Profit Handsomely Teaching ESL Online

teach esl onlineIn order to teach English as a second language (ESL), the conventional wisdom has long said that you need to move to a foreign country. You would have to pack up all of your things, hop on a plane, and move to a faraway strange place for perhaps a year or more! For some people, the prospect of taking such adventurous action is exciting – and more power to them! But there are just as many people who would prefer to teach ESL from the comfort of their own home – or at a minimum, the comfort of their own hometown. Thankfully, it’s never been easier to teach ESL online, in particular with the advent of online teaching platforms such as Udemy. I should also mention that Udemy can be extremely lucrative for instructors as well. If you want to profit handsomely while leveraging your ability to teach ESL online, then you should become an ESL instructor on Udemy.


The Benefits of Teaching ESL Online


Let’s immediately begin by discussing the many benefits that are yours for the taking when you decide to teach ESL online. First and foremost, you can teach ESL online from anywhere. This is actually a really exciting notion even if you do like to travel. If you do happen to have the travel bug, then imagine being able to hop on a plane to an exotic destination and teach ESL there just by logging on at a Wi-Fi hotspot! Or imagine taking a road trip with your best friends and teaching ESL when you stop at a hotel or friend’s house for the night. When you teach ESL online, you give yourself the freedom of mobility to have an absolute rock star lifestyle.


That being said, the mobility benefit is not just for those travelers with wanderlust. Even if you’re very comfortable in your hometown, teaching ESL online makes life very, very convenient for you. You could teach ESL online from your dining room table or from the local coffee shop. There is the added bonus that when you work in your local community, you can make friends with the people around you and enhance your social life as well.


The second benefit to teaching ESL online is that you can be very specific about the type of ESL you teach. For example, perhaps you only want to teach ESL to foreign diplomats. If you enjoy international relations, then you could find teaching ESL to diplomats to be particularly exhilarating. Alternatively, maybe you really enjoy working with college students. If that’s the case, then you can tailor your ESL practice to the style and pace that suits college students best. If you want to tailor your ESL teaching experience to specific demographics that make sense for you, then you can go as niche as you want. And the beautiful thing about that is that with the popularity of online learning platforms such as Udemy, there is never a shortage of students. So if you want to teach ESL to college-age members of the foreign service who speak Spanish (for example), then there are probably hundreds of people ready and willing to take your Udemy course!


The Drawbacks of Traditional In-Country ESL


To be fair, let’s also examine the drawbacks of teaching ESL through traditional in-country programs, as compared to teaching ESL online. When you teach ESL in a foreign country, you are going to be in a very unfamiliar environment. There will be a different language and different social customs, for one, which can make for an interesting adjustment period. I have a friend of mine who lived abroad in Peru when we went to the Peace Corps, and he said that it took him about 10 months just to adjust to the pace of life there! People will treat you differently because you are a foreigner, and that can be a very strange and tiring situation after a while.


Secondly, when you teach ESL in-country, you are leaving your best friends behind in your hometown. You’ll most likely make friends while you are in country, but having a once-per-month Skype session with your best friends just doesn’t compare to the quality time that you have when you teach ESL online from home.


Third, the pay of teaching ESL in-country is often lower than you would like, and expenses are often higher than you would anticipate. Therefore, your cash flow will not be as positive as you would want. And if you want to live a fast lifestyle of nightlife and eating out most days, then you will find that the pay for ESL programs is very minimal. You’d have a much better time teaching ESL online, at a minimum to supplement your income, while you teach ESL in-country.


Achieve Unlimited Earning Potential With ESL Online


By far the most interesting benefit to teaching ESL online is that there is no limit to how much money you can earn. One pair of savvy instructors teaching about the iPhone’s new operating system earned over $250,000 in just two months on the platform Udemy! That amazing earning potential should cause you to perk up, because when you teach any subject matter on Udemy, you gain access to potentially thousands of students. ESL online is an increasingly popular niche, and more students are searching for online ESL courses every day. When you teach online, you can have as many students as you like – and imagine how much more money you can make when you convert those students into one-on-one coaching clients. You may find that your income skyrockets very shortly after you post your online video course related to ESL on Udemy.


Teach ESL Online At Udemy


Online learning platforms such as Udemy are quickly becoming one of the hottest and most in-demand ways to generate income while teaching your knowledge and expertise. If you are an ESL teacher and you want to dramatically increase your income while freeing up your time and allowing you mobility like you wouldn’t believe, then sign up to teach ESL online at Udemy now.



Math Tutoring Online – Make Money from Home

Math Tutoring OnlineIf you’re looking to make some extra money with your math skills, then look no further. In this article, I’m going to share with you exactly how you can leverage your abilities in math to immediately start cashing in. Students all over the country have trouble with their math homework, and when those students have trouble, their parents have trouble. You may or may not be a parent, but you probably know that mom and dad want their son or daughter to do well in mathematics. And if they are having trouble for whatever reason, then mom and dad will look for math tutoring online. If you want to be the person they find, then you should most definitely start broadcasting your services by teaching an online math course through Udemy.


