baptism cakesYour child’s baptism is a big event in their life – and yours. That’s why many families opt to celebrate after the event with a party featuring a decorated or themed cake. And while baptism cakes are often not as elaborate or show-worthy of a wedding cake, there are many ways you can make this small cake special for everyone who attends.

Types of Baptism Cakes

There are a few different methods or options when it comes to selecting a baptism cake. Which one you choose will ultimately be decided by your personal feelings in what the cake should represent on this day. Any of these themes can be easily created, even by those that have no experience, or those that have taken a beginning course in cake decorating.

Child Focused

Child focused baptism cakes may name the child on the cake, or have a small sculpted gum paste figure of the child somewhere on it. This is a nice option that can be combined with other decorations or left plain depending on your tastes. For people who celebrate their child’s introduction into the life of their church, a child focused or a child centered cake can be a nice touch.

Simple Cake

Simple cakes are always tasteful and never go out of style. A simple cake may feature a few small images like flowers, or it may use simple text or script to congratulate the child on their day.

Religion Focused

For some families the baptism is less about the child, and more about the child’s new relationship with the church and God. For these families, a baptism cake that features religious icons, such as a cross, a bible, or a cake decorated to look like a bible may be the right choice. If you are focused on learning more about church leadership, you may want to look in this direction for your cake as well.

Nature Cake

If your personal view of baptism includes the child’s developing relationship with God, but less in a classic religion-based way, consider using a nature cake. Nature-themed cakes may feature flowers, butterflies, and “all God’s creatures” to help signify that the newly baptized is now one of God’s children, just like the smaller ones featured on the cake itself.

Ideas for Baptism Cakes

Within each of the various themes there are countless ways you can decorate a cake to celebrate your child’s baptism into your church. These examples will show you a few ways you can decorate, or use them as inspiration to get ideas of your own.

Child Angel Cake

baptism cakesIf you like the idea of a child-focused or child centered cake, consider making a child angel cake. This is actually a very simple cake to decorate that looks beautiful and tasteful when complete. Drape any single or double layered cake in fondant, then use gum paste to sculpt a small figurine of an angel that has some of your child’s attributes, such as hair or eye color. Position the angel on top of the cake. You can also include other images like stars, clouds, flowers, or hearts along with the angel to complete the design.

Name Cake

baptism cakesAnother way to make the cake child focused without adding figurines or personal items is to add the child’s name to the cake, without other text or words. This cake uses two layers of fondant, with one layer peeled back to reveal the child’s name. This cake also follows along the “blossoming” theme, with the flowers, and the shape of the circle surrounding the name.

Simple Cake

baptism cakeTo truly make a simple cake look tasteful and elegant, and not just like something created from a mix, cover the cake in a layer of fondant, rather than buttercream or a whipped cream frosting. Adding just a few small flowers around the perimeter of the cake and piping on some script with the child’s name, the date, or the occasion helps to give it a little bit of detail, while not putting the focus on anything else.

Fruit Topped Cake

baptism cakeCake, plus icing and frosting can contain a lot of sugar, which for a young child might not be that appealing. By using whipped cream and fresh fruit, you can create a beautifully decorated cake, that’s also a lot healthier than some of the alternatives. Kiwis, orange slices, mango pieces, and sliced peaches can all be used to create flowers, stems, leaves, and other decoration. Whipped cream can create a border and simple images like a cross without adding a lot of extra sugar and fat to the cake.

Figurine Cake

baptism cakeTop your cake with simple images that are appealing to children and guests alike. This beautiful cake features some gum paste ducks that give the cake a childlike feel, while a small bible reminds the viewers of what the occasion is for and why they are there to celebrate with the cake. The fondant icing is the perfect background for the decorations, including the flowers on the sides to help add a little bit of detail to the otherwise plain cake.

Flower Cake

baptism cakeGoing with the theme of nature or God’s creatures can produce a beautiful cake filled with color and imagery. Using gum paste and fondant, you can create several different toppings for the cake, including flowers, butterflies, ladybugs, and other small creatures in a variety of colors. This beautiful cake also helps to conjure up the image of spring, and the warm feelings that tend to go with it.

Cake Flavors

While the cake decoration is always an important part of any cake selection, so is the cake flavor. Because baptisms are normally for children, the flavor of the cake should be appealing to the younger crowd, but no so saccharine sweet that older guests can’t enjoy it as well.

White cake is one of the most frequently used cake bases for baptism cakes, because it represents the soul being washed clean of sin. That doesn’t mean that other flavors can’t be used as well, however, and many baptism cakes make great use of flavors such as:

Remember that if you choose to use a cake flavored with fruit, that it’s perfectly acceptable to use fresh fruit as a cake decoration to accompany it. You can also cover the cake in a white or tinted fondant no matter flavor of cake you use, so don’t worry if you decide that chocolate would be a bigger hit with your guests than a white cake would be.

Celebrate Their Special Day

Remember that the point of the baptism cake is to help you celebrate your child’s special day being baptized into your church. There is no rule that says that you must have a cake, or that the cake that you choose must have specific imagery, flavors, or themes. Particularly if you baptize children when they are very young, they may not appreciate the cake as much as your guests do, so don’t feel that you must cater to their tastes. If you want your child to remember the occasion, consider taking a class in food photography to help document the occasion by photographing the cake after it is made.

If you need more inspiration for decorating or creating a cake, consider taking a class in cake decorating to help you see how many different options, ideas, and techniques exist for creating a beautiful thematic cake. Remember that the cake is just a small part of your child’s day, and create something beautiful to match.

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