Eating Healthy in College: How to Avoid the Dreaded Freshman 15

Freshman 15? No Wayshutterstock_105331145

You are about to begin what most people consider to be the best years of your life: those glorious college years.  Unfortunately for most, what is also part of the deal is the dreaded “freshman 15″…or for some, the dreaded “freshman 30”!  Anxious that it will happen to you? Don’t fret!  This doesn’t have to be you if you enter college prepared and motivated in keeping your high school weight, or if ambitious, lose weight while in college. Say, what? Say, Yes! Udemy has a wide range of courses that can keep you not only slim during those college years, but healthy and clearheaded.  While fun, college is also extremely trying and stressful, but you can learn a lot from a course that teaches you ways on  how to avoid stress eating during your time in college and especially during all those dreaded finals weeks. Eek.  With a little knowledge in your cranium, you can make college a lesson on not only how to make a living but establish a foundation for a healthy lifestyle .  So now lets make a game plan for college –  a game plan that will help you avoid most temptations and maintain that high school bod.

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Repetition in Poetry: The Many Ways to Create Poetic Intensity

repetitioninpoetryA Rose is a Rose is a Rose

While hearing things again and again may seem both frustrating and/or annoying, repetition in poetry is a powerful and effective rhetorical device.  Many poets understand the effectiveness of repetition and utilize it fully as a meaningful weapon in facing any human condition .  Why emphasize repetition though, you may ask?  How does repetition bring a poem to life or create effect and illuminate meaning?  Whether you’re a budding Keats or a teacher of poetry, we here at Udemy understand the importance and significance of the many rhetorical devices involved in the creation of poetry.  So whether you are trying to read and comprehend some of the best poetry from the Romantic Era, studying contemporary poetry, or simply finding your way as a poet yourself, we can help in fine tuning that poetic inner voice and the use of repetition could truly bring your poetry to life. [Read more…]

Classroom Management Styles: The Top 5

classroom management stylesPersonality vs. Teaching Style

Have you ever wondered why teachers have different attitudes towards how they handle a classroom?  While differing personalities have a definite impact on how classrooms are run, these aren’t the only factors.  Teachers adopt certain classroom management styles that may display much about both their personality and their personal beliefs on how students should be taught.  Classroom management is consistently identified as an essential component of effective teaching.  Whether a student who is about to begin a path of becoming a teacher or current instructor intent on developing a new and dynamic teaching style,  Udemy offers a way to learn a practical model for understanding and deconstructing the tasks involved in the process of classroom management.  Knowing the difference in classroom management styles is crucial in finding what works and does not  work in the classroom.  Having a specific teaching style, or incorporating a mix of styles and pulling from what you deem best from each, only benefits the student and makes your job that much easier.  But before you decide on what works for you, and what you want to avoid altogether, it is integral to know the differing classroom management styles. [Read more…]

Is Marketing a Good Major? Great Question!

marketingjobtitlesMy Major? Good Question!

We have all, at one point or another, had to choose our path in life.  With so many career paths out there, choosing a major in college can be both exhilarating and nerve wracking.  Whether you lean towards the arts and humanities, sciences or mathematics, why not consider if marketing is a good major for you?  If undecided, or maybe unhappy with your current major, it might be worth your while to challenge yourself and dive into a dynamic major which is highly sought after in any field.  Marketing is, in a sense, the ultimate form of promotion – promoting a product and also promoting your ability to sell and grow any product you make yourself a part of.  Life offers constant opportunities to sell yourself; from wooing your significant other, to selling yourself in a job interview.  Since we are always selling ourselves in one way or another, why not consider becoming a marketing major and make a career out of selling at a much larger and lucrative scale. [Read more…]

Oracle SQL Interview Questions To Land That Job!

oracle sql interview questionsGet That Job in SQL for Oracle!

So you have been introduced to and have learned the basics of using the SQL language on a Oracle database and are pondering what your next step may be –  well, getting a job of course!  After learning how to set up your Oracle environment, the basic terminology of SQL, and overall becoming a master of SQL on the Oracle database, now comes the fun part: job hunting and getting prepared for your SQL interview.  Don’t you worry…we are to guide you step-by-step through your interview process. Oracle SQL questions are obviously extremely important during your job interview and the interviewer will no doubt test your confidence in your knowledge. Although you have the technical  savvy and know how, the interview process is a healthy combination of expertise and personality. There are courses that will help you with this combination and grow not only your interviewing skills, but vastly improve your resume and networking abilities.  From becoming fluent in SQL language, to mastering the interview process, to finally, learning a way to combine the two, we will show you how.  Final destination: a job related to your knowledge of SQL language in the Oracle database.

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Instagram Ideas: From Personal to Business!

instagram ideasOne App to Rule Them All

If you own a smartphone, then you have undoubtedly been introduced to the most popular photo app known to man.  Apple, Inc. states that Instagram is currently at over 150 million users- a number that is sure to grow as the popularity and uses for Instagram are seemingly limitless.  The app provides a highly accessible and simple way to not only capture, but share, your world’s best moments and embrace any and all Instagram Ideas.  With a number of ways to customize your own personal photos and videos with one of the several aesthetically appealing and custom built filter effects, any smartphone user has the ability to transform everyday moments to works of modern art.  With Instagram, that is not just a plate of fries…it is a Lo-Fi filtered snapshot of American greatness! We here at Udemy understand the power and impact of Instagram and together, we will make your use of Instagram meet its true potential, whether it’s for personal enjoyment or for building a business. [Read more…]