Benefits of Math Tutoring Online


The benefits of math tutoring online are many. Let’s go through all of the benefits point by point. First off, it’s imperative to remember that when you do online math tutoring, there is no limit to the number of students you have. This is particularly true if you have an online math course through Udemy. When you have an online course through Udemy teaching math online, you open your tutoring practice up to the brilliant possibility that you can teach an unlimited number of students at a time. The best part is that all those extra students don’t actually have to mean more workload for you. With Udemy, you create your course once and then as many students as you want will take it. If you want to offer personal coaching and one-on-one support, that’s entirely up to you, so you control the degree of interaction you have with your students.


Second, when you engage in math tutoring online, you can work from anywhere. You could conceivably tutor while in your pajamas in your living room, or you could tutor while you’re hanging out at your local coffee shop. Because math tutoring online only requires your laptop and an internet connection, you now have the ability to work anywhere there is a wi-fi hotspot. This is an enormous advantage because it gives you life flexibility. If you want to work from one place every day, then you can. If you prefer variety and want to mix up your locations on a daily basis, then you can do that as well. When you do math tutoring online, you give yourself the personal freedom to work wherever you want.


Finally, when you do math tutoring online, you get to build your brand to the entire world. When you teach a course online through a learning platform such as Udemy, you are getting students from around the world. This allows you to grow your tutoring practice far beyond the scope of your local community. You can tutor people in different time zones and even countries! And if you have foreign language skills, you can even tutor people in their own language! Think of all those students just waiting to pay you for tutoring math online that are nowhere near your hometown.


Drawbacks of Math Tutoring In Person


Let’s contrast the outstanding benefits of math tutoring online with the drawbacks of tutoring math in person. First and foremost, when you tutor math in person, you are dramatically limiting the number of students that you can conceivably tutor. Typically, a tutor will only work with one to three students at a time, meaning that you are severely limiting your earning potential – to say nothing of limiting your hourly rate of income.


Next, when you engage in math tutoring in person, you are limited in the places where you can work. Typically, you have to choose a tutoring location that is convenient for your student, which could mean a longer commute for you. That’s troubling first because it’s less convenient for you, and second because you will be spending more money on gas than if you could just work from your hometown coffee shop (or working in your living room).


Finally, when you engage in math tutoring in person, you can only tutor students in a relatively constricted geographic area. If you live in New York City, it’s going to be a big hassle just to tutor someone across the river in New Jersey – to say nothing of tutoring someone in Philadelphia or even Chicago. If you want to seriously limit your ability to reach a broad number of students, then you can try tutoring math in person, but I highly recommend that you branch out to math tutoring online to give yourself the best chance to outperform in your tutoring practice.


With Math Tutoring Online, The Sky’s The Limit


Unlike with tutoring in person, there is no limit to how much money you can conceivably earn through math tutoring online. I have seen online classes on Udemy with well over 1,000 students. These courses can range in price from free all the way to $199, so once you find a price point that’s reasonable for your students, there is no reason why you can’t earn a significant, passive income doing math tutoring online through Udemy.


Not to mention, you can use your math course on Udemy as a means to gaining private math coaching clients one on one. You can typically earn a higher hourly rate for doing one-on-one tutoring work through Skype or other online communications platforms. So once you have all of your students on Udemy, you can offer them even more tutoring and coaching services privately that could accelerate their learning (and your income) even more.


Tutor Math Online At Udemy And Earn Cash


If you want to earn cold, hard cash from tutoring math online, then you really need to look into the teaching options available to you at Udemy. When you create a course on Udemy, you gain access to thousands of students who are looking to sign up for courses like yours. Don’t wait another second – sign up to teach math on Udemy now.

Get Math Help Online Right Now

math help onlineYour homework is due tomorrow, and you need help. For some reason, you can’t figure out your math homework. What can you do? In the past, you would have only had a couple of options. You can call a friend of yours who happens to be a whiz at math, or you can tough it out and figure it out on your own. Now though, you can Google help. And while using Google to get math help online is a good idea, it often takes a long time to sift through all of the websites out there to find the right one for you. That’s why I wrote this blog post: I found this awesome site called Udemy that lets you sign up for free courses about all sorts of math. These courses are video courses, so they’re way more entertaining than boring textbooks. And they’ll give you the lessons you need to ace your math homework. Find math help online with Udemy. And if you want to teach math online, then Udemy is just the place where you can sign up to teach math and help students.


Get Math Help Online For Algebra


Algebra is one of the most important branches of mathematics. If you want to one day become a scientist or an engineer, or even a doctor, then you will need to be good at algebra. Whether you’re solving an equation using the order of operations or solving an equation with the quadratic formula, algebra can be a challenging subject matter that can be confusing to students.


Advanced algebra is a whole different ballgame. If you’re looking for math help online for advanced algebra, then thankfully for you there is an awesome Udemy course that shares with you the strategies of success in advanced algebra. You will learn how to graph algebraic functions, and how to deal with square roots and radicals. What’s more, the content is taught interactively with videos and practice problems. If you are looking for help with your algebra homework, then you should sign up for a course in algebra that can help you learn this important material for good.


Get Math Help Online For Geometry


Geometry is the study of shapes, sizes, and physical space. Geometry is one of the more visual fields of mathematics, but it can still be very challenging. One of the most basic aspects of geometry is the Pythagorean theory that teaches you how different angles of a triangle relate to each other. If you are looking for math help online for geometry, then check out the Udemy course on Geometry. The course is designed for students who need geometry help from beginning to end, and especially for those who need a refresher before moving on to trigonometry. Over 1,000 students have enrolled in the course, so you know it’s good quality that will help you understand geometry better.


