French Teaching: The How, What, and Why

french teaching Teaching French can give you a really rewarding career, tons of travel opportunities, and the rewards of expanding your student’s experiences of French culture though language. It’s actually not that difficult to teach, especially for native English speakers. Because at its core, the English language is heavily influenced by German and French.

Also, courtesy of modern media, most native English speakers already have exposure to the French language, from Moulin Rouge to Pepé Le Pew’s funny accent on Saturday morning cartoons. [Read more…]

Korean Grammar: Your First Step Towards Fluency

korean grammarEver wanted to learn a new language, but found it too daunting? Fear not! Korean, with its complicated looking characters, is actually one of the simplest Asian languages to learn. Impress your friends with exotic words and easy to learn phrases. It just might be the thing for you.

Try your hand at it by learning Korean grammar step-by-step. Vocabulary, pronunciation, and spelling are important in any language, but it’s best to start off with grammar. Once you understand the grammatical rules of a language, all the rest will follow. This language-learning course will also help you make the most of your language learning journey. [Read more…]

Insurance Careers: Where Do You Fit In?

insurance careersOne of the things that makes the insurance industry so popular is that it offers any professional, whether you’ve got loads of experience or none at all, the opportunity to make a significant amount of income in just your first year. Of course, this comes with the caveat that you’ve not only got to work hard, but work smart.

If you’re looking to get into the insurance industry but want to know more about it first, that’s a great sign. People who’ve built successful insurance careers are usually the type who research and get to know something better before jumping into it. This article will give you a general overview of the insurance industry to help you decide whether it would make a suitable career choice.

For more help setting your successful insurance career in motion, this course is an awesome start. [Read more…]

Cloning Process and How It Works

cloning processIt’s Sunday morning and you wake up to the worst hangover ever. As you very slowly make your way to the kitchen to make brunch, the aroma of bacon and coffee fills the air. You’re thinking it must be the neighbors. But as you approach the kitchen doorway, you find yourself staring at an exact copy of yourself, only in an apron. [Read more…]

How to Use a Light Meter to Improve Your Photograpy

how to use a light meterWhether you’re a budding point-and-shooter or a veteran at the art of taking photos, anyone who has even the slightest interest in photography should know that light is important. It’s one of the hardest aspects of a great shot, because light can make or break a photo yet changes within seconds. Here, we go through the different types of light, the concept of metering, and how to use a light meter to get much better photos.

This course on lighting will serve as an excellent companion to your reading. [Read more…]

Careers In Construction: Putting It Together

careers in constructionAs long as people need houses to live in and structures to work and play at, there will always be a need for people to build them. While there are some people who would consider a career in the construction industry, there are more who wouldn’t. This is probably because they think that the only jobs available in this line of work require heavy manual labor. That’s just one of the many myths about construction.

But if you’re just looking for tips on starting a construction project of your own, this course will give you the head start you need. [Read more…]

Something Nice to Say to a Girl: The Art of Complimenting

hotel, travel, relationships, holidays and happiness concept - sThere are plenty of reasons you may want to say something nice to a girl. Maybe you did something dumb, and now you’re in the doghouse. You could be trying to win the affections of your crush. Or maybe you’re trying to get her to do something to help you.

Whatever the case, knowing what to say, plus when and how to say it can swing things in your favor in no time. We’re going to share valuable advice on putting your right foot forward, and not in your mouth. For more tips on influencing people, check out this highly praised course. [Read more…]

Jazz Trumpet: All That Brass

jazz trumpetIt’s hard to imagine quaint coffee shops and sophisticated lounges without jazz music. It’s even harder to imagine jazz music without the likes of Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis, two of the greatest jazz trumpet players that ever walked the face of the planet. Because it has the highest register in the brass family, trumpets give jazz music a distinctly rich and playful sound.

To add a little music theory to the jazz trumpet education you’re about to get, give this course a go. [Read more…]

Neck Pain and Dizziness: Diagnosing the Problem

neck pain and dizzinessDizziness and neck pain are common medical conditions that we often assume will go away with self-medication or a massage. Although you may be hopeful that you can self-diagnose using the vast array of medical information available on internet, not even the best article’s a substitute for a doctor. Make sure you see a healthcare specialist regardless, and especially if symptoms are persistent or severe.

But before you rush off to the hospital, try using the yoga stretches presented in this course and see if it helps relieve your discomfort. [Read more…]

Income Tax Expense: What It Is and How It Works

income tax expenseThere are some words in the English language that just aren’t fun. Tax is one of them. Have you ever seen anyone get excited about paying taxes? We didn’t think so.

One of the reasons for this is because tax tends to bring a few negative things to mind. When tax season rolls around, there’s tons of paperwork, the processes are complicated, and there’s a whole bunch of jargon for different situations. [Read more…]