Beach Wedding Cakes: Inspiration for Your Tropical Wedding

beach wedding cakesPlanning a beach themed wedding, whether you are planning a fabulous summer event or you are heading off to a tropical island in the middle of the winter season to exchange your vows with your beloved, can be a really fun process. Use the experience to take everything you love about the beach and infuse it into every aspect of your big day, from your invitations to your bridesmaids’ gowns and even your wedding cake.

Working with the right baker will ensure your wedding cake is not only delicious, but a sight to behold as well. After all, before you get to the cake cutting part of your wedding reception, your cake will serve as a centerpiece and as a decorative element that everyone can look at throughout the event. Therefore, hiring someone who has experience in cake decorating professionally will put your mind at ease that your cake will look and taste just as you imagined it would. 

The Right Flavors for a Beach Themed Wedding Cake

When it comes to choosing the flavors for your beach themed wedding cake, you have a lot of options. Keep things fresh and tropical to go along with the overall theme of the day and you are sure to have a cake that is a hit with all of your guests. Fresh fruits, such as pineapple, strawberry, and raspberry, which invoke feelings of summer and lazy days on the beach, are perfect choices for a beach wedding cake. You can also incorporate coconut into your cake in order to give it an even more tropical flavor and a unique texture that your guests will love.

If you follow a restricted diet, make sure you let your baker know that you have special requests. Working with someone who is trained in vegan or gluten-free baking will ensure you are able to get a wedding cake that is lovely to look at and also irresistibly indulgent. Be sure to visit potential bakers and taste some samples first, however, to be certain the consistency of the cake is just right and they will able to nail down the flavors that you prefer, especially if you are having a specialized cake, such as a vegan one, created.

Colors to Go Along with Your Big Event

When you’re ready to establish what colors will be on your wedding cake, choose hues that will match or complement the other colors you’re incorporating throughout your event. It’s a good idea to choose your main wedding colors at the beginning of your planning process and then carry these into the various elements that will make your big day come together, perhaps even right down to your makeup for the big day. Also, your colors may be determined by where your wedding will take place. For example, are you getting married barefoot on the sand on a tropical island, or are you going to enjoy a more formal ceremony on the lawn overlooking a beach? Use these variables to determine what colors would complement the scenery best.

Popular color combinations include green and turquoise, yellow and beige, coral and pale blue, orange and fuchsia, royal blue and white, and peach and pink. You may want to go with a really vibrant shade, such as a bright orange, and then choose a more subdued, pale shade of green or blue.

Once you choose your color combination, carry these colors into your cake. Have a lot of fun and give your guests a neat little surprise by decorating the outside of the cake in the colors of your wedding day while also including colored cake on the inside. Imagine slicing into a wedding cake that is golden on the outside to mimic the colors of the sun and sand, but teal on the inside like a splash of fresh ocean water.

Decorating the Cake

Choosing the decorative elements that will go onto your beach wedding cake is also an opportunity for you to have a little fun as you let your creativity run wild. Are you looking for a simple yet elegant white cake? If so, make it tropical by having your baker add seashells and starfish along each layer. But if you want to add pops of color to the cake, go ahead. After all, it is your big day, and you get to call all of the shots. You can also get more inspiration by reading this blog post on cake decorating.

Adding the colors of the sea to your wedding cake is easy. For example, you can stick with pale blue shades that mimic the clearest Caribbean waters, or you can opt for golden colors or green hues. You can also incorporate coral, which is a bright and happy color that brings the beauty of the reefs to your special event.

Ombré is one of the latest trends in design, and you can incorporate it easily into your wedding cake. Essentially, you choose one color that will take over the entire cake. But instead of your cake being one uniform color, such as blue, it will be gradated, or shaded, in a way that brings the color from its darkest tone to its lightest. You can do this with any color, and you can choose to have your baker use cake layers or just the frosting itself to establish this unique effect.

Whether you choose to have a plain white cake with a little bit of color added in the form of delicate piping or you want to go all-out and have a big cake that is loaded with all of the seashell designs you can come up with, a beach wedding cake is sure to please your guests and be just as tasty as it is pretty. To learn how to stay organized throughout your wedding planning process, and for tips on how to find and book the best vendors and bakers, consider taking this course on wedding and event planning. Once you are confident that you know exactly what you want out of your big day, planning it will come easily and you will be able to make all of your wedding dreams a reality, right down to your cake.