Get Math Help Online For Trigonometry


Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that evaluates the lengths and angles of triangles. Trigonometry is one of those subject matters that is immensely important for a wide variety of careers, including biology, medical imaging, architecture, and engineering. So if you’re having trouble with trigonometry, then make sure you learn it if you want to someday have a career in one of those fields. There are all sorts of elements of trigonometry that could stump you. For example, maybe you want math help online with degrees and radians. Or perhaps you want assistance with trigonometric equations. Regardless of the specific subsection of trigonometry, you should check out the trigonometry courses on Udemy to learn this subject fast.


Get Math Help Online For Calculus


Calculus is the mathematical study of change. Within the umbrella of calculus, you have differential calculus, which focuses on rates of change, and then integral calculus, which focuses on the areas under and between curves. If you’re confused by calculus, then have no fear for there are a variety of courses on Udemy that can help assist you to learn calculus for good. If you need to learn about vectors, there’s a class for that. If you’re in advanced multivariable calculus, then there is an awesome course with more than 1,000 students enrolled right now. Take a look at all of the many calculus courses on Udemy and find the one that’s best for you.


Math On The SAT, ACT, and GMAT


Standardized tests often have tricky math questions that are designed to throw you off. Finding the right math help online for these various tests can be the make-or-break factor to getting you into the college or grad school program of your dreams versus settling for second or third place on your list. Here is one course on the SAT that can help boost your math score significantly. There’s a course on ACT math made easy that could be just what you’re looking for. And if you’re studying for the GMAT, then this course on data sufficiency could help you get into that first-tier business school.


Learn And Teach Math On Udemy


Whether you are seeking to get math help online or be the person that provides that help, Udemy is the platform you’ve been looking for to help you get to the next level. There are countless courses on mathematics on Udemy if you are looking for the math help online that will get you to a place of understanding the material. I highly recommend taking a course because once you take one, you see how effective the courses are for teaching the material with video and audio. You’ll definitely sign up for other courses.


What’s more, if you want to be a math teacher, then there is an opportunity for you to teach on Udemy and reach hundreds or thousands of students. If you love math, you can start a course and even earn money helping students all over the world to get better grades in their math courses. Don’t wait another minute – sign up to teach math help online at Udemy.

Depression Help That Can Change Lives

depression helpDid you know that one out of four people in the world has a diagnosable mental illness? Most people aren’t aware of that, but the truth is that millions of people suffer in silence without any treatment or help of any kind. One of the most common forms of mental illness is depression. Depression is not just a state of sadness. It’s an actual, verifiable medical condition where people experience very low mood for extended periods of time (and often with no justification). Given that the world is so wired these days, it’s no surprise that people who suffer from depression turn to the Internet to get depression help. In this article, I’ll reveal to you how you can bring clarity and inner peace to people who suffer from depression by offering depression help online. Specifically, you can help victims of depression all over the world by teaching an online video course on Udemy.


What Exactly Is Depression?


Before I begin, I want to get extremely clear on what exactly is depression. Some people believe that depression is a choice. They think that depression is a mindset, and that it just takes the power of positive thinking to fix it. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. WebMD makes a distinction between feeling sad and depression. For example, feeling sad after a loved one passes away is a normal reaction to life. But when a person suffers from clinical depression, they feel helpless and worthless for days at a time, often for no good reason. They lose interest in things that once excited them.


Given this intense definition, it becomes clear that depression is an actual medical condition that can be treated by a licensed psychiatrist with prescription medication. When a person is suffering from clinical depression, they may have sadness, lack of concentration, or even thoughts of suicide. If you or a loved one is suffering from similar symptoms, then you should do your research to determine the right courses of action for you to get depression help.


The Power of Interpersonal Connection To Remedy Depression


While depression is an actual mental illness that often requires treatment from a doctor, one of the most effective methods for dealing with depression is to reach out to others. Going to a support group, or even just talking to family, can be a healthy outlet for discussing clinical depression. But the point is that interpersonal connection of many types can assist a person in getting depression help. It’s for this reason that I recommend that those interested in offering depression help teach a course on Udemy. Udemy is a learning platform that allows for direct interaction between instructor and student. If you teach a course on depression help, then you can offer your students the interpersonal connection that can make a positive impact on their lives, and potentially help them with their condition of depression.


Helping People Cope With Depression


If you are the kind of person that wants to offer depression help, then you could be a therapist or a psychiatrist. You could be a social worker, or you could be a person who has a loved one who has suffered from depression. While only doctors should give medical advice, there are many ways to help people cope with depression.


First and foremost, you can offer depression help by encouraging those that suffer from depression to challenge their negative thoughts and emotions. In other words, if they are feeling down and in the dumps, support them by teaching them to stop the negative thinking as it happens. If someone is thinking that they’re worthless, then you can teach them to fight that thought by actively thinking about how they have self worth.


You may want to recommend that your students keep a “negative thought journal” where they write down their negative thoughts and emotions. This can be an emotionally healthy and cathartic process that can help provide needed perspective regarding the negativity. While that negativity can be intense in the moment, once a person has moved on, they can look back at their journal and realize that the negativity that they thought was so terrible is in fact not that bad. Writing down negative thoughts decreases their power, because now they are nothing but words on a page.


