Palmistry Love Line: How Will Your Love Life Pan Out?

palmistry love linePalmistry, also known as palm reading, is an ancient practice that allows a reader, by simply looking at the lines and mounds of the palm, to not only look into the character and personality of the person being read, but also to foretell any future occurrences regarding money matters, the influence of fate, and our topic today, love. The love line is sometimes referred to as the heart line, or the mensal line, and runs horizontally across the hand. It not only can tell about present and future relationships, but also how healthy the heart will be down the line. If you’re curious about other methods of predicting the future, this course on fortune telling will show you how to see ahead by using cards, as will this article on tarot card spreads.

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Face Reading Techniques: Your Face is an Open Book

face reading techniquesMost people think they can control how they present themselves to the world, and for the most part, that’s true. We can dress a certain way to look professional or casual, and we can style our hair in such a way that will impress our boss, or our date, but there’s one thing we can never change (at least not without some plastic surgery), and that’s our face. Love it or hate it, we’re stuck with these eyes, cheeks, chin, and nose, and not only is your face the first thing that the world will see, some people will even be able to tell all about your personality just by your facial features. Try as you might, anything short of a surgeon’s scalpel can’t change these tell-tale signs of the inner you.

Today, we are discussing these face reading techniques, also known as physiognomy and personology. These techniques have been around for quite some time, and have had different applications as time went on. Aristotle was the first person to extensively study and record his findings, then the practice became tied to astrology in the medieval era. In the 18th and 19th centuries, physiognomy was used to detect certain criminal tendencies, and most recently, it’s been used to interpret mental faculties and character traits. If you’re curious to learn more about the messages we send unconsciously, this course on the secrets of body language, and this article on facts about body language will give you a better idea of what you may not know you’re telling the outside world.

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Palmistry Money Line: Your Financial Fate Is Already Written

palmistry money linePalmistry, or palm reading, is the ancient practice of using the palm of one’s hands to indicate aspects of the owner’s character, as well as to tell their future. This ancient act of soothsaying can be traced back to Eurasia, with roots in India, China, Tibet, and Sumeria, among others, and is still popular today the world over. Among the things that palm reading can inform you about are your health, your emotions, and your financial fate, which is what we will be discussing today.

If you’re curious to learn more about another otherworldly pseudoscience, this article on tarot and its cards will explain the meanings behind tarot, and this course on learning to do tarot for profit can show you how to make a buck reading people’s cards.

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Extended Marketing Mix: The 7 Ps of Marketing

extended marketing mixIn the business world, there are many tools that are utilized to accomplish specific tasks, and this holds true when it comes to marketing a product or service. Sometimes these tools can be complex and involved, and other times they cut right to the heart of matters, and one of the most famous of these marketing tools, called the marketing mix, can be considered one of the more direct business tools. The marketing mix is a combination of seven factors, or kinds of choices, that a company deals with in order to properly and efficiently market their products and services. What began as four Ps has evolved into seven, but more on that later.

We’ll be talking today about the extended marketing mix, how it evolved, and what each of the Ps is all about. The process of successfully marketing a product or service to consumers is tricky, with a lot of luck being necessary. But this being the business world, it would be foolish to leave anything up to luck or chance, so there’s also a healthy dose of thorough, well-planned strategy that has a good track record. For some time-tested ideas on how to market online, this article on online marketing tools, and this course on mastering email marketing will help generate consistent results.

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Indian Food Facts: 10 Spicy Morsels of Knowledge

indian food factsIf you haven’t yet gotten around to trying Indian food, stop what you’re doing and go try some right now – we’ll wait. For those lucky people that have tried this delectable foreign cuisine, you know just how delightful this food can be. India has been known for its spices for thousands of years, with these exotic food enhancers being the backbone of trading routes throughout history. For all of its culinary depth and history, don’t expect to find any beef at your local Indian restaurant, because not only are cows viewed as sacred in Indian culture, over 80% of the population are Hindu, who traditionally practice vegetarianism.

Even though the Indian people eschew beef, as well as some other types of meat, many of the foods you may eat at an Indian restaurant are still very rich and creamy, so be sure not to go overboard, which can be difficult. Today, we will be offering up a hot, steaming plate of Indian food…facts, that is… that you may not have known – garlic naan will cost extra. If you’re a fan of Indian food, and think you’d like to try making it sometime, this article on learning to cook, and this course on vegetarian Indian cooking will both ease you into learning how to cook for yourself.

