How to Make a Photo Booth For Your Next Party

how to make a photo boothSome silly props and a flash are all you need to add more fun with a photo booth to your next event.  From weddings to fundraisers and Bar Mitzvahs to family reunions, photo booths are becoming more common at a variety of events. Kids love them, but adults love the chance to make silly faces for the camera too. Before creating your own photo booth, learn the basics of photography with Getting Started in Photography, so that every snapshot is a keeper. [Read more…]

5 Best Stock Trading Sites

beststocktradingsiteWhether it’s ordering a late-night pizza or booking a holiday getaway, we can do countless tasks that once required phone conversations or face-to-face interactions online. Trading stocks is no exception. There are many websites where we can sell and buy stocks.  If you’re new to trading take Stock Market for Dummies: Learn to Trade before deciding which one to make your go-to site. [Read more…]

The Importance of Entrepreneurship for Jobs, People and a Better Society

importanceofentrepreneurshipEntrepreneurs likely contributed to that morning cup of coffee you enjoyed or the new app you downloaded to your Smartphone.  But entrepreneurship does more than just add extra conveniences to our lives. Entrepreneurs invented the traffic light, and they developed the artificial heart. If you want to give entrepreneurship a try, learn the basics with A Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Start and Grow a Business.  Through the course, you’ll find entrepreneurship refers to the willingness to start and run a business venture and the risks associated with it. Young, small and innovative companies are examples of entrepreneurship.    [Read more…]