Depression: Roads To Recovery


The road to recovery from depression can be a long and winding one. But that does not mean it’s not worth taking. There are a number of ways to offer depression help to those who are improving their condition and heading down the path to recovery.


Firstly, you can encourage people to get regular exercise. When you move your body with physical activity, you release endorphins into your brain that actually can cause spikes in positive emotion. If you teach your students to get regular physical exercise, then their path to recovery can improve as they get used to positive emotions once again.


You can also suggest that people eat a healthy, even mood-enhancing diet. Certain carb- or sugar-heavy foods may taste good in the moment, but they can lead to a crash later in the day. On the other hand, some superfoods such as bananas and spinach have magnesium, which has been shown to reduce anxiety. When a person is recovering from depression and seeking depression help, they can benefit from a proper diet that supports their immune system and helps bolster themselves with minerals that lead to better mental health.


Teach Depression Help On Udemy


If you want to offer help to others to deal with their condition of depression, then you should highly consider teaching a course regarding depression help on Udemy. There are millions of people who log onto Udemy to take courses on a wide range of subject matters. When you teach depression help on Udemy, you give people who suffer from depression the lessons that they can immediately use to improve their mood and their medical condition. Sign up now to teach depression help on Udemy.



Shameless Self Promotion For Smart People

shameless self promotionIn our fast-paced day and age, you have to do whatever it takes to stand out from the noise. Whether it’s building your personal brand or relentlessly marketing your services, entrepreneurs and freelancers know that no tactic is too lowbrow these days. If it brings in business, then it was a good decision. I’m not saying that you should ever compromise your integrity or dignity. Those are two things that you should hold dear to your heart. That being said, there is a right and a wrong way to engage in shameless self promotion. In this article, I will share with you 4 ways that smart people will promote themselves shamelessly. These time-tested principles will work for you no matter your situation, though I will say that they’re particularly effective for those who decide to teach an online video course on Udemy.


Attach Yourself To A Broader Vision


The entrepreneurs who are the best at shameless self promotion understand that the secret to their success has little to do with themselves, and much more to do with their message. Let’s take Gary Vaynerchuk, author of Crush It: Cash In On Your Passion, for example. Gary Vaynerchuk might be the quintessential shameless self promoter. He will do whatever it takes to build exposure, from wacky social media contests to intense speeches filled with f-bombs. But that’s not why Gary Vaynerchuk is so good at what he does.


Gary Vee is one of the best in the world at shameless self promotion because he understands that what he is selling isn’t himself – what he’s selling is a mega-trend in our culture: the ability for anyone to make a name of themselves through social media. If you look at any of Gary Vaynerchuk’s books, you’ll see that the common thread is the reader’s ability to get known by blasting away on social media. Vaynerchuk achieves success because he relentlessly tells this message over and over again. He never goes off-message.


If you want to be as successful at shameless self promotion as Gary Vaynerchuk, then you need to attach yourself to a broader vision or cultural movement. In my own work as a professional blogger, I’ve achieved national exposure by attaching myself to the social good movement – using charity and business to benefit the world. Whether you’re building a personal brand or selling your services as a professional, you need to identify the major trends that are affecting your industry, and then become the spokesperson for those major trends. With Gary Vaynerchuk, it’s social media. With me, it’s social good. What’s the major trend that will help you become a master of shameless self promotion?


Make People Feel A Wide Range Of Emotions


The next step in the quest to be one of the best shameless self promoters of all time is to make people feel a wide range of emotions. Notice that I didn’t say just to make people feel good all the time. Now, if you are a self help guru or a meditation expert, then you might want to make people feel good all the time.


But if you’re not in the “feel good” space, then pay close attention. You want to make people feel all sorts of emotions. You want people to be happy, angry, upset, and excited about what you have to say. The lesson here is that controversy is the name of the game for rocking the shameless self promotion you have within you.


I have a friend who is has a highly successful personal coaching practice. He posts statuses to Facebook all the time that get fifty or one hundred likes. And what’s interesting is that, while people agree with him a lot of the time, sometimes people vehemently disagree. I’ve seen some of his biggest articles get just as many negative comments as positive. But guess what? Now that he’s got them reacting emotionally, he can build his brand. When someone shares that article, even in criticism of it, he has already won because he’s earned more exposure.


So if you want to be one of the best in the world at shameless self promotion, then don’t try to please everyone. Instead, make people think. Make people question what they know. And most importantly, make them feel. If you can cause a rise in someone, positive or otherwise, then you’re building your brand powerfully.


Act As If You’re The Foremost Authority


Look, you may or may not be the best in the world at what you do. But one of the keys to shameless self-promotion is to act as if you’re the best in the world. Was Muhammad Ali the best boxer to have ever lived? That’s certainly debatable. But his ability to talk himself up certainly built his brand and made him one of the most well-known fighters of all time. He claimed he was the greatest, and now many people think of him as the greatest boxer of all time.


I’m not saying to stroke your ego as intensely as Muhammad Ali did back in his heyday. But I am saying that if you want to err on one side of your capabilities or another, then err on the side of marketing yourself as the best in the world.


You never want to downplay your capabilities. Talk yourself up. Demonstrate your expertise. And start to consider yourself the authority on your subject matter. Once you consider yourself to be the authority on whatever it is you’re promoting, others will follow suit.


