Contract of Employment Template for Your Business

virtual personal assistantHiring new staff is one of the most important activities in a business. Bringing on the right people is key to a company’s success, and one of the most important documents to get in order when you’re hiring is the employment contract. This is because it clearly clarifies the relationship between the business and the new employee, and whilst they don’t need to be in writing to be legally valid, spelling them out on paper is better so there is no confusion in what is agreed. If you’ve never studied law before, this course is fantastic as it covers the main points of contract law in 60 minutes of training.

The main points an employment needs to cover is the basics of salary, working hours, and holidays. In addition, contracts also have many implied terms, and sometimes these are not be spelt out in writing. Sometimes this is because they are too obvious to mention (i.e. you will not steal from your employer), or they are necessary for the contract to work (i.e. you must have a driving license if you’ve been employed as a delivery driver). Often, terms of a contract can be established over time, based on the customs and practices within a company. The best position you can be in is to include everything that may be even possibly related, so there is no room for uncertainty if it becomes an issue. For start ups, you really should check out this course, and get a good understanding of the concepts every business owner needs to understand. [Read more…]

Marketing Audit: Get Your Marketing Strategy Working!

marketing auditMarketing is simple in its definition, but the practice of doing it effectively is where most people get into trouble. It’s all about communicating the value of your products to your target consumer, and convincing them that they absolutely have to buy it. For beginner marketers, check out this course and within a day you’ll know all the lingo, as well as the basic strategies to start promoting your own products or business.

A marketing audit is an effective tool for both a marketer and an organization, because it allows you to determine and evaluate the effectiveness of your company’s marketing efforts. The process is simple enough, and it starts with an independent auditor running through all of the strategy, objectives and policies of a marketing department with a fine tooth comb. They will question and analyze all of the methods being used to achieve the company goals, and help give you a base understanding of what’s working, and what needs to be improved. If you’re new to all this, try this course and master the skills you need to be a fantastic marketer.

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Muay Thai Workouts to Get Your Heart Pumping

muay thai workoutsThe premier martial art in Thailand is Muay Thai. Known as the art of the eight limbs, it uses a characteristic combination of fists, elbows, knees, shins and feet. Within mixed martial arts, Muay Thai forms a major component of every fighters game, because it is an efficient and effective fighting style. The massive combinations of punches, kicks, knee strikes and elbows also makes it a very physically challenging combat sport, which is sure to help you get in shape, and shed any excess weight fast! If you want to follow along with a video workout, this kickboxing course covers many of the fundamentals outlined in this article, and is great for getting you fit.

Being a very challenging martial art, if you’ve got young kids that are planning to exercise with you, they may benefit more from this course that’s targeted specifically at children and martial arts training. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout your exercises, and slow down or stop if at any time you feel dizzy or faint. If you’re new to exercise, this course is great because it teaches you how to start a fitness regime, and only takes an hour a week. Once you’re ready to step it up a notch, you can try the Muay Thai workouts that follow.

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Chinese Business Etiquette for Your Success

Businesspeople at a MeetingThe culture in China is very different to that of Western countries, and their business practices are also quite novel. For anyone interested in expanding their business in China, your success hinges on your understanding in the ways they do business. Knowing and understanding the customs and practices will help you relax and fit in, allow you to avoid any embarrassment, and focus on getting your business done. Whilst nothing can beat personal experience, this guide will give you a head start before you hit the ground running.

When you first get to China, you’ll have the opportunity to make many friends who are both locals and foreigners that already know the ropes. So long as you act respectful, and you’re taking matters seriously, most people will overlook any small errors you make in your table manners – just like you would for a foreigner visiting your own country. If you’re not good at picking up on social nuances, check out this course and master the art of reading body language.

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How to Get into Voice Acting for Non-Actors

Rear View Of Female Dj Working In Front Of A Microphone On The RVoice actors are unique, because they do all the voices for cartoons, animations and television shows, without ever showing their face. You’ll hear their voices narrating documentaries, or doing the voice-overs in television commercials and on the radio, but there’s much more to it behind the scenes. Voice acting is very much like real acting, and it’s very important to remember that it takes effort and skill, it’s not just about doing “funny voices” all day. A voice actors job is to make their characters real, no matter how cartoony the job is.

