Beauty Tips for Men: Answers to the Questions Men Don’t Want to Ask

beauty tips for menA skin-care routine is just as important for guys as it is for girls. Sure, you’re probably not growing your hair long or wearing makeup everyday (or at all), but that doesn’t mean you can’t look after your skin. If you do you’ll stay looking younger, for longer. You can learn some great tips in this course dedicated to caring for your face, or read on to discover our easy 5 step method.

The trouble with face care, or any beauty regime for that matter – is that many guys are too shy to ask the right questions. There’s no help to be found in Cosmo (even if you don’t mind being seen reading one), and following the way your grandpa did it with a bar of soap and tiny pieces of toilet paper to cover any shaving nicks is definitely the way of the past. If you’re interested in how to make not just your face but your entire life better, you can learn about biohacking in this course, and tackle every aspect to become smarter, stronger and happier.

Looking after your skin as a guy is just as important as it is for women, but if you can do it smart – you’ll be looking better and younger, without spending all of your spare time in the bathroom. This hassle free approach is perfect for the guys who want to take care of their skin – without everyone knowing they are doing it.


Whilst it may sound like a daunting word, cleansing is simple. You just need to wash your face. If you don’t have the time to do any of the other steps you absolutely must be washing your face in the morning and again in the evening. It takes about a minute, so don’t tell me you don’t have time!

You need to wash twice a day because even though your face looks clean, there is dirt and grime on there you can’t see. On a daily basis you’re walking around getting exposed to dust, pollution, cigarette smoke and even oil and grime from your hands every time you touch your face. The little particles sit on the skin of your face, and cause damage until they are washed away.

But don’t reach for your typical bar of soap. The soap you use on the rest of your body is too harsh for your face, and is usually loaded with deodorizers and detergents that are too harsh for your skin. You can get to know what makes up normal soap in this post, none of which is good for your face. It dehydrates your skin, and makes you look much older that you really are.

What you need to find is a purpose-built facial cleanser. There are many brands that cater particularly to men, but if you are nonplussed either way you can also pick up a women’s brand that targets oily skin. Normally a man’s skin is oilier than a woman’s so you’ll get the best results from this kind of cleanser.

If you don’t wash your face every day you will be leaving grime and oil on your face, which clogs your pores and can lead to breakouts. All you need to do is wash your face in the morning and at night, and you’re already making great progress on a skin care routine.


Leveling up from a simple cleansing, the exfoliating step is what is going to have you start feeling results. Exfoliation is the process where you use a cream that’s filled with rough particles to remove any dead cells from the surface of your face and show the new skin underneath.

It’s like sanding a rough piece of wood, the exfoliation process is much the same. If you use a light grade sandpaper on a piece of two by four it’ll smooth right up, only on your face we use the cream (not the sandpaper)!

Naturally our skin goes through an exfoliating process, but as we get older this process starts to slow down. Help your body out and use an exfoliating face scrub to clean out all of the grimy stuff that’s stuck deep in your pores. Experiment with a couple of different brands until you find one that you like the feel of on your face, and if you do it before a shave the exfoliant will soften your hair follicles and give you a much closer shave – with less irritation. Hooray for no more razor burn!

The best part about exfoliation is that you only need to do it a couple of times a week, to help keep your face brighter and smoother.


To truly make a difference in the appearance of your skin you need to moisturize. In fact, men usually need to moisturize more than women do, because many of us are doing a daily shave. Scraping a razor across your face removes any traces of a beard, but it also scrapes many of the essential oils from your face.

After a shave you slap on an aftershave, and the stinging sensation you feel is the alcohol. The downside is that alcohol dries your skin out even more, which leads to age lines and wrinkles.

Combat all of this with a moisturizer. Get a quality moisturizer so that you can replenish the oils and moisture content of your face, and it can also help prevent against razor burn. If you find a good moisturizer that has SPF protection this is even better, because this will help to protect you from the damaging UV rays from the sun. If you spend too many days in the sun unprotected, it can lead to premature ageing in your skin, fine lines and wrinkles and potentially even skin cancer.


Your eyes are one of the first places on your face that will start to show the signs of ageing. Unfortunately, many men neglect this area, even if they are doing a daily face wash or using moisturizer. The “good enough” mentality is definitely at play here.

The problem is that the skin around your eyes is very thin, and lacks both sweat and oil glands that help to keep other parts of your face moisturized. This means the area around your eyes is highly susceptible to dehydration, which becomes visible in fine lines and wrinkles.

Very quickly the super-soft layer of skin that surrounds your eyes will develop expression lines that fast grow into unsightly wrinkles that are difficult to combat. What’s a modern man to do?

Pick up a jar of hydrating eye cream straight away. All you need is a tiny dab under each eye, applied every day after you moisturize. This will help to hydrate, smooth and protect the delicate skin around your eyes, and keep you looking younger for longer.


Believe it or not, your lips age rapidly – much faster than other parts of your face. Find a photo album and have a look at yourself as a child. Your lips would have been plump, with no lines to speak of. As you gaze into the mirror have a look at the criss-cross of the fine lines that now run rampant over your lips.

This is because as you age, you lose collagen in your face, and from your lips most of all. Slowly your lips have been melting right back into your face! This is accelerated by the fact your lips don’t have oil or sweat glands, and there isn’t a protective layer of skin (the stratum corneum) like we have elsewhere on our bodies.

For a woman, it’s very acceptable to apply lipstick, lip liners and lip gloss throughout the day, but don’t worry – we won’t have you headed down that route. Find a basic tube of lip balm, there are many for sale in the drugstore, and if you can grab one that has SPF for added defense against the sun. This is because your lips also lack melanin and they need extra protection from the sun’s rays. Then all you need to do is constantly reapply throughout the day.

Beauty tips for men isn’t rocket science. You just need to get your hands on 5 key products, and follow a simple process everyday to keep your skin clean and moisturized. It adds only a couple of minutes to your routine, and the best part is that people are going to notice. If you want even better results, learn how to groom more than just your face in a course dedicated to the modern man, and discover how to dress with style to go along with your new look.

There’s no simpler way to a more handsome you, so start your new routine today!