Promote Yourself And Your Message Relentlessly


If you are a teacher or a coach, then you need to promote yourself relentlessly. One of the best ways to promote yourself these days is by teaching a video course on Udemy. Udemy is a platform of thousands of teachers and millions of students, where you can learn or teach anything you want. Some people even earn six figure incomes just from teaching on Udemy alone! And the most successful teachers all engage in shameless self promotion. I recommended earlier that you consider yourself the foremost authority. Well, a great way to demonstrate that authority is to teach a course on Udemy. If you want to be one of the best in the world at shameless self promotion, then sign up to teach a course on Udemy today.

The Best Self Help Books You’d Want Taught Online

best self help booksI remember the first time I read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I was sitting in my college dorm room. As I read the words on the book’s pages, I suddenly began to become more aware of the sounds around me. A car passing by. Friends chattering in the distance. My own breathing. The best self help books out there have that effect on people… they can change your life in ground-breaking and marvelous ways. I am grateful for books like The Power of Now or The Way of the Superior Man because they have taught me priceless insights that have changed how I live my life.


I only have one problem with them… and my problem is that I far prefer more interactive ways of engaging with the material. I’d much rather take a video course on Udemy about meditating than read a book on meditating. If you’re a self help teacher, you’ll find that there are a ton of students just like me. If you want to get ahead as a self help instructor, you should be teaching the best self help books out there on Udemy.


The Power of Now


The Power of Now has to be one of the most influential and best self help books out there. It has been sold millions of times and has impacted the lives of countless people. And it helps people find inner peace and stay in the present moment. The thing is, I’d much prefer to go through the material interactively as opposed to just reading the book. I appreciate the book and how it’s written, but when the subject is the present moment, it seems to me that the learning should keep the student in the present moment – and a great way to do that is with an online video course.


There are so many benefits for teaching this book in an interactive way. With a video format, your students can jump around from section to section, finding the parts of the teaching that are most applicable to them – rather than read a book from page one to the back cover. When I read a book like this, I’m completely on my own. But if I were to take a video course about The Power of Now, then I could message my instructor if I had questions. That would be hugely beneficial to me as a person who wants to stay in the present moment.


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


Many millions of people have been positively influenced by this self help classic by Stephen Covey. The lessons from this book have the ability to change people’s lives dramatically. For example: the teaching to “begin with the end in mind” (Habit #2). This one lesson is one of the most powerful self help teachings there is. In other words, you should set your goals and intentions for whatever actions you are going to take. If you want to start a business, then set your intention for that business. If you want to start a family, you should do the same.


I know many people who could benefit from the teachings of the 7 Habits book. I even remember my own resistance to this book when I was younger. My dad bought me the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens when I was 13. Instead of jumping into the material, I refused to read the book, because I thought that “I didn’t need it”. Well guess what? It would have been hugely helpful to me!


My point is that there are a lot of people who just don’t enjoy reading books, or who are resistant to reading a book like this. The best self help books in the world won’t do a bit of difference if they don’t get read. And the truth is that people are looking to engage with content interactively these days. If you are a self-help teacher, then you could potentially change thousands of people’s lives, and earn a significant income, if you were to synthesize the teachings from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People into an interactive video course on Udemy.


How To Win Friends and Influence People


The best self help books in the world don’t get read if people don’t like reading. As the world goes faster, people are constantly being pulled in different directions – Twitter, texting, Facebook, work, and socializing are now always on the radar, instead of just doing one thing at a time.


It’s for this reason that I wish Dale Carnegie’s classic, How To Win Friends and Influence People, was taught in an interactive, video-based format. I say this because I get distracted all the time. I could be reading a book for five minutes, but then my phone dings with a text message. Or, Facebook alerts me to a notification. It’s tough to maintain your focus these days with so many distractions, but when I take a video course, it has my complete attention.


One of the biggest teachings from How To Win Friends and Influence People is to actually listen to what people have to say. Carnegie taught that if you want to be interesting, then you must be interested. In other words, you should truly be curious about the person you are speaking with, and you should want to learn more about them in conversation. It is no coincidence that people forget this teaching as the world gets more distracted.


If you are a teacher of self help, then you must operate within the new reality of how people pay attention to things. If you want people to engage with your material, or even the material of Dale Carnegie, then you need to give people what they are looking for – and that is fast-paced, highly educational video courses. Some people prefer to read a book cover to cover. But nowadays, if you want to keep people’s undivided attention, a video course is the right way to appeal to their need for constant stimulation. The best self help books in the world all made an impact, but now it’s time to teach self-help for people in the twenty-first century. If you are a self help teacher, then sign up to teach a self hebest self help bookslp course on Udemy now.


Are Self Help Books The Right Way To Help Your Students?

self help booksIf you’re like me, then you’re a kid in a candy store when it comes to personal development. From books like The Power of Now to 7 Habits, voracious self help junkies know that if they want another dose of positivity, they can head on down to their local bookstore and get a self help book to keep them grooving. I’m all for a medium that supports your growth as a person. But in this modern, age, I question whether self help books are the best way to communicate self help wisdom. I far prefer going through self help material that is multimedia-driven and interactive. The most successful self help teachers these days are turning to online learning platforms like Udemy to teach self help that truly impacts their students.


Video Courses Lead To Greater Understanding Than Self Help Books


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the top self-help teachers out there are turning to video and multimedia to share their knowledge. Eckhart Tolle and Tony Robbins may have gotten famous through their initial books, but these geniuses of self help know that personal change does not come through self help books – personal change comes about as a result of taking action.


