Android Screencast and Screencast Tools

android screencastAndroid Screencast will allow you to do many things with your Android device and allow you to do some programming for Android. With Screencast you can log onto your Android device with a web browser or your desktop computer to control your Android phone or tablet. There are a lot of Screencast tool apps that work as a screencast app and allow you to do all sorts of helpful things. You can make videos, presentations and project your Android activities right onto a laptop or computer. You can also log onto your Android and operate it. Sever technology will allow you to log onto a customer’s computer and make changes and repairs to the computer using your Android device from half a world away.

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Communion Cakes That You Can Make Yourself at Home

communion cakesYou can make spectacular communion cakes at home and have them every bit as beautiful as what a professional cake designer will make. You just need a little bit of instruction, a few recipes and some pictures of cakes that you want to try to recreate. Well, a little bit of baking talent helps also, but you don’t need to be more than an average skill in baking.

The Most Popular Communion Cakes

If you do a search on the picture pinning website Pinterest for the words communion cake, you will see that there is one very popular cake for this occasion. Pretty much the only cake people want to make now is the fondant cake. The reason is, this particular style of cake is so gorgeous and it doesn’t need a real professional to make one. You need to bake a cake and encase it in fondant with some style and you’re done.

Search the Internet and bookmark photos of cakes that you like and might want to make yourself. After you get a collection of your favorites then spend an evening narrowing it down to just one. Print that photo with a color printer and save it to use when you make this cake.

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Christening Cakes for Your Baby’s Special Day

christening cakesThe most popular christening cakes are very elaborate and usually involve a christening gown made of fondant laid across the top of the highly decorated cake. There are a lot of styles, though, and you will need to go through many photos on the Internet to figure out which cake is the perfect design for your baby’s christening party.

Order a Cake or Make a Cake?

If you order a cake from a professional baker that specializes in cakes, you will probably be given a book of photos to look through. The book contains all the most popular cakes that cake designer has made and you get to pick one that you like. If you don’t see anything in their portfolio then you can search on the Internet to find a design that you want. Any talented cake decorator will be able to duplicate a cake for a picture you find. [Read more…]

1st Birthday Cakes for Girls: Designs and Inspiration

shutterstock_106896347Finding 1st birthday cakes for girls on the Internet is fairly easy and they will give you some awesome design ideas for your baby’s very first birthday. Of course, you want this cake to be incredible and hopefully you won’t have to break the bank to get one. The least expensive way to get a beautiful cake for your baby’s birthday is to make one yourself. It isn’t that difficult if you have the right supplies and instruction. [Read more…]

30th Birthday Cakes You Can Make and Sell From Home

30th birthday cakesThere are a lot of 30th birthday cakes you can make yourself and they will look amazing. You don’t have to have a professionally made cake to celebrate this milestone in your life. There are all kinds of really cool designs to choose from and easy instructions to follow to get you a fabulous cake for your special birthday.
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50th Anniversary Cakes for Parents or Grandparents

50th anniversary cakesYou can get design ideas for 50th anniversary cakes by looking up bakery company websites. Making the wedding anniversary cake yourself for your parents or grandparent’s wedding anniversary is a very special gift so you want to come up with someone spectacular for them. By searching on the Internet you can browse hundreds of cake photos and get a lot of great ideas for wedding anniversary cakes.
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Pretty Cakes You Can Make at Home for Fun or for Profit

pretty cakesYou can make pretty cakes and cupcakes at home for fun or you can make them to sell as a small home business. There are so many gorgeous designs to explore and tasty recipes to use to make your cakes. Cake and cupcake decorating is a huge industry right now and a lot of people are opening bakeries that are dedicated to making these pretty little cakes.

Making Cupcakes at Home

You can start right at home in your own kitchen. A lot of people make cupcakes at home and then sell them at a flea market or swap meet to start their business. As people get used to buying your cupcakes at the flea market then they will start calling you at home to place orders for more. People know a good thing when they taste it, so they are not going to want to wait until they run into you again at the flea market.

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Baby Shower Cake Designs You Can Make Yourself

baby shower cake designsIf you are planning a baby shower for a friend or for yourself, you can search the Internet for baby shower cake designs. A really cool baby shower cake will be the talk of the party. A word of warning, on the Internet there are also some really horrible cake designs people have used for baby showers. It is probably best if you stick with classy and adorable designs and skip the tacky and really gross having a baby designs. Photos of the cake will be around forever, so keep that in mind. There are plenty of gorgeous designs you can use.

If you are in charge of baking and decorating the cake for this event, you want to do your very best work. If you have time, you should take some online classes to get hints and tips on the best way to decorate cakes. You don’t have to do the actual cake you learn about in the class, you just need to learn the basics. After that, you can let your imagination go wild.

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Types of Cakes Sold in Bakeries and Other Businesses

types of cakeshere are a lot of types of cakes and if you’re interesting in becoming a professional cake maker then you have a lot of culinary exploring ahead of you. Typically, a bakery is the small business that is the place most people visit to buy a professionally decorated cake, but grocery stores and other businesses now make cakes, too. [Read more…]

How to Make Money on eBay Without Selling Anything

how to make money on ebay without selling anythingHow to make money on eBay without selling anything?  That’s ridiculous, right?  Of course you need to sell something in order to make money, don’t you?  Well, no, you don’t. At least you don’t have to sell anything in the traditional sense of selling. There are other ways and that is what this article will show you. It isn’t just eBay, you can use this method to earn money from a great deal of companies and never have to actually sell a product to anyone.

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