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8 Consumer Rights and Responsibilities: How to Be Protected

consumer rights and responsibilitiesChances are, you’ve returned at least one product before in your life – perhaps it was defective in some way, or was given to you as a gift, and didn’t fit, or maybe it wasn’t quite what you expected. There was a time when you, the consumer, would have had a tough time getting your money back, and all consumers had a difficult time being treated fairly by manufacturers. In March of 1962, that all changed, when President Kennedy gave a speech to Congress introducing the Consumer Bill of Rights. In this speech, Kennedy, with the help of consumer rights activist Helen Ewing Nelson, and aide Fred Dutton, laid out four basic rights that consumers should have, which was then expanded to include four more rights.

These eight privileges covered not only people’s rights as consumers, but also grew to include basic human necessities, such as food, water, and shelter. However, along with these rights come responsibilities, and we as consumers must earn these rights, and exercise them wisely, and not take advantage of them. Today, we are discussing these rights and responsibilities, and how they relate to our everyday lives. If you’re interested in this topic, but see yourself on the other side of the equation, this article on online marketing tools, and this course on internet marketing for local business will show you how to reach as many consumers for your business as possible.

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Advantages of Hydropower: 8 Benefits of Water-Based Power

advantages of hydropowerPeople have been taking advantage of water’s power for thousands of years, with the Greeks, Romans, and Chinese using it to turn mills for many different purposes, and the technology eventually reaching Europe around the 8th century. The major reason for using water power is that it never runs out, as opposed to the animals who used to power mills, who would inevitably need rest and food. Water has been used as a power source for countless applications, including grinding grains into flour, sharpening metal tools, and cutting trees into lumber, among many others. Grinding and sharpening may not be the preferred use of water any more, with hydropower being used more in the forms of hydraulics and hydroelectricity, with dams and turbines the tools of choice for modern hydropower, as opposed to paddles and wheels.

While no source of energy is without its faults, and hydropower has its share, including pollution, habitat disturbance, and initial cost, today, we are focusing on the benefits and advantages of this type of energy. If you’re curious to learn more about people’s relationship with water, this course on the history of water and humans relates the story of how we’ve been benefitting from H20 for the last 10,000 years.

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How Long Does it Take to Become a Dental Hygienist

how long does it take to become a dental hygienistMost people tend to get a bit nervous at the thought of going to the dentist. Even if they’re not getting any kind of major work done, like surgery or fillings, they know that there will at least be a lot of scraping and discomfort. The person responsible for these unenjoyable teeth cleanings are not the dentist, but the dental hygienist. Not only do they clean your teeth, they’re also responsible for taking x-rays, administering anesthesia, and providing education for patients on proper dental care, among other things. If this is a job you’re interested in, and you’re curious as to how long the process would take to become a dental hygienist, then you’ve come to the right place.

For those of you that want to change your career, but think that it’s too big an undertaking at your age, this article on changing careers at 40, and this course on how to change your career for YOU will help you find the job that’s right for you, no matter what your age may be.

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Importance of Insurance: Security for Uncertain Times

importance of insuranceInsurance is everywhere, but not everyone knows what it is, how it works, or most importantly, why it’s needed. Most types of insurance, though highly recommended, are optional, but others, like automobile insurance, are necessary, with a ticket coming your way if caught driving without it. Some view insurance as unnecessary or wasteful – even Ned Flanders, the church-going, mustachioed neighbor on The Simpsons steers clear of it because he sees insurance as a form of gambling, and at odds with his religious views. No matter your what you views on this complicated, ubiquitous protection are, it has an important place in many people’s lives.

Today, we are discussing insurance, and why it’s important. Chances are, you are somehow insured, whether it’s your health, car, or home, your are somehow, some way, being protected by insurance as we speak. While some view it as a rip-off, and just another way to line the pockets of a corporation, insurance has saved people untold amounts of money. If you’re already involved in the world of insurance as a salesperson, and would like to kick your career into high gear, this course on how to be a high performance insurance broker will give you a sneak peak into our extensive four-part course on how to make the big bucks with your insurance practice.

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Audit Risk Model: Quantifying (And Reducing) Your Mistakes

audit risk modelThe concept of the audit strikes fear into the hearts of most people. They immediately think of the IRS knocking on their door and taking all of their money. While a variation of that situation may be true sometimes, most of the time it simply means that someone is checking to make sure things within a business are running properly. An audit may take place in many different forms and occur in all kinds of organizations, with most of them either requiring an audit by law or by necessity, or by having one requested by management.

The type of audit we are discussing today is the financial type, where a firm’s financial statements are scrutinized, and even more specifically, the the audit risk model. Audit risk is the chance that an auditor might make an inappropriate assessment of certain financial statements, and the associated model is the quantification of the chances that this risk may occur. If the world of accounting and financial statements are new to you, this course on interpreting financial statements, and this course on the basics of financial accounting will give you a good foundation to start with.

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