Reading a self help book can make you feel better in the moment. It can give you a momentary boost of confidence or self esteem. But nothing beats actual person-to-person, multimedia interaction for actually understanding the self help material and then putting it into practice.


When a person puts down his self help books and instead takes a self help video course on Udemy, they now interact with the material in multiple ways – both through audio and visually. This gives you the opportunity to reach different styles of learners. With a book, you primarily appeal to visual learners. But with a video course, you can appeal to both visual learners and auditory learners who learn by listening. This one change alone results in greater understanding.


Interactive Learning Results In Students Taking Action


Not to mention, when you want to suggest an exercise for your students, a self help book is often clunky and ineffectual. I have seen countless self help books tell the student to put down their book and do an exercise. But what often happens is that student just ignores the exercise, thinking that it’s not that important for them. That student will simply read on to the next chapter. As a self help teacher, you know that the cause of growth in a student is that person taking action for their own benefit. And if you don’t put the knowledge you read into practice, then it is rendered essentially useless.


It is for this reason that an interactive online video course through Udemy is a far superior method for teaching self help than through self help books. When you teach a self help course on Udemy, you can walk your students through exercises step by step. When it’s time for them to do an exercise, you can tell them to pause the video and take the necessary action now.


What’s more is that you can explain how important it is to do the self help exercises. You can make it clear to the student that if they do not do the exercise you suggest, then they will miss out on a tremendous opportunity for personal growth and transformation. As a result, the interactive learning style of the online video course facilitates the inner work that a person needs to do to benefit from self help.


The Problem With Teaching From Self Help Books


One of the biggest problems with attempting to teach through a self help book is the reach that you will have with a student. As a self help instructor, you need to take a step back and evaluate the self help landscape. You need to think about the material that you teach, and about the best way for you to reach as many students as you can, as deeply as possible.


The unfortunate truth about self help books is that they are a dime a dozen. It is extraordinarily difficult to write a self help book that actually stands above the fray and positively impacts the lives of thousands or millions of people. There are tens of thousands of self help books in marketplaces like Amazon, and the only way for you to stand out from the other thousands of self help teachers out there is if you get a favorable review from Oprah or some other cultural influence (for example, a New York Times book review).


Writing a self help book is not enough. You could have the best material in your self help book that the world has ever seen, but if you don’t know how to get that book in front of readers who will actually sit and engage with your content, then all of that effort related to creating your content will not result in people changing their lives.


With Udemy, Your Self Help Students Are Waiting For You


What you need is a teaching platform where students are already actively looking to interact with self help material. Self help books will get lost as a tiny needle in a massive hay stack. But a well-prepared self help video course on a platform such as Udemy benefits from the millions of students that already use Udemy to learn about, well, anything. There are courses on Udemy from graphic design to confidence building, and everything in between. And once a person takes a course in one area, they want to take courses in other areas that pique their interest.


Self help is one of the biggest topics where people are actively seeking out advice and counsel. If you want to teach self help, then don’t sell yourself short with self help books. Instead, teach a self help video course on Udemy and make the positive impact you know you are capable of. You’ll get more students, and these students will interact with your material to a greater degree than if they just read your book. Don’t wait, and sign up to teach at Udemy today.

Self Esteem Activities That Increase Confidence

self esteem activitiesThe personal development world is filled with good advice on how to live a life where you feel high self esteem. Some people have even chosen to teach others self-development techniques. If you are looking for specific self esteem activities that increase confidence, then this article will have the answers you seek. Read on without fear. And if you want self esteem activities that you can teach others, then you have come to the right place as well! When you teach the self esteem activities in this article, you will boost the confidence of your students. By the way, a phenomenal new way to present self esteem activities is by teaching an online video course on Udemy.


Activity #1: Visualize The Outcome You Want


When you want to increase your self esteem or the self esteem of your students, a powerful tool for boosting that self esteem lies in visualization. Visualization is when you close your eyes and picture yourself reaching the goals that you want to achieve. Top athletes from all sports report visualizing their success before taking action, but you don’t need to be a pro athlete to benefit from the power of visualization. For example, if you or your students have issues with social anxiety, then a useful self esteem activity is to have your students visualize themselves in a social environment where everyone is exceedingly friendly, and where the student has all the confidence he or she desires. Bringing your students into these visualizations can have remarkable positive effects on their self esteem.


Activity #2: Challenge Negative Thoughts And Emotions


Most of us are very familiar with our “inner critic” that often seeks to undermine or belittle us in our minds. If you have ever had a negative thought tell you that you’re not good enough or in some other way inadequate, then you know what I mean. One of the most powerful self esteem activities out there is to take control of your inner world by challenging the negative thoughts and emotions as they arise. Instead of just giving in, when your students have negative thoughts, teach them to logically challenge that thought in their mind.


For example, if your student has a thought while he is jogging or exercising that “I have to slow down, I can’t keep going”, tell your student to challenge that thought. He can challenge it by saying “Oh really? Well then watch me keep going.” I have also challenged negative thoughts just by thinking to myself “Irrelevant” after the negative thought, and it builds confidence when you prove that negative thought wrong.


By challenging the negative thought or emotion, you cut off the momentum from that thought leading to other negative thoughts. And when you prove that negative thought wrong, you really build self-esteem because you show yourself that you are capable of successfully challenging that thought. Therefore, one of the best self esteem activities you can have your students do is to teach them to challenge negative thoughts and emotions.


