Baby Shower Cake Designs You Can Make Yourself

baby shower cake designsIf you are planning a baby shower for a friend or for yourself, you can search the Internet for baby shower cake designs. A really cool baby shower cake will be the talk of the party. A word of warning, on the Internet there are also some really horrible cake designs people have used for baby showers. It is probably best if you stick with classy and adorable designs and skip the tacky and really gross having a baby designs. Photos of the cake will be around forever, so keep that in mind. There are plenty of gorgeous designs you can use.

If you are in charge of baking and decorating the cake for this event, you want to do your very best work. If you have time, you should take some online classes to get hints and tips on the best way to decorate cakes. You don’t have to do the actual cake you learn about in the class, you just need to learn the basics. After that, you can let your imagination go wild.

Really Cool Cake Designs

The Wilton Company has made it super easy now to decorate cakes with all their rolled fondant and gum paste decorations. They also have all kinds of special tools and baking pans you can use to make your cakes. It is difficult to mess it up!

You can make a tiered cake with a large square cake on the bottom and a lot smaller cake tier on top. The cute part comes in where instead of using the plain pillars, you can cut holes in rubber ducks and put them on the outside of the pillars. It will look like the rubber ducks are holding up the cake, but actually the cake pillars are supporting all the weight. For the frosting and edging, you can do a lot of smooth, rolled fondant designs. Remember to get the little duck fondant molds to place around on the cake to keep with the rubber duck theme.

The baby buggy cake is absolutely adorable and a lot less work than most decorated cakes. It is easier because you can purchase the baby buggy cake pan.  So, all the shaping work is done by the pan it is baked in. All you have to do is decorate with some butter cream frosting. Use several colors that are the traditional pink, blue and yellow to color the frosting. If you don’t know what sex the baby is then you will probably want to make the main buggy yellow and use the pink and blue colors for frosting the ribbons, wheels and handle. Don’t forget that you can use white also to frost the background. You can also decorate the cake with the star decorating tip on a pastry bag to make little flowers here and there and also to give texture to the baby buggy.

Another unusual baby shower cake is to make a jelly roll cake and turn it into a baby bottle. You can make the bottle part with the cake rolled as you normally would for a jelly roll. For the nipple portion, you can use a cone shaped cake pan to make small cone shaped cakes. Attach the cone shape to one end of the jelly roll by laying the cone cake on its side and attaching it with buttercream frosting. If you need to, you can use a Popsicle stick or toothpicks to support the cone cake attachment. Use rolled fondant to frost the cone into a “cap” for the bottle. You can cut letters out of the rolled fondant for the word Baby, Boy or Girl and attach the word to the top of the jelly roll cake. If there will be a lot of guests then you can make one each of different colors, styles and words.

The baby blocks cake is an easy cake to make with most of the work being in the rolled fondant in various colors and cut to look like the sides of baby blocks. With this style you can make one big, square cake and then make the sides and the top look like baby blocks. You can do a similar baby block design and add an additional tier on top of the cake. Another variation is to have a toy on top of the cake. If you want to get very elaborate, you can make little mini cakes around the large main cake and decorate them to look like jack in the boxes.

For a quick and elegant cake, you can make a regular two layer cake and frost it. Then blow up small balloons, tie knots in the ends of the balloons and tape them to sucker sticks. Stick the sticks into the top of the cake at varying heights. The balloons add an elegant and festive touch to an ordinary cake.

A style of baby shower cake that is becoming a bit of a standard is the gift cake. Using the rolled fondant, decorate square and cubed shaped cakes as wrapped gifts. Animal prints are quite often used along with ribbons and a plaque is made out of fondant for the word Baby. It is a little bit overdone, but if you can’t think of anything else then people will surely love this standard also.

How to Decorate a Baby Shower Cake like a Pro

The cleanest and prettiest cakes are always going to be the cakes that are made with the rolled fondant. Unless you are a professional cake decorator, the cake just isn’t going to look professionally done. Amateur cakes usually look quite sloppy in comparison to the ones that are decorated with the fondant. So, if you want to make a gorgeous cake for this special occasion then use purchased fondant and skip trying to frost the cake with a pastry tip or knife. If you’ve been using a pastry bag and decorating things for a long time then you can probably make it look great. If it is your first time out, buy the fondant.

Keep in mind that you can save some money by adding toys to the top of the cake instead of making them out of fondant. You can also add real ribbon to the cake. You just have to remove these things before serving the cake, but you don’t have to put 100% edible items on the outside of the cake.

Don’t forget cupcakes!  Cupcakes are always a bit hit at parties. If you are up for the extra work, make up some overly decorated cupcakes to go alongside the cake. You can even put little keepsakes on top of the cupcakes for your guests to save and take home to remember this event.

Making a Cake for Your Baby Shower

If you have a baby on the way and are looking for baby shower ideas, you can find a good many of them on the Internet and on websites like Pinterest. Congratulations on your baby that is almost here. In order to prepare for your little one’s arrival, you might pick up a class on baby massage, baby calming or yoga for expectant moms. Any of these classes can help you tremendously before the baby comes and once you have him or her in your loving arms.