Be Happy in 2014: A Guide to Boosting Your Daily Happiness

behappyin2014A state of being which only you can allow yourself to obtain, being truly happy tops the list for many peoples’ resolutions as they head into 2014. It’s a choice you need to make. Don’t wait for happiness to find you: it doesn’t appear by magic and it certainly isn’t instantly bestowed by being born rich, being famously beautiful, or by having a stress free life. You need to choose to be happy.

After choice, learning how to be happy seems a silly task. But it’s something we forget as we grow older. Children are able to find pure joy in any situation. Somewhere along the line, we forgot how to do this. Too many years listening to a constant stream of media telling us that expensive cars, beachfront mansions and mountains of cash are the solution to all of our problems. We strive for a goal that ultimately won’t increase our happiness. True happiness only comes from being honest with yourself, achieving your fullest potential and living your life wholeheartedly. These are the fundamentals of Dr. David Tuffley’s course on self actualization and his keys to happiness. Of course you could also take a page from another master. The Law of Attraction promotes success by first imagining you are happy already, with enough thought this ultimately results in happiness returning to you from the universe. Check out the details of the Law of Attraction, and see for yourself the power of this technique.

I believe that the simplest path to happiness lies in the tasks we do every day. Every interaction and thought you have can be classified as positive or negative. It’s you who is doing the classifying, ultimately giving you the control as to whether you are happy or unhappy. If you want to change the little things to achieve more happiness in your life, start with these.

Express gratitude in the things that you already have. Being grateful for what’s in your life you will be happier, without even stepping into a store to buy something! You are going to have a hard time being happy if you are not grateful for everything you have.

No matter the situation, always find the positive spin. Winners are the people that can manufacture bucket loads of optimism at a whim. Take failures as opportunities to grow, learning new lessons in life that you appreciate as positive teachings. The more optimism you have in the world, the more opportunities you discover. No matter how hard a specific situation is, find a positive spin and be a winner. There is always a positive spin, face every challenge with optimism and a smile.

One of the biggest poisons to happiness is Facebook. A perfect tool for social comparison, the endless stream of your friends “fantastic lives” can leave you questioning what is wrong with your own. Social comparison doesn’t come from a healthy place, even if you are on the other side and believe you are superior to people in your peer group. Aim to reduce the time you spend simply looking at pictures and commenting on your friends uploads and avoid comparing your life with theirs. The only good comparison is to compare yourself to an earlier version of yourself.

Doing good deeds is a fantastic way to get happy, being kind to people releases serotonin in your brain. For the non-chemists, this is a chemical way to feel good about yourself, serotonin leaves you feeling blissful and at peace. Most antidepressant drugs act to release this chemical – why not do a good deed and save the bill to the pharmacy? An added bonus is that anyone watching your good deed will also feel better! Amazing right?

The happiest people on the planet all have one common trait. Deep personal relationships with a close group of friends or family. Not only does it leave you feeling warm and fuzzy as you share experiences with your friends, but having great friends also increases your life expectancy. Make sure you are developing strong relationships with a close group of friends, it will make you happier.

No matter how prepared you are, there will come a time in your life when a tragic event or moment threatens every happiness you have worked towards. Sometimes you just have to deal with it. Know what it takes to get you feeling happy again, whether its exercise, a massage or a buffet dinner with your friends and keep this up your sleeve for when you really need a happiness boost.

Find activities you enjoy that totally consume you. When you are 100% focused on a task time seems to stand still. You’re not hungry, sleepy or emotional, you are simply fully engaged in the activity that you are doing and nothing can distract you from what you are doing. Losing yourself in an activity is a great way to destress and recharge brain, giving you clearer thoughts and a general positive feeling in your body.

Hate is a strong word. Harbouring bad feelings (like hate) inside your brain drains your energy and can flood you with negative emotions. Learn to forgive and move on. You need to enjoy lifes simple happy moments, not dwell on bad experiences in the past. Let go of any bad feelings and relish the simple things in life, once you can forgive others you are able to fully experiencing life’s moments of pure joy.

Finally, take care of your body. If you are not in good shape you are not the happiest person you can be. Your physical energy needs to be in good shape to support your mental energy (focus), your emotions (feelings) and your purpose in life. Exercise is the best antidepressant medicine there is, so take a course and learn to workout, and you’ll feel your happiness rise.

Learning to be happy is not challenging. You may need to make a few adjustments in your life, but ultimately we all have a blueprint for happiness inside. As you question your daily actions that may be limiting your happiness, remember these are all simple to change. If you are struggling with the process check out Robert Hamilton’s “Success, Happiness & Fulfillment course”, and realize your full potential. Your road to happiness starts with a smile, don’t let it stop there.