Bad Habits: 4 Common Habits and How to Break Them

bad habitsEach and every one of us has a bad habit – whether it be nail biting, procrastinating, or snacking late into the night. Habits are often difficult to break because they’re so deeply rooted into our everyday lives that we hardly notice them. Although bad habits can be difficult to get rid of, it’s not an impossible task! These are four common bad habits that many of us are guilty of, and steps to get rid of them for good.

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Nail Biting

bad habitsThis is one bad habit that I suffered from for years. Whenever I was anxious, I would find myself biting my nails. Why did I think this was going to help with my anxiety? I have no idea. But I can tell you that it did absolutely nothing to get rid of my anxiety; all it did was leave me with horrible looking nails. This is one bad habit that many people can relate to, but how can you stop biting your nails for good?

  • Take a photograph of your tiny, bitten nails, and hang it up on your bathroom mirror or bedroom wall. Then find a photograph of long, beautiful nails and hang it up right next to the photograph of your nails. When you are constantly reminded of how your nails look compared to how healthy, beautiful nails look, you’ll have more motivation to stop the habit.
  • Pick a date when you’re going to stop biting your nails, and stick with it – kind of like a New Years resolution. You may think you want to eat healthier all of December, but you set January 1st as your starting date and eat junk until then. If January is coming up soon, that’s wonderful! But if it’s not, you should pick a date that you know you’ll stick with – whether it be the beginning of next week or the beginning of next month.
  • Wear fake nails! They’ll make your nails look better, and you won’t be able to bite through them. Better yet, your real nails will continue to grow underneath them, which means they’ll be longer and healthier when you finally remove the fake ones.
  • Paint over your nails. In your local drugstore you will probably be able to find something that looks like a clear nail polish but is actually formulated to help people stop biting their nails. It works by containing a chemical that tastes horrible when you bite into it. If your nails continue to taste bad, chances are you won’t want to keep biting them.

Late Night Snacking

bad habitsWhat’s better than sitting in bed at night, watching cartoons and eating a bowl of ice cream? Unfortunately, by the end of the day your metabolism has begun to slow down in preparation for sleep, so that late night bowl of ice cream will affect you more negatively than if you were to eat it earlier in the day. How can you ease those late night cravings without giving in?

  • Keep a food journal. Chances are, you don’t even realize you’re snacking most of the time. If you keep a journal of everything you eat and when you eat it, you will become more aware of the negative food choices you’ve been making.
  • Eat three solid meals. If you eat a big lunch and then don’t make time for dinner later that evening, you’ll be a lot hungrier later in the night. You can ease late night cravings by ensuring you keep yourself properly fed throughout the day. This means making sure you’re eating well-rounded meals! More often than not people reach for fast, easy food, which tends to be low in nutritional value.
  • Eat something sweet, yet healthy. It is recommended to stop eating at least three hours before going to bed, but many people find that they can’t do that. It’s important to not restrict your body from eating if it’s hungry! It is also important, however, to supply your body with food that has proper nutrients. If you’re craving something sweet, try eating an apple dipped in yogurt or whip up some ‘ice cream’ out of a frozen banana. You can even make super sweet smoothies out of a handful of your favorite frozen fruit! Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean sacrificing taste.

Picking at Your Skin

bad habitsAck! This happens all too often. You wake up on an important day, look in the mirror, and a dreaded zit has popped up out of nowhere. What’s your first instinct? Many people may want to pop it, but popping zits (or picking at other skin problems) can lead to many more problems. It will transfer more dirt and germs to your face, leading to even more acne, and can even cause permanent scarring.

  • Find a proper acne treatment. By washing your face twice a day – once in the morning and once before bed – you’ll reduce the risk of developing acne at all. If you do develop acne every once in a while, there are specially formulated creams that can help reduce the size and redness of the zit within 8-12 hours!
  • Use foundation. It’s important to note that wearing foundation can actually clog your pores – leading to even more acne – but if you need a quick fix before a big date you can easily cover up your acne instead of popping it! Follow up by properly washing your face afterwards.


quotes about procrastinationAh, the one thing so many of us are guilty of. If you’ve never procrastinated on a homework assignment or studying for a test, you must be a superhuman. As a human, we tend to get distracted and procrastinate on assignments that we are not interested in. However, procrastinating often leads to increased amounts of stress as the due date continues to approach. It’s important to break this habit and learn how to better manage your time.

  • Eliminate distractions. Block specific websites from your computer (*cough* Facebook *cough*) and turn off the television.
  • Simplify your task. Sometimes looking at the big picture can be incredibly overwhelming. Pick a tiny little chunk of your task and get that finished first. By breaking your assignment up into smaller tasks, it seems easier to conquer.
  • Change locations. Sometimes your house isn’t the best place to get things done. If you find yourself walking around every five minutes to grab a snack or change the laundry, pick up your project and move somewhere else. Sitting in a library or coffee shop can help focus your brain more than sitting at home.

What other bad habits are you guilty of? Whatever they are, you can change them! Think you’re going to wait to change those habits of yours? Head on over to Udemy’s course on overcoming procrastination and rid yourself of these bad habits sooner!