Emerging EdTech’s Kelly Walsh on Integrating Technology and Education

Today we sit down with Emerging EdTech’s founder Kelly Walsh. Emering EdTech is a collection of insights about topics relevant to educational and technology. Kelly is the Chief Information Officer at the College of Westchester, and he is with us today to talk more about educational technology.

1. What inspired you to start Emerging Ed Tech?

Many things, including: A desire to learn and stay informed about education technology, a desire to share the many useful free resources on the Internet that can engage students and impact learning, an enjoyment of writing, a desire to learn more about blogging and associated marketing techniques, and more.
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We Sit Down with the CEO of eXact Learning Fabrizio Cardinali

Today we have Fabrizio Cardinali, CEO of eXact Learning Solutions. eXact provided content, learning, and knowledge management services and has worked with clients such as Scannia, Volkswagen Group Italia, and the Australian Department of Defense. Fabrizio is here with us to share his insightsabout education and technology.

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MindSnacks, An Interview with Jeff Evans

MindSnacks cofounder Jeff Evans is with us today. MindSnacks is a mobile app that helps users learn languages with several different games. It is now available on the Apple App Store. Jeff is with us today to talk about education and technology.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got involved with MindSnacks?

MindSnacks was founded out of a frustration with the current product offerings for learning a foreign language. My co-founder Jesse Pickard and I were college roommates, and had tried to learn Spanish on our own for years, with mixed results. We just couldn’t find a product that was engaging enough to maintain our learning commitments, and that didn’t require devoting large chunks out of every day to the learning process.

So, a couple months ago, we got together and decided to build our own tool for learning a foreign language that is fun, exciting, and convenient to use. After hiring our lead developer Karl, the team was formed and we got accepted into the DreamIt Ventures incubator program that just ended in August.

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Interview with Connexions Founder Richard Baraniuk

Today we have Richard Barniuk with us today. Richard is professor of electrical engineering and computer science at Rice University and has been involved in Connexions since day one. He is with us today to talk about education and technology.

1. Tell us a little bit about your background and how you got involved with Connexions.

I’ve been an electrical engineering professor at rice university since 1993. In 1999, frustrated by the fact that there was no appropriate textbook for my class, I considered writing my own. But on careful reflection, i realized that
the educational publishing system was broken and that writing a new book and publishing it through this system would not make a meaningful impact. At the same point in time i was starting to learn about and use open source software (linux) and was marveling at its highly efficient community development model and its high quality output. And so it was not much of a leap to conceive of building an open source textbook. Connexions was born from this frustration and opportunity and took shape rapidly, since i was aided immediately by a number of faculty and students who all shared the same frustrations and saw the same opportunities.

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A Talk with Edublogs’s Sales Manager Ronnie Blurt

Edublogs sales manager Ronnie Blurt is with us today. Ronnie works with Edublogs, a blogging platform for educators and students. Edublogs has over 500,000 blogs registered, and it is used by institutions such as Stanford University and the Department of Education. Ronnie is here with us today to talk more about education and technology.

1. Tell us more about edublogs and why it was started?

Edublogs was started by James Farmer in 2005 after he began using blogs and realized their power in education. In the past five years, Edublogs has grown to be the leader in Educational Blogging and provides nearly a million blogs to thousands of teachers, professors, and students all over the world. In addition, now with Edublogs Campus, entire schools, universities, and school districts can provide access to blogs to their entire staff and student body.
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E-Clippings; an Interview with Mark Oehlert

Mark Oehlert is here with us today to talk about his views on education. Mark is a recognized expert in education, having worked in e-learning for 10 years and for firms like Booz Allen Hamilton. Mark is currently working at the Defense Acquisition University, described as a “A U.S. Department of Defense university focused on improving the learning outcomes for over 150,000 acquisition personnel.” Mark has also written the book Driving Results Through Social Networks.

