Udemy AFFILIATE ACCOUNT
  • Select your unique AFFILIATE LINK to start promoting courses and earn 50% commission
  • Identify your unique AFFILIATE CODE

Here are the steps to get set up and start selling Udemy courses as early as today:

1.  Visit, enter your information, and submit. (Note: If you are not logged in or have not created a user account, the page will redirect to When  it does this, either log in with Facebook or use your email to create an account. Then, return to

2.  We will approve your affiliate application within 24 hours of your submission. (Response time will vary depending on time of day.)

3.  Once you receive the confirmation email, you can sign into your affiliate account at

4.  Browse courses or search for particular courses you want to promote by clicking Ctrl + F on a PC or Command + F on a Mac and type in the name of the course or keywords you’re searching for.

5.  Click inside the box containing your short form affiliate link. This will highlight the link. Copy the link (Ctrl + C on a PC or Command + C on a Mac), and paste it into a browser.

6.  Once you paste the short form URL into a browser, it will unpack itself into the long form version. (Note that once the link is unpacked, you will see your AFFILIATE CODE.)

You can use either the short form or long form URL to promote the course and earn 50% commission on any sales.