Activity #3: Find The Silver Lining When Things Go Wrong


In addition to the above self esteem activities, you can also teach your personal development students how to find the silver lining in situations that are less than ideal. Finding the silver lining means that you actively and consciously seek to find the positive in an outcome. This can be challenging for your students in the beginning, but human beings are creatures of habit. And as a result, you can literally train your students to seek the positive silver lining in all situations. The end goal is that your students will have a new, sustainable habit to naturally and intuitively seek the positive in any situation.


I’ll give you an example from my professional life. A few years ago, I had a part time job making decent money for a local not-for-profit organization. I had been working there for a year, when my boss called me in and told me that they didn’t have the funds to support my job anymore, so they needed to lay me off. While this was disappointing, I immediately looked for the silver lining.


The silver lining in this case was that now I would have an opportunity to find a full-time job with benefits. That proved to be the right mindset. Within one month, I had landed a full-time job with benefits at a salary more than double what I had been making at the not-for-profit! By seeking the silver lining in a challenging situation, I was able to turn what can be a troubling event for some into an opportunity of a lifetime. Creatively teaching your students to find the silver lining is one of the most effective self esteem activities you can teach.


Activity #4: Day of Praise and Day Without Self-Criticism


One of my favorite self esteem activities is to have a day of praise and no self-criticism. Here is how this self esteem activity goes. The first step is to make a commitment to yourself that you will consciously be aware of your thoughts and emotions, and actively avoid any self-criticism. Whenever you notice yourself about to criticize yourself, you instead change course and instead give yourself praise and a compliment. It will feel somewhat unusual at first, but the most enlightening aspect of this self esteem activity is that you will realize that you may be criticizing yourself more than you were previously aware of. Now that you have this new perspective on your inner world, you can consciously choose to speak to yourself more positively. A day without self-criticism and instead a day of praise is one of the most effective self esteem activities you can teach your students to boost their confidence.

Teach Self Esteem Activities On Udemy


If you are an instructor of self esteem, a personal coach, or a personal development counselor, then you know that an opportunity to help one person can positively change the world. The Udemy online learning platform is a terrific way to teach a large number of students at a time, while simultaneously earning significant income. Now that you have a wide collection of self esteem activities to teach, sign up for Udemy as a self esteem instructor today.


Teaching English As A Second Language Online

teaching english as a second languageIndividuals who teach English as a second language (ESL) understand the nuances and complexities required to successfully assist individuals who speak non-native English with improving their language skills. Teaching English as a second language is an important job. For many students from other countries seeking to study in U.S. universities, non-native English speakers need to submit a minimum score of 600 on the TOEFL exam. Therefore, the responsibility for teaching English as a second language is a large one – the quality of your instruction may determine whether a student is able to study in the United States, or not. Given that, you certainly want to be the most effective teacher as possible. In this post, learn how you can grow your ESL teaching practice through online course programs such as Udemy.


The Challenge of Teaching English As A Second Language


Traditionally, individuals will teach English as a second language abroad. Many people will travel to foreign countries like Japan, Korea, or Brazil in order to teach English as a second language. This can often be an exciting and even exhilarating experience. Many people, possibly including you, have built it up in their minds, with visions of partying with locals, making tons of friends, and having happy students that love to have you in the classroom every single day.


I want to be clear that for some people, the experience is in fact that good. Many people return from teaching English as a second language and they find that they are a changed person. But that being said, you should also prepare for some harsher realities of what it’s like to teach English as a second language abroad.


Firstly, you will likely be making a relatively small amount of money. While you will certainly be earning a stipend, you should note that it will likely not cover the expenses of frequently dining out and going to bars and venues in your area. If you really want to have that fun and vibrant lifestyle while teaching English as a second language, you’ll need to be exceedingly careful about your spending. – or, supplement your income.


Second of all, you will really need to make an effort to connect with people in the local area. You will need to be aware of local customs regarding socializing so that you don’t do something too out of the norm. Not to mention, you will need to practice your own language skills, as you will be in a foreign country.


Make More Money Teaching English As A Second Language Online


Contrast that with teaching English as a second language online. In this instance, you teach from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to leave any of your friends, family or social circle behind.


Not to mention, when you teach online, you don’t have a cap on your income potential. Instead of earning a monthly stipend, you can earn as much money as you want, provided that you continue to meet and work with new students. Of course, you should also be mentoring existing students and building stronger relationships with them as well. That will also greatly increase your income.


Choosing The Right Niche For Teaching English


Now that you’ve decided that you want to teach English as a second language online, you need to clarify your niche. In other words, you need to be specific about who exactly you’re teaching. If you are teaching English as a second language to students in Peru, you’ll have to prepare far differently than if you were teaching English as a second language to students in China. There will be grammatical differences, and of course the cultural differences will be severe.


If you are a woman, you should keep in mind that some international cultures are relatively backward in regards to women in positions of authority. You may find it more difficult to be accepted as an instructor and authority figure in certain foreign countries.


You’ll also want to consider the age range of your ideal student, their job type, and the amount of income they bring in. It may be smart to teach English as a second language to high-powered executives. They could conceivably pay you much more for the same education that you would give to a high school student.


