Beauty Tips: Top Beauty Tips to Look And Feel Beautiful

beauty tipsWe are all naturally beautiful, and everyone has little things that make them standout or work to highlight their natural beauty.  However, there are plenty of beauty tips and tricks out there in the beauty world that can keep you looking fabulous and help you accentuate your already gorgeous features.  Let’s take a look at some of the best beauty tips out there to keep you looking trendy, fresh, and genuinely beautiful from head to toe.

Beauty Tips

Nail polish remover:  Love nail polish?  Learn how to remove nail polish without nail polish remover.  Do this by applying a clear top coat of nail polish to your nail and remove it with a tissue or cotton ball.

Do not mix supplements:  If you are healthy, chances are, you will look and feel good.  However, if you tend to go overboard with mixing and popping supplements before discussing their effects with your doctor, they could end up having a negative effect on your skin, hair, or blemishes.  Make sure that all the vitamins or supplements you are taking are going to be conducive to making you look your best.

Natural glow:  When you look natural, you look beautiful.  A good tip for natural glowing skin is to go easy on the blush.  Often times, women pack on the blush and end up with overly rosy cheeks.  To avoid this from happening, apply your blush starting at your blush line that is two finger widths from your nose.  Sweep the blush on the apples of your cheeks.  This will help you create a natural glow on your cheekbones.

Blotting Paper:  A great tip for oil skin is to use blotting paper a few times a day.  This is especially helpful during the summer to clean up excess oil around your face that will help prevent future breakouts and keep you from looking too oily.

Shaving Redness:  If you notice, when you shave your skin might redden after a few minutes.  To keep from developing a post-shaving redness, shave your areas while standing under warm water.  This helps the hair follicles open up and soften up your hair for a smoother and less coarse shave.

Spray:  To help give your hair a little lift of volume, add some volumizing spray to your hair before you begin blow drying it.  This will give your locks some added oomph and volume.

Foundation Shade:  Have you ever seen pictures of people who clearly did not get their foundation shade correct?  When you are picking a shade of foundation, make sure you test the foundation on the skin near your jaw line.  Also, be sure to be standing in natural light.  This is going to make sure that the foundation tone is not going to be too different from the color of the rest of your body.

Exfoliate Daily:  Exfoliating is a great way to clear any dead skin off of your body.  Dead skin will only cover up your skin’s natural glow.  It is okay to exfoliate daily, and you can do this by applying Daily Microfoliant products from Dermalogica to your face.

Curls:  If you have curling hair, or use a curling iron to create a curl, do not attempt to brush your curls out with a brush.  Instead, loosen them with your fingers to prevent from flattening your curls down.

Be Wary:  A number of beauty products display false information on their labels in efforts to get customers to buy it.  For instance, if you see a beauty product advertising “all-day protection” or “long-lasting wear”, it is probably too good to be true.  Do not try to rely on a product to give you all-day protection if you really need it.

Full Lips:  If you want to create the illusion of fuller lips, consider using a neutral-toned lip liner that is going to extend your lip line out.  Apply lipstick over the liner for fuller lips.  Just make sure that you do not over-do it or your full lips will not look real.

Color Fading:  Plenty of people dye their hair, and whether or not you have dyed your entire head or just a portion of your hair, you do not want your new coloring effects to fade.  A good way to help prevent this is to use a deep-conditioning treatment about once a month.  This will help keep your locks from getting dry or damaged.

Fake Lashes:  If you apply fake lashes, then to keep your lashes from looking as natural as possible, try to apply mascara to your fake lashes to help them blend in with your real ones.  Just make sure that you do not end up with a clumping effect.

Ingrown Hairs:  We all get ingrown hairs, and they can be a real hassle to deal with.  To help coax them out of their hiding spots, apply a product that contains azulene or witch hazel.  This will help reduce the swelling around the area and help them pop out.

Pedicures:  Instead of spending money on a regular pedicure, try to take as good care of your feet as possible on a regular basis.  All you need to do is scrub your feet with a pumice stone when you are in the shower.  Then as you are drying off, apply some moisturizing cream to your feet to keep them healthy and free of fungus.

Soft Skin: How do you keep your skin as soft as a baby’s bottom even as you get older?  When you step out of the shower, pool, ocean, or any type of water, apply a cream to your skin.  Water takes away natural oils and can dry your skin up, so this will help prevent your skin from chapping or drying.

Eye Cream:  Instead of using eye cream for your eyes, considering using it to help with your dry cuticles.  This will keep your fingers fresh and extra moisturized.

Bronzer:  If you want to look as natural as possible when wearing bronzer or self tanning lotion, mix a drop of bronzer with moisturizing cream.  This is going to help the creams blend easily and cover up your skin smoothly.  Blend the bronzer and moisturizer with your finger or a Q-tip before applying it to your skin.

Split Ends:  To keep split ends from being seen until you have time to cut them, use a heavy hair repairing cream to moisturize your hair both before and after you blow-dry or straighten it.

Change:  As the seasons change, so do our beauty needs.  In the summer, we need more SPF and sun protecting lotions, and in the winter, our skin craves more moisturizing cream.  Change your beauty routine based on the seasons to keep your skin fresh, hydrated, and under control.

Greasy Hair:  If your hair tends to appear greasy, do not apply any conditioner directly to your hair’s roots.  Instead, apply it to the ends of the locks.

Apply Olive Oil:  Regardless of whether you have oily skin already or not, it is helpful to apply olive oil on your skin if you want to remove any makeup or excess dirt.  Not only will this help clear off your skin, but it will also help improve the overall epidermis condition of your skin.

Flaky Mascara:  To avoid flaky mascara, make sure that your mascara has not been sitting in your drawer for a few years and that it is not too old.  If you notice your mascara starting to flake, just buy a new one and make sure that you always keep your mascara tube sealed tightly.

Beautifying Foods

beauty tipsIn addition to regular tips, there are plenty of natural foods and resources that you can use to help enhance your beauty.

  1. Avocados:  In addition to being delicious, avocados are good source of biotin, which can help to prevent dry skin and keep nails and hair from during brittle.
  2. Green tea:  Green tea packs a ton of both health and beauty benefits.  This is all thanks to green tea’s polyphenols which help keep your skin hydrated, fresh, and healthy.
  3. Tomatoes:  Tomatoes are known to help prevent sunburn when they are combined with olive oil.  However, you will need to eat some tomatoes every day for about ten weeks.  Aside from that, tomatoes are a great source of lycopene, and are considered a high-carotenoid fruit that can slow down cellular damage.
  4. Salmon:  Any type of fatty fish that contains omega-3s is going to be good for your body.  However, salmon also contains astaxanthin, which is a carotenoid that improves skin elasticity that can help prevent fine lines or wrinkles.
  5. Eggs:  The protein found in eggs help to repair cells that have undergone free radical damage.  Eggs contain protein and biotin, both of which protect against dry skin.
  6. Pomegranate:  Pomegranates are an antioxidant-packed fruit that can help skin heal by creating collagen.
  7. Walnuts:  If you need some fats in your diet but are not into fish, considering add some walnuts into your salad, snack bag, or trail mix.  Walnuts have omega-3s that will help keep your hair looking shiny and your skin looking fresh and young.

Look And Feel Your Best

While, yes, beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, it does not hurt to apply some of these beauty tips to your daily routine to help you look your best on a regular basis.  For a step by step course on face contouring and makeup application, enroll in this course for some more fundamental beauty techniques.