Baby Names 2014: 5 Trends You Can Expect to See

babynames2014With 2013 almost behind us, 2014 is promising new and refreshing popular name choices. We aren’t quite ready to shake off cute spice names for girls, or virtue names for boys, but you can expect to see less of the overdone double syllable “n” names like Jayden, Aiden, Cayden – thankfully. In 2014 we will see a much awaited shift to timeless classics, biblical names, royalty names and new trend letters like “C” and “A”. That doesn’t mean you can’t name your kid Apple, North West or Dweezle, like some celebrities. Though, I wouldn’t recommend it. These names are being dubbed “joke names” and though unique, your kid could (probably will) become a target if they introduce themselves in class as “Moonunit”. At least you can check out the sane parent’s guide to making your house baby ready, Moonunit, or not.

Let’s get to it! We’ll go through Biblical names, Spice names, “C” names, Royal names and Ancestral names.

Biblical Names


Jacob is one of the most popular names of 2013, and bound to continue into 2014. Jacob means “supplanter” or, one who takes the place, or moves into the position of another. Jacob, the son of Issac and Rebekah, had a vision of ascent into heaven that came to be called “Jacobs Ladder”. Jakob is also a popular variation, and the name of Bob Dylan’s son.


Aaron is a soft timeless name that means “high mountain, exalted or enlightened” in Hebrew. Aaron is the older brother of Moses in the Old Testament. It can also be spelled ARON (like Elvis’s middle name), Arron or the Hebrew spelling of Aharon.


Hannah is a very popular name in the United States. It means “grace” and in the Bible, Hannah was the mother of Samuel. In popular culture, Hannah Montana is certainly a frontrunner and it’s also the name of a character on the T.V. series Girls.


No, not Jonas. Although, Jonas is the Greek version of the name Jonah (like the Jonas Brothers.) Jonah means “dove” and is a less common name from the Bible for parents trying to be a little unique without losing the sentiment of their faith. Jonah Hill is a popular actor and writer most known for his movies “Superbad” and “Knocked Up”.


Jared is a great Biblical name that is gaining in popularity since the Twilight series came out. It means “he descends” and in the Bible, Jared lived for over 900 years.


Or, “the servant of God” is the wife of Issac and the mother of Jacob and Esau. It’s a popular name that isn’t losing its hold in the ranks. Nicknames are Becca and Becky, although the former is definitely more popular than the latter.


Simon is Hebrew for “the listener”. Simon is the second son of Jacob and Leah in the Bible and the name of several New Testament figures. It’s also a character in Lord of the Flies, and of course made more mainstream by the infamous Simon Cowell on American Idol.


Like most biblical names, Eli is of Hebrew origin and means “ascended, uplifted and high”. It’s a name that sounds most biblical and contains a lot of energy and spirit.

Spice Names


Probably the most popular of the spice names right now, Juniper, or June for short, is a berry used to flavor gin.


Poppy seeds are popular bagel topping choices, and it’s also a great and easy to grow plant. Poppy seeds have a slightly nutty flavor. It’s a fun name for a girl and has a timeless feel to it.


We all know how fragrant and wonderful this spice can be. It comes from the inner bark of Laurel trees and it’s most popular namesake from Mission: Impossible is Cinnamon Carter.


An oldie, but a goodie. Rosemary is a popular spice used in a number of dishes – especially with potatoes. It was a super popular name in the early 20th century.


I always think about the Gap commercial from like ten years ago featuring the song “Yellow Mellow”. Saffron is a catchy name for a girl, and it’s a popular spice used in Spanish and Indian food.


Think cinnamon, with a little bit of a classy touch. Cassia buds are unopened flowers of the cassia, or cinnamon tree.


A popular name for girls and boys, Sage is a great smelling spice that is reminiscent of the holidays. It’s also a great color.


Lavender is a purple and very fragrant flower that is often used for lotions, bath salts and incenses. It’s a good alternative to the name Violet.

Ancestral names:


Chef Wolfgang Puck has to be amongst the most famous with this name. It’s also, obviously, closely related to Mozart. It’s a German name that means “traveling wolf”. Plus, Wolf or Wolffie is a super cute nickname.


This unisex name (although gaining more popularity with the ladies) is French for a place called Perci-en-Auge. Since that’s a pretty terrible thing to name your child, Percy is the hip, yet old, alternative.


Another German name meaning “willing to protect” that can be shortened to Wilma, Willy or Willa. It’s typically a female given name, but who knows, a boy could be called Willie… maybe?


It’s definitely not for the weak, Gertrude is a heavy name that was popular ions ago. It’s making a (slight) comeback and means “strength of a spear” in German. Nicknames could be Gertie? Not so sure.


The appeal to this name, I’d gamble, lies in the nickname Aggie as used on the little girl in Despicable Me. Agnes can be a little hard to swallow, but it’s gaining in popularity amongst celebrities like Jennifer Connelly who recently named her daughter Agnes. It’s Greek in origin and stands for “pure”.


Ethel isn’t on the top 100 list – but it was in 1939. It’s a fun and lightweight name that is making inroads in 2014. Just don’t try things like “Ethelberta” or “Ethelreda”, your kid (and many others) probably won’t forgive you.