You will find that a person’s age may affect how they learn. Younger students might have an easier time with the material. If you decide to teach English as a second language to the elderly, for example, you will need to tailor your instruction to those elderly students and their pace of learning.


Transitioning From Language Teaching To Language Coaching


If you are serious about teaching English as a second language, and about establishing your career in this field, then you will want to consider expanding your teaching repertoire. Specifically, you should consider becoming a private language coach to your most interested students. The reasons for this are many.


First, this is another income opportunity for you. You can typically charge much more for private coaching, because you are giving specific instruction tailored to a single person. Because you are working one on one, you can learn more about this student’s particular learning style, and you can really help them improve their language skills to a great degree. Offering advanced coaching for your English as a second language students is a great way to teach more effectively, build your business, and earn more money at the same time.


Teach English As A Second Language On Udemy


Udemy is an online visual learning platform where anyone can create a course and teach their area of expertise. There are millions of students on the platform taking courses in thousands of different subjects – including, learning English. When you sign up as an instructor on Udemy, you can teach people that are already looking to learn from someone like you – meaning that you have a built-in base of students that. You can teach English as a second language from the comfort of your home online, with outstanding results both financially for you, and language-wise for your students. Sign up on Udemy to teach English as a second language today.


How To Teach English Online And Earn Supplemental Income

teach english onlineFor many college graduates, teaching English overseas is a popular career choice. I’ve had friends teach English in far away places like South Korea and China, and it is also common for graduates to teach English in Latin America or even Europe. That being said, some of us want to stay within the borders of home. If you’re interested in teaching English and earning a supplemental income while doing it, then you may want to consider teaching an online English course through the Udemy platform.


Get Paid For Your English Skills


There are few jobs for which your only required skill is understanding correct English – at least, while you’re in the United States or England. Sure, you can be an English teacher at a local high school, but that’s a very particular career for which you need professional degrees. Nevertheless, there is a way for you to leverage your near-perfect English skills without that college diploma in English or Education.


The answer is to teach English to non-native speakers! The English language is admittedly complex, with Germanic, English, and French influences all complicating the situation. English grammar is its own mystery for many, and there are many sub-niches for which a person could teach English and earn supplemental income.


For example, many people need to know how to speak English for business success. Others want to know enough English to be able to travel in the United States, Canada, or the UK. Still others want to learn proper grammar, or maybe just correct pronunciation. There is a wide variety of niches for which you can creatively apply your English-speaking talents in order to teach others. What English language courses can you come up with?


Where To Teach English To Earn Income


You can certainly advertise to teach English in your local community. You’ve probably seen flyers advertising language instruction at your local coffee shop, and you can do the same. This is especially popular in college towns or major cities. But what if you don’t live in a major city? And, what if you want to reach a broader audience? Fortunately, there are numerous alternatives that can help you teach English that are more lucrative, including teaching English online. More on that in a moment.


Teaching English Online Versus In-Person


The problem with teaching English in-person is that you can often only teach a limited number of people at a time. If you are meeting in person rather than teaching English online, then as a tutor you can only teach a select few people at a time. And even if you host a classroom, you can still only teach English to a couple dozen people at most.


Contrast that to what happens when you teach English online. You prepare your course once, and do your best to deliver an outstanding, high quality education for your students. Then, you post your English course on Udemy, the number one online learning platform. People come to Udemy for learning opportunities from all over the world, so immediately you gain access to thousands of potential English language learners in international countries.


That means you can teach English to foreigners without leaving your house, and the best part is you teach the material once and earn money on it forever. So if you were looking to both teach English and earn passive income (meaning income not directly related to your time), then teaching English online could be a profitable alternative. I should mention that if Udemy features your course, then you just might see your English courses reaching hundreds or even thousands of people at a time! That’s a far more effective way to teach people English than two or twenty people at a time.


Teaching English Online Can Lead To A Flourishing Career


Many twenty-somethings (and to be truthful, thirty-somethings…) are notably unsure of their career direction. Even if you did not major in Education in college, teaching English online could lead to a promising career in either the education or communications fields.


Allow me to elaborate. When you teach a subject matter, you learn how to become a more nuanced communicator. Different people have a variety of learning styles. And in order to teach for the sake of understanding, you often need to simplify your teachings. What you will find is that teaching greatly accelerates your ability to communicate effectively. You learn how to manage emotions (both your own and the emotions of your students), and you learn how to improve your communicating so that you are better understood.


Therefore, teaching English online could be a lead-in to a career in communications and marketing. Businesses around the world are seeking intelligent and savvy communicators, and credentials as an instructor of English on Udemy could be the resume boost to both get you the interview and help you land a cushy job in communications.


Additionally, you may discover that you have a passion for educating. Teaching online could inspire within you an interest and desire to teach others in a variety of areas. The more you teach, the more you realize that doing so is an incredibly rewarding career path. You get to make a positive difference in the lives of hundreds of people. Think of your favorite teachers from high school and college. They inspired you, made you laugh, made you question things, and made you think. You can do that for others with your teaching.


Teach English Online At Udemy


If you’re serious about teaching English, and want to both achieve financial independence while reaching a potentially global audience, then you should be teaching English via an online course at Udemy. You will gain access to thousands of students who are already looking for courses such as the ones you can teach. And you immediately align yourself with the tools you need to earn cold, hard cash while teaching something you’re already an expert in – the English language. Become an instructor of English on Udemy now.