Greek Wedding Traditions

greek wedding traditionsGreek wedding traditions have their roots in ancient customs and religious ritual. Perhaps you are familiar with them from weddings you have attended. Or maybe the closest you have ever been is watching the popular movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” You might be looking to understand what you have seen or incorporate some ceremonies into your own wedding. These traditions unite the Greek people around the world. You can learn more about Greek culture with this Udemy course. [Read more…]

Non-Traditional Wedding Vows: How to Write Your Own

shutterstock_13113103Non-traditional wedding vows that you write on your own are the final and perhaps most important step in creating a wedding day that is uniquely yours. You’ve picked out something special to wear. You’ve carefully chosen the menu. You made sure to select just the right song for the first dance. You’ve even learned how to dance with this course. [Read more…]

People Don’t Change: Is Personal Change Possible?

people don't changePeople don’t change. We have all heard this statement before – perhaps said with resignation, or bewilderment, or conviction. But is it true? Can personal change be achieved? Can a transformation last?

Yes, you can change your life (learn more with this course).

Our fates, our behaviors, and our everyday life is something that is left entirely up to us. We are limited only by our own determination. Personal change, however, is not a quick or easy process. So then, how does it happen?

The great boxer Muhammad Ali once said, “A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.” Time and experience are a definite way in which people change. The foolhardiness and risk-taking of youth can give way to caution in one’s later years. A bad experience or a health scare can transform your behavior in a significant way. For instance, someone could have a heart attack; that one incident leads to a major overhaul in diet, exercise habits, and outlook on life.

But what about less drastic changes – are they possible? What about major transformations – can they last?

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Types of Enzymes: An Introduction

types of enzymesThere are six key types of enzymes in organic chemistry. They are organized according to the way they work on a molecular level.

But first, what is an enzyme? An enzyme is a substance – usually a protein – created by a living organism that acts as a catalyst to bring about life-sustaining biochemical reactions. Different types of enzymes have different classifications based on the kind of reactions they catalyze. Every organism – from the one-celled bacterium to the trillion-celled elephant – has many enzymes at work. Learning more about how enzymes work will help you understand basic chemistry and biology, which you can learn more about right here on Udemy. [Read more…]

A History of Graffiti

history of graffitiGraffiti – you see it everywhere from city streets to high school hallways. Graffiti can run the gamut from hastily scribbled tags of someone’s street name to carefully thought-out art that critiques contemporary society.

The word graffiti comes from the Italian language. “Graffiti” is actually the plural of the word “graffito.” They are both derived from the word graffio, which means “a scratch.” The original graffiti was scratched into the surface, not just painted. Ultimately, the word is derived from Greek – graphein – meaning to write, draw, or scratch. (This gives us the common word root –graph.)

Graffiti was first labeled as such in 1851 in reference to ancient inscriptions etched into the walls – that is, “scratches” – of the ruins of the city of Pompeii. The definition has since expanded to include all sorts of public art, from hastily made drawings to elaborately executed street art.

Learn how to draw graffiti with this course.

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Kitten Behavior: Socializing Your Furry Friend

kitten behaviorAre you thinking of adopting a kitten? You should: they’re furry, adorable, and hilarious! It’s a natural choice. But once that little cat comes home, it’s time to socialize your new pet. For a happy and loving cat, you should learn more about what to do with a new pet cat with this Udemy course.

Petting, talking to, and playing with your new kitten will help make it a pet that meshes with your life. Interacting with your kitten is just as important as training a puppy (learn more with this course)!

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Baking Powder vs. Baking Soda: Learn the Difference

shutterstock_91647077Baking powder versus baking soda: they sound they same, but they are not interchangeable. Although both of these white powders act similarly, the two have a key ingredient difference and thus play different roles in your recipes. Baking soda has been known and used for some time. But baking powder, which can be a proprietary mixture, was not sold and marketed until the end of the 19th century.

Learn more about baking with this pastry chef training course.

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Chile: Culture and History

chile cultureChile is a country known for its culture, its history, and its unusual shape on the map. The South American nation of Chile comprises a narrow strip along the western coast of the continent. It has a population of over 17 million people, most of whom speak Spanish.

Chile is hard to miss when looking at a map. Hemmed in by the Pacific Ocean on one side and the massive Andes Mountains on the other, Chile runs over 2600 miles from north to south but averages just 110 miles east to west. (That means its length is roughly the distance from Las Vegas to New York City, but its width is close to the distance from Philadelphia to New York City.) [Read more…]

Filipino Traditons

filipino traditionsThe Republic of the Philippines is a populous island nation in Southeast Asia that is rich with history and traditions. Nearly 97 million people call its 7,107 different islands home. The two main islands are Luzon, which lies to the north, and Mindanao, which lies to the south. The country is over 100,000 square miles in size. That is smaller than the state of California, which only has a population of just 38 million people. The primary language is Filipino, a combination of native Tagalog and other linguistic elements.

Over 10 million Filipinos live overseas; they live in different countries either as permanent residents or as temporary workers. Nearly 4 million of those Overseas Filipinos are in the United States alone.

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Poodle Mixes: Get to Know These Designer Breeds

poodle mixesAre you confused by the oodles of doodles out there? Take any pup, mix it with a poodle, and you’ve got a new designer breed of dog with a new name. Schnoodle, cockapoo, yorkie poo, bichon poo, goldendoodle, labradoodle – it can be confusing!

These poodle mixes – and any regular mutt with poodle heritage – combine the intelligence and tractability of the lovable poodle with the traits of other dog breeds. Although they may not be able to compete in dog shows for purebred pups, these dogs have lots to offer. If you are getting a dog, a poodle mix could be the perfect match for you.

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