This is a classic name that keeps resurfacing over the years. It’s been on the “out” swing but it’s now on the upswing with other old timey names. You’ll start to see it more than its contemporary relative Jameson. It’s known as the English variation to the Hebrew name Jacob.


My grandfather’s name, and not surprisingly so. Charles was one of the most popular names until the 1960’s. It’s virtually ageless as the name is associated with the young, the old, and everyone in between. It has a royal ring to it, but it means “free man”. If you’re getting ready to bring your little man home, here’s an hour of hints and tips from childcare experts to help with bringing your baby home.


It may be a surprise that Evelyn was more popular as a male name than a female around 100 years ago. It’s dropped in male prevalence though and is making a significant come back as a female go-to. It can shortened to Evie, Eva, or Eve which gives the name diversity. Evelyn is the English version of the French name Aveline.


A virtue name that has consistently been in the top 100, but in 2014, it will probably clear the top 20. It’s classy and has simplicity that will is becoming more sought after. Think Grace Kelly.


A variation of the name Matilda, Maude means “battle-mighty”. This name was hugely popular about 100 years ago, and more recently, parents are making this a trendy middle name. It can also be spelled Maud.


Ever heard the band Florence + the Machine? If not, you should check them out. Because of the fiery red-head lead singer named Florence, this name is hitting the charts again after a long slumber – like, really long. It was most popular in the late 1800’s.


A sister of Lavender, this flowery name is making its presence known after Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck named their daughter Violet. It’s an old timey name that doesn’t sound clunky like Edna or Beatrice. It’s going to be in the top ten in 2014, for sure.


One of my favorite beers, and a Latin word for “star”, Stella is a rising star (get it?) on top 100 list. Currently, it ranks at 62 and it’s only going to rise in 2014. Stella was a character in A Streetcar Named Desire.

These are some great names but if your little Violet is a screamer and you’re looking for some sleep, I think I may have the thing for you. Learn inside tips on how to keep your baby calm and happy in the happiest baby on the block.

C names


Clementine meaning “mild and merciful” hasn’t even reached the top 1000 names in the US in the past 50 years. If you’re looking for a classy, timeless name that’s not overused – Clementine’s for you.


Daughter of the Sea, or Cordelia, has elegance and it great for nicknames: Cora, Delia, Lia, or Del. In popular culture, Cordelia is a character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


At first glance this name seems more on the female end of things, but it’s actually unisex and more popular as a boy’s name. It’s in line with other tree names like Ash, Oak, or Pine.


I haven’t heard this name since Clarissa Explains it All when I was around 10. Despite its absence from popular names lists, Clarissa has plenty of popular reference, from Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf to Charles Dickens novels. It means “bright, clear”


Besides being a large sea between Asia and Europe, Caspian is known as the hero in C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia series. It a trendy name that can be interpreted however the parent sees fit. As for place names, this one is a keeper.


You’ve probably heard cadence used in reference to music or rhythm, and it means just that in Latin. For boys, Caden is a popular name and Cadence is a dainty musical name for a girl.


Most people associate this name Charlie Chaplin, the 1920’s silent film star, but this “clergyman of the chapel” name isn’t going to stay dormant for long.



There’s a bunch of ways you say this one, putting emphasis on any of the syllables you’d like. It’s a softer version of Helen and it means “shining, bright one”. Helena was mother of Constantine the Great. Oh, and remember the movie Fight Club? Marla, the main actress is named Helena Bonham Carter.


An English name meaning “noble and bright”, Albert isn’t exactly on the most popular for boy’s names list. If you’re looking for a new and unique studious name, Albert will fit the bill. It became popular when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840.


A classic name typically used for queens and saints. Margaret has a lot of nicknames like Maggie, Meg, Peg and even sometimes Margie. This name definitely holds status and should be seen as a strong contender for ancestral and royal names in 2014. In Greek it means “pearl”.


Let’s talk about the Knights of the Round Table, this royal name hasn’t been in circulation for quite some time. It has a playful feel that also boasts status. It means “bear” in Celtic.


A Greek farmer, George, also holds prestige and familiarity. It’s a strong name that we see pop up occasionally, but nothing like it was a hundred years ago. Britain’s kind was King George for over 100 years. Famous George’s include: George Orwell, George Bush, and George Clooney.


We already talked about the male version of this name, Charles. Like Charles, Charlotte is French and loosely translates to “free (wo)man”. It’s an elegant and royal name that can be seen throughout history and culture. Charlotte’s Web, a children’s book by E.B. White, Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III, and Charlotte York from Sex in the City, the list goes on. Can’t go wrong with this choice.


This Latin name stands for “victory” and it’s a name of refinement. It’s been favored in the U.S. and Britain because of the long-reigning Queen Victoria. For an old fashioned name, it’s held strong in the top 25 most popular girl’s names. Also being bred into modern culture by the lingerie store Victoria Secret. Some cute nicknames include Vicki, Vikki, Tori, or Tory.

So you see, there are a lot of old names resurfacing, new earthy names hitting the top charts, and unique names being used to make your baby name search exciting. Have a thing for names but can’t have a hard time keeping track of faces matching those names? You’re not alone. Learn how to memorize names using the magnetic memory.