banking interview questionsThe financial sector offers promises of high paying jobs, a respected career path, and the ability to use applied, practical math every day. If you’re analytically and logically inclined, few career paths fit you as perfectly as getting into the banking world. It’s a competitive field, especially as you rise up through the ranks, so it’s essential you prepare for every interview by going over possible questions and practicing your answers.

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Relevant Experience

Many interview questions are rehashing the information you provide on your resume and C.V., as the interviewer wants to hear the answers directly from you to judge whether you really know what you’re talking about. When the interviewer is hiring for a non-entry level position, she confirms that your previous responsibilities match up with the requirements she seeks in an applicant. Some questions that the interviewer asks in this category includes:

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Hands-On Interviews

Some interviewers like a hand-on and practical approach to interviews. Instead of sitting there and playing 20 questions to get a feel for whether you’re a good match or not, you’re given the task to sell the interviewer on a product or service. Investment bankers, loan officers, and even bank tellers need to be able to sell. The interviewer chooses this approach to give you the opportunity to show off your skills, to see if you are familiar with the products the company offers, and to gauge your confidence. Some examples of sales scenarios the interviewer could ask include:

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Subject Matter Knowledge

The interviewer delves into specific topic areas to see how competent you are with the skills that the job title requires. Some questions that the interviewer asks when he’s testing your knowledge could include:

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What questions have you been asked during a banking interview?

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