If you’re just getting started this course is great because it teaches you everything you need to know about breaking into acting, and voice acting is just a specific niche within the industry. There are many overlaps between the two.

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Famous People with ADHD Demonstrate Their Success

adhdAttention deficit disorder, or ADHD is a condition that is becoming increasingly common in children today. It affects between 8-10% of school children, with boys three times more likely to be diagnosed with the condition. Typically children with ADHD are hyperactive, act without thinking and have trouble focusing on a single task. You can imagine what difficulties this leads to in the classroom, or what the effect is on their ability to study! If you’re a parent trying to deal with a child who has ADHD, this post offers some great insight in the ways you can help your child to learn effectively. Even if children with ADHD understand what is expected of them, their condition makes it difficult for them to focus on the tasks because they literally can’t sit still, pay attention or get stuck into the details. If you would like to learn more about the disorder, this course has an excellent guide through each of the different variations. [Read more…]

How to be More Social, The Easy Way!

how to be more social Let’s face it. Not everyone is 100% outgoing, 100% of the time. People need downtime, to rest and relax, and for many, this involves being by yourself. If you’re naturally introverted though, you’ve got a small hurdle to face in being social, because your instincts aren’t simply motivating you to go out and meet new people, let alone have a proper conversation with a stranger. The challenge is that everyone loves to spend time with other people, and have a great group of close friends, but this can be difficult to maintain if you’re not naturally a social person.

But that’s where we come in. There are a number of different methods you can employ in any situation to allow you to get comfortable, approach people with ease, and all around just become more social, immediately. If you’re feeling a bit apprehensive about this all, check out this course on how to boost your self esteem and you’ll be feeling better in no time. What makes it great is that these techniques can be applied immediately, the only challenge with them all is that you actually need to give them a try for them to work, so get to it!

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The Sourcing Strategy Process

sourcing strategyWhen you’re putting together your sourcing process, it pays to be strategic. This in itself is a bit of a buzzword these days, and all strategic sourcing really means is implementing a procurement process into your organization, to ensure that you are constantly re-evaluating all of the purchasing actions your company is making. This forms a crucial part of supply chain management, especially in organizations focused on driving their costs as low as possible. If you’re new to the supply chain management process as a whole, this course has a great example of how it applies to a retail organization. If this interesting for you as a career, check out this recent post and learn the basics behind becoming an ace project manager, which will give you the skills you need for success in this business.

To fully understand how to build a sourcing strategy, you need to break it down into measurable steps that can be easily applied, no matter what your industry. As follows are the easiest way to create your own strategy for sourcing:

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International Marketing Strategies for Global Domination

international marketing strategiesThe internet and globalization has led to many brands increasing their reach from the home countries, and branching out across international borders. This phenomenon has meant that many marketers need to fine tune their businesses strategies, to ensure their brands are getting the most value out of the global market. Today, there are a new generation of global brands emerging, and it means more than just having a Starbucks on every corner. If you’re in a start-up, this crash course on lean marketing techniques has great insight into the process and offers a ton of tips to get you started, otherwise read on to discover how to create an international marketing plan.

For brands that want to compete in the global marketplace, there are five key strategies companies have to build into their marketing plans.

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Value Chain Analysis: Example Case Studies to Get You Started

value chain analysis exampleBeing competitive in today’s marketplace means doing more than the other guys. You need to deliver value that exceeds customer expectations, and it’s critical that you only ever perform activities which add value to your final product. This is what value chain analysis is all about, and if you’d like to learn a little more this course is a great introduction as to why it’s beneficial to put your customers first.

Within an organization the value chain is simply all the activities which are performed internally as they transforming raw inputs into finished products. It’s that simple, but this concept is the core of why you are in business. If you don’t know your core process already, this course is great to run through as you create a compelling value proposition, which basically means, why should someone buy your product, over a competitors?

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