Canon T3i vs Nikon D5100 – A Battle Of The Entry Level DSLRs

canon t3i vs nikon d5100If you are an entry level digital photographer and or in the market looking for an entry level DSLR then chances are that two models will be right there at the top of your list of choices. These are the Canon Rebel T3i and the Nikon D5100. The entry level DSLR segment is a fiercely competitive one with both Canon and Nikon trying desperately to woo compact camera buyers to transcend into the DSLR segment. As a result, both manufacturers are trying their best to keep their wares fresh and fiercely fighting it out by introducing better features.

The D5100 and the Rebel T3i were launched about the same time, the early part of 2011. Both have tilting flipping screens at the back of the camera and both are APS-C crop bodies. In this discussion we shall be looking at these two cameras and figure out if one is any better than the other. If you are looking for some help in deciding between either one of them come along for the ride. If you are looking at some other models or is undecided whether to go for DSLR or compact camera then it is recommended that you check this course out. [Read more…]

Exposure Bracketing: The Art of Obtaining Perfect Exposures in Difficult Light

exposure bracketingRick’s new digital SLR camera is a top-notch one. He is proud of its looks and proud that he finally managed to buy it for himself. Now he would be able to show off his photography skills (learned with this course) to his buddies.

However, there is a slight problem. For some reason, he is unable to get the kind of results he saw in the advertisements and reviews. E.g., whenever he is shooting sunrise or sunsets, somehow, one half of the image is always darker than the other. He could not figure out how he can make the whole of the scene appear properly exposed, like he normally sees them with his named eyes while photographing. [Read more…]

Website Design Cost: 5 Tips To Get Started

website design costA visiting card sans a business website sounds like fried fish without the customary chips that goes in the plate. It is unthinkable, nay a sin. Almost 80% of your prospective customers would check out your website before dialing that 1-800 number on your visiting card. If you are in the business of selling online it is the third most important thing to decide on after you have decided on the business name and made a blueprint of the source of funds.

But, getting a business website designed may be a tag more difficult than you think, especially if you are not that technically enlightened. If you think in similar lines, don’t fret. Read the rest of this article and or check out this online course. [Read more…]

How To Use Excel Spreadsheet – 5 Tips To Excel Nirvana

how to use excel spreadsheetHands down, MS Excel is the world’s most popular spreadsheet program. It has powerful features and wonderful shortcuts that can make short work of any business reporting requirements, household financial budgets and or product costing analysis. Unfortunately, however, not many people can brag that they know even 50% of the features that the latest MS Excel spreadsheet program has to offer. This discussion aims to explain some of the most powerful features of this spreadsheet program and in the process make it more usable for some of you. If you are a beginner looking for some guidance into the finer elements of Excel, then this discussion is definitely for you. Additionally, you may also check out this wonderful beginner course on MS Excel that we have.

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Canon 60D vs 7D: A Comparison Between Two of Canon’s Most Popular APS-C DSLRs

shutterstock_126451406The 60D and the 7D sits at two different segments on Canon’s DSLR lineup. Canon is the largest DSLR manufacturing company in the world, so they can afford to have something like the rebel series DSLRs as well as the semi-professional 40D and 50D in the market. And to top it all it has the professional 1D and 5D series cameras, which sit at the very top of the chain. When the 7D came into the market, it offered a way for enthusiasts to try out an extremely powerful camera that boasts such stunning features as 100% viewfinder coverage, 19-point AF system and a fast 8 fps continuous shooting speed without necessarily having to doll out huge amount of cash for something like the 5D Mark II. The 7D carved out a niche for itself and so did the very popular 60D. This discussion pits these two crop sensor DSLR cameras against each other. For more information on DSLRs and sensors check this course we have.

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Nikon D7000 vs Canon 7D: Head To Head Between Two Very Popular Mid-Range DSLRs

nikon d7000 vs canon 7dA good DSLR may not necessarily substitute the shooting prowess of a skilled photographer. But it does make it a lot easier to do certain things. The Nikon D7000 enjoys a cult status among Nikonians around the world over. It is one of the most popular mid-sized DSLRs that Nikon has ever made and continues to enjoy a healthy fan following even after 4 years of its launch and the launch of its successor, the D7100. Even after all these years and all the changes that we have seen, the D7000’s spec sheet still makes for an impressive reading. Its handling, build quality, ease of use and the fantastic still shooting capabilities are second to none, even after all these years.

