Help Me Microsoft Excel

microsoft excel helpMicrosoft’s spreadsheet program, Excel, is used in offices all over for various tasks. Some use it at home too for organizing checkbook registers and budgets. It is not at all similar to Word, Publisher, or PowerPoint in ease of use. They all have sophisticated features that you can get by without ever using, but Excel is a whole different animal, with only Access as the fiercer beast. Want to learn how to use Excel? Udemy has a quick start course to help.

Being a more difficult program to use with its functions and math features, users need to spend more time learning Excel. It is not as user-friendly and much more technical than the more familiar programs used for words and sentence structure. There are templates available for various tasks, which allow you to quickly use the program for your intended use. For instance, my husband is an accountant, and we are both very computer savvy, yet it was simple to use a template for our checkbook register, so why wouldn’t we? The formulas were already there. It’s for home use anyhow, why not cheat?

If you have curious work that no template has been made for, you’ve got more to learn. can get you up and running quickly with this course for professionals.

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How to become a UX Designer

user experience coursesUser Experience (UX) Design is literally the process of designing an experience for the user. It is a complex science which changes rapidly as user desires do. It delves into the psychology of the user, usability testing, and the designing of paper prototypes and final wireframes. Get Introduced to User Experience at Udemy

So you are thinking about becoming a UX Designer? You know that UX stands for User experience. You are prepared to think about your user and work hard to ensure their needs are met. It can be a truly rewarding career. Learn the fundamentals of UX Design at today.

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Speed Reading: the Who and the How

speed reading coursesDid you ever wonder how doctors, CEOs, professors, and scientists absorb the latest information for their profession and still have time to do the job we know they must be doing? Many successful people don’t read at a leisurely pace, the average of 300 words per minute (wpm) that the average adult accomplishes. Some can speed read, but all read at a level beyond most of our comprehension. Time is money after all, successful people know this and they learn to do things accordingly.

Learn to speed read at

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Decimals to Fractions, and Percentages too: Do the Math or Use a Chart

decimal in c#Decimals, fractions, and percentages are three different ways of showing the same value. Each one is used in mathematics and in science. Engineering, business, and designing firms need to speak in certain mathematical terms to do their work. Figures don’t always come to you in the way you need them. Being able to convert between decimals, fractions, and percent is helpful in all of these areas. Want to learn more about math for business? Take a course at Udemy.

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How to Use a Decimal Place Value Chart

decimal place value chartDecimals are used every day; they are seen at the cash register at your store, your bank statement, and even online. But if you reach deep into the recesses of your mind you might remember the math and science classes and all the decimals used that have nothing to do with dollars and cents. If you’ve scratched your head at all the pie jokes on Facebook every March 14, you are not alone. I have the advantage of having gone back to college in my 30s to have brushed up on decimals, how they are used, and when to use them. A decimal place value chart can assist you in your endeavors to not look ignorant when you have to read them aloud in a group presentation.

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Graphical User Interface Design: Designing for Usability

graphical user interface designGraphical User Interface (GUI) is how users interact with computers. Windows, menus, and icons are the design elements that users click with a mouse or touch with their fingers or a stylus with touchscreens. The design of GUI is a particular field where the designer is interested in aesthetics, only if it is highly usable.

Learn how to create desktop and Internet GUI Java programs at

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Web Design Tutorial: Making an Intuitive Interface for Your Website Users

web design tutorialSuccessful visual communication depends upon key principles of graphic design. Organization and economization can bring consistency, navigability, and simplicity to your interface. Typography and color can show emotions, concepts, and facts, ensuring that the interface’s elements are easily accessible and understandable for users. All of these principles come together to direct the User Interface (UI) Design that is seamlessly useable.

New to website design? Take a design course in Adobe Photoshop at

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Focus your Mind: Concentrate on Productivity

how to improve concentrationTelevisions, tablets, smartphones, kids, dogs, doorbells, to-do lists, coworkers, email, Twitter, Facebook, alerts, notifications, sunshine, rain, hunger, wandering minds…it’s enough to make us all lose our minds, or at least break our concentration. Our fast-paced lives have given us more reasons to lose focus. Productivity dictates the need for concentration because time is money, and time on Pinterest is spent. Trouble focusing? Learn to think brightly at

So you think you might have ADHD? Not so fast, only a doctor can tell you. Maybe you just need to learn to focus. Routine and schedule can help get you there. I’ve compiled several tips to help you along your journey to productivity.

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Fundamentals of Web UI Design

web ui designUser Interface (UI) Design is about creating visually pleasing layouts that allow users to fluently use the site. The user is the one who will decide, so UI must anticipate what is going to be used.  It is not about looks alone; nothing matters if it is not usable. If it cannot be used, it should not exist. Learn how to design web interfaces in this master class from Udemy today.

Interaction design, visual design, and information architecture come together to create UI Design.

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How to Test Web Services

how to test web servicesIn the past several years, the landscape of web development has been changing. There has been a shift away from a relatively small number of large applications toward a relatively large number of small applications. Web services were not fast enough to be interesting. More developers are performing testing, early and more frequently in development instead of quality assurance (QA). The QA job has become more intellectual and less rudimentary because of the asynchronous nature of business process services. Testing was the last stop: beta, beta, beta, with little alpha paternal support for his little beta brats. Fortunately, testing has become a continuing activity in the process of development. Testing web services ensures the functional quality of the product.

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