Simple vs Easy: Arch Linux vs Ubuntu

linux add user to groupWhile Windows tends to be the most widely used operating system among regular desktop users, Linux has shown its prominence in things like servers and back-end systems. In fact, the vast majority of websites today are served by a Linux machine of some kind. It’s clear that there’s a lot of merit to how Linux works, but is it appropriate for everyone to use, server or otherwise?

The answer depends on what variant of Linux you’re talking about. The “Linux” part of it only describes the very core of the operating system–the kernel. The rest of the OS–mainly, the software and applications–are what the user sees, and this is something that can vary quite profoundly depending on which distribution of Linux you’re looking at. Want to become familiar with Linux? Follow this easy tutorial.

Going over all of the possible Linux distributions would probably take a few novels, so we’re going to focus on two fairly popular, but very distinct flavors: Arch Linux, and Ubuntu. [Read more…]

Game Development Tutorial: Humble Beginnings

game programming tutorialProgramming is one of those activities that span a wide range of industries and professions, and one of the more interesting areas out there is game development. At first it can seem quite complicated when you look at all of the high-end, blockbuster gaming titles on the market today, and when you’re developing your programming skill it can seem quite intimidating trying to get started.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, however. If you’ve ever been interested in making games but have no idea where to start, it’s best to set a small goal that you can achieve relatively easily, which you can build upon later. A good example of this is trying to re-create Pong. When it comes to game development, Pong is widely considered to be the quintessential “Hello, world” application, given the simplicity of its mechanics. But even as simple as it looks, there might be more to it than meets the eye. Still, it’s not so much that it’s overwhelming, which makes it a great way to get started with game development.

Get some game programming skills with a course at

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