1. What inspired you to start e-Clippings?
That’s actually a really important question to me. My blog has always been primarily me talking through stuff with myself and letting other people watch me do that. I have a wide range of interests and what I really enjoy is finding the patterns, the connections between what people would normally see as disparate parts with no real relationships; my blog is where I tend to do that synthesis. I love the interaction with people but I really need somewhere just to get all this information out of my head where I can work on it.
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Wordsteps Co-Founder Vladimir Saranchin Sits Down With Us

Wordsteps cofounder Vladimir Saranchin is with us today. Wordsteps is an language learning website that helps users learn and retain foreign words. Users can spend 15-20 minutes a day learning 20 word, with results in about 240 words per month and roughly 3000 words per year. Vladimir is with us today to talk about wordsteps and online education.

1. Tell us a bit about your background and how you got involved in wordsteps.

While working on our first project to help people learn English language called RapidSteps.com, we realized what a great number of users wanted to learn foreign words, and not just English words. People demanded simple and convenient service with no confusing details; something that allowed them to monitor statistics and learning progress.

So we’ve gathered all that feedback and gave birth to a convenient international online service to improve and keep users vocabularies smart with minimum efforts and time. And guess what! Even if you plan to go out with friends for a beer on Friday, you will still have enough time to learn a couple of new words with WordSteps.com!
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We Talk with Saskatoon Catholic Cyber School Administrator Darren Cannell

Administrator Darren Cannell is with us today. Darren works with the Saskatoon Catholic Cyber School, an online k-12 school which delivers accredited classes to Canadian students. Darren also writes ferquently about education on his blog Tado. He is here with us today to talk about education and technology.

1. What inspired you to start blogging?

Blogging for me was a newsletter for my online teaching staff, I use it to share my thoughts, websites, the educational articles and anything else that I think would benefit the teaching staff at the online school for which I am the administrator. Since the original plan it has become a repository of my thoughts, approaches to online education, and resources that more than my teaching staff view daily. But I still blog for my staff and if others find it interesting and of value…yahoooo.
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Ideas and Thoughts, a talk with Dean Shareski

Today we have Dean Shareski, edublogger and Digital Learning Consultant with the Prairie South School Division. His blog, Ideas and Thoughts, documents new approaches to learning with technology. He is with us here today to talk about his views on education.

1. What inspired you to start Ideas and Thoughts?

I began blogging in Feb of 2005. As someone supporting teachers with technology, I felt it was important to explore and find out more about what blogging was and what it could mean. Very quickly it changed to a place of learning and connecting. I found it a great place to think and improve my communications skills. The following year I purchased my own domain and moved my blog over to it’s current location.
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A Talk with Online Professor Leslie Bowman

Author and Online Professor Leslie Bowman is with us today. Leslie has recently written Online Learning: A User-Friendly Approach for High School and College Students, a guide on how to properly approach and learn from online classes. She is with us today to talk about her views on education and technology.

1. What inspired you to write Online Learning?

Success in online learning is directly related to how well students are prepared for the online class environment. Being prepared academically and technologically is only part of the challenge that new online learners face. A far greater challenge is the ability to be self-directed and responsible for learning. Many students seem to have bought into the myth that online classes are easier than traditional classes and are shocked to discover how much time is involved. They don’t realize that reading and writing online take a lot more time than listening and speaking in a traditional class.

Anyone can be successful in the online learning environment if they are willing to follow the strategies outline in the book. I have taught undergraduate and graduate courses online for over ten years and I have seen what happens when students are unprepared for the online learning environment. The strategies in the book were developed from years of experience helping new online learners develop these success skills.

I don’t like to see students who are fully capable academically of passing a course with top grades, drop out or fail the course simply because they don’t know how to work smart in the online learning environment. I wrote this book to provide a strategic plan that all online students, teens, young adults, and older working adults can use in order to succeed in the online class environment. With effective preparation, students have a much better chance of experiencing success, which results in fewer drop outs and fewer students who fail classes. My book teaches students how to do that.
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