Just like the D7000 the 7D is also a very popular camera produced by Canon and it also enjoys a good deal of fan following from dedicated Canonites. It replaces another very popular model, the 50D and ups the standard when it comes to APS-C DSLRs. When it was launched it boasted an improved 18 megapixel sensor, faster AF capabilities and a revamped shutter mechanism that gave it a phenomenal 8 fps continuous burst rate. It is evidently the closest thing to using a full professional DSLR without having to shell out the cash that such a body does cost. In this discussion we shall be pitting these two rival cameras against each other to see which one turns out to be the better buy.

Once you’ve chosen a camera, this course is a great start to learning how to use the settings on your DSLR camera.

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Canon 60D vs Nikon D90 – A Showdown Of Unlikely Rivals

canon 60d vs nikon d90The D90 is one of the oldest APS-C DSLRs that is still commercially produced by Nikon. Launched way back in 2008 the D90 replaced the even older D80 that was launched two years prior. The D80 was another successful mid-range camera. The D90 occupies a place of interest mainly among those who already own and use it. New camera buyers would prefer something like the D7000 if he is interested in a slightly better list of features, or if he is having a slightly better budget then the D7100. The D90’s archaic 12.9 megapixel sensor has been surpassed by even the cheapest entry level Nikon DSLRs since. But still this review takes into consideration the fact that there are thousands of users out there who still use this model and it happens to be one of the most clicked cameras around the world. [Read more…]

Canon 70D vs Nikon D7100: Head To Head Between Two Popular Mid-Range DSLRs

canon 70d vs d7100Both Nikon and Canon have revamped their mid-range DSLRs recently. Nikon replaced the very successful D7000 with the D7100 and Canon, similarly, replaced the 60D with the 70D. Both these cameras promises some exciting upgrades over their older siblings. But are they really that good? Also, how do they stack up against each other in the fight for the mid-ranged DSLR market? Let’s find out.

Choosing a mid-ranged body these days can be a difficult thing. You would literally be swamped with choices. On one hand you have these extremely successful yet older mid-ranged bodies such as the D7000, the D90 and the 60D which have excellent image quality, impeccable handling and durability. Now at the closing stages of their respective careers these cameras (though still formidable photography tools) are available at a much cheaper price tag than they used to in their heydays. On the other hand you have the latest mid-ranges such as the 70D, the D7100 and Pentax K50. For an amateur looking for his first DSLR, buying one of these cameras allow him an instant entry into the world of serious photography. These cameras are still far better options than choosing something like an entry level 1200D or a Rebel T3i. Speaking of the latest mid-range DSLRs, bodies such as the D7100 and 70D are an exciting bundle of features. They have some significant improvements over their older siblings. If you need more inputs on camera gear, check this course on [Read more…]

List of Facial Expressions – Your Gateway to Understanding Human Emotions

list of facial expressions

 “It was an insane world, till I saw your face.” – Anonymous

Of all the things that inspire us, guide us and give us strength, nothing is more important than the face of a loved one. A gentle smile, a timely laugh, a grimace or even an astonished look, they never fail to inspire us in return, or reciprocate a feeling of anger, even make us break into a laughter or make us sad. Call it science or philosophy, the pursuit of understanding facial expressions is an absorbing one and one that can improve our innate ability to better understand the people we interact with in our daily life.

There is a reason why it is said that a face is a mirror of the mind. You express through your face, what you feel inside you. Naturally, studying someone’s face is the best way to understand what he / she might be going through. For years psychologists have been using methods to read what a face says, without the lips ever needing to move. But you don’t need to pursue a career in human lie detection, as you can learn in this course, to reap the benefits of facial expression recognition. [Read more…]

Laptop vs Notebook: A Comparative Analysis

laptop vs notebookBoth the terms laptop and notebooks are being used quiet interchangeably these days. It is so confusing for consumers that they don’t know which is which. The fact that even manufacturers sometimes use the term interchangeably makes this only worse. In truth these two terms are not the same. They refer to two different types of products and for two different applications altogether. While laptops are more for replacing traditional desktop computers in a more portable form, notebooks are meant to be lightweight incarnations of portable laptops. So, it is incorrect to use the terms interchangeably. Though you are right to say that all Notebooks are laptops the opposite is not correct. Apple manufactures some of the most popular Notebooks available. MacBook Air is one of them. The first one that saw the light of day had a 13.3” monitor. [Read more…]