Ayurveda Tips for Better Health Naturally

ayurveda tipsThe great thing about Ayurveda, which is the ancient Indian medical system that focuses on bringing the mind, body, and spirit back into a state of balance and health naturally, is that it can be used by anyone. And the other great thing about Ayurvedic healing principles is the fact that they’re applied to each individual as necessary. Rather than forcing the same remedy on you that someone with a different constitution would need, Ayurveda works on finding a customized solution that will work with your body’s natural ability to heal itself so that you can rid yourself of diseases that may otherwise be difficult to treat even with some of the most advanced conventional medications.

Much like you would use a system like yoga to achieve a transformation in both body and mind, Ayurveda gives you the tools you need to naturally heal yourself by balancing the doshas that govern your mind-body state. But even though it’s best to figure out which dosha is dominant in your system before using herbs, foods, and activities to pacify the dosha that’s causing your ailments, you can begin incorporating the following Ayurvedic tips into your life in order to feel better sooner. These tips are great for all doshas and you may be amazed by the positive effects these little changes have on your state of wellness. 

Start the Day Off Right

In order to get a great start on your day, it’s important to establish a routine in which you go to bed at the same time each night to ensure you’re able to get enough hours of sleep to feel rested and rejuvenated. Your body is able to slow down and heal during sleep, so not getting enough of it can definitely take its toll, especially over time.

In addition to getting enough sleep by going to bed and rising at the same time each day, you should skip the harsh coffee as your first beverage and drink a glass of warm water after you wake up instead. Warm water works by balancing every dosha, and it also stimulates the digestive system to wake up in a gentle manner. On top of that, it purifies the body, helping in detoxification, while ensuring your appetite is healthy and you maintain a healthy weight. Add some lemon or lime to your water to alkalize it and give your body an extra boost of oxygen and detoxification power.

You may also find that a morning meditation will help you center yourself and prepare for the day ahead. Check out this blog post to learn various meditation techniques.

Provide Your Body with the Right Nutrition

When it comes to nutrition, Ayurveda teaches that food is the foundation of good health, so you definitely want to feed your body what it needs to be well. Although there are certain foods that each dosha should embrace and avoid, there are also certain rules to follow when it comes to eating the Ayurvedic way.

First off, eat only three meals per day, avoiding excessive snacking completely if you can. Eating the right amount at each meal is important as well. For example, because breakfast is your first meal of the day and you’ll be having lunch in a few hours, you should consume a light meal that gives you just enough energy to get you to your lunch break. In the same way, eat enough at lunch to get you through to dinner, but instead of eating another small meal, enjoy a larger meal because the middle of the day is when you are the busiest and most active. And, finally, at dinner, eat enough to get you to the hour at which you’ll go to bed.

Fasting is also recommended in Ayurveda, as it gives the body the opportunity to detoxify itself because it isn’t expending so much energy on digestion. And focusing on meals that have a few ingredients that go together well will also make it easier on your body to digest them and absorb all of their nutrients, which will prevent digestive upset.

Consider taking this course, which is an introduction to the world of Ayurvedic cooking, if you’re interested in the ingredients and methods involved in preparing foods with your health in mind.

Give Yourself a Massage with Healing Oils

Self-massage is another important component of Ayurveda, as it gives you the opportunity to moisturize your skin with healing oils and relax at the same time, helping to remove tension and really get the oil into the skin to reap the benefits it can provide. You can also consider taking this course on acupressure massage so that you can incorporate these principles into your daily self-massage as well.

Organic sesame oil or coconut oil are good options. Focus on massaging areas that have dry skin in order to moisturize and rejuvenate them. This is also a great way to avoid many of the commercial body lotions on store shelves that contain myriad harmful chemical ingredients that get into your bloodstream through your skin and can cause a variety of health problems.

Massaging the scalp with oil can prevent hair graying and thinning, as well as reduce or eliminate dandruff. It’s also believed that massaging the scalp can improve your focus and alertness.

You can give yourself a massage before bed so that you prepare yourself for rest, especially if you’re prone to having difficulty falling and staying asleep. Or you can choose to massage yourself before or after your shower or bath.

Detoxify the Body with Hot Water

If you want to detoxify your body in a gentle, all natural way, consider doing so with hot water. Start by drinking a mug filled with hot water. Don’t add anything to the water. You can drink it in between meals for a few days, consuming the mug full of hot water every hour.

This detox method works by flushing out the digestive tract, which is the seat of the immune system. By clearing it out, you strengthen it at the same time, and that’s going to give your immune system a boost. Plus, by drinking the water every hour, you’re also ensuring you don’t become dehydrated.

Get Active Every Day

Yet another important component of Ayurveda involves getting active in some way every day. Whether you choose yoga, which is the preferred method for healing the body within the world of Ayurveda, or you want to focus more on cardiovascular training or weight-bearing exercises, the important thing is to keep the body moving. When you choose the exercise program that’s right for you, make sure you follow it correctly in order to avoid injuries.

Getting active will boost your immune system, clear your mind and body of stress, and flush out toxins naturally. It will also increase the level of oxygen in the blood, giving you more energy and helping you have a clear mind that’s focused and calm. Yoga is the preferred method of exercise because it improves flexibility, increases strength, and naturally detoxifies the body through specific poses that target organ systems. It’s also one of the most effective forms of exercise for calming the body and mind and promoting a spiritual connection to the higher self, other living beings, and the universe on a whole.

With so many great ways to maintain your health and wellbeing every day, it’s easy to incorporate Ayurvedic principles into your daily life in order to reap the same rewards that people have been enjoying for thousands of years. For more tips on how to increase your longevity naturally, take this course, which will teach you about other holistic remedies that work.