Tuning a Banjo: The First Step in Learning to Pick

tuning a banjoFor those out there with a passion for older music (and by “older”, we don’t mean the 80s), there’s a good chance that you’ve considered trying to learn the banjo. The instrument originated somewhere in Africa, and made its way to the United States via the slave trade in the 16th century. Here, the banjo’s popularity spread from the Southern plantations, to its role as a novelty instrument in Vaudeville, and on to the types of music we most associate the instrument with today: bluegrass, folk, and Dixieland.

If you’re considering buying a banjo, or if you’ve recently purchased one, chances are you love one of these types of music, and would like to learn to play one, or all of them, but before you get started pickin’, you need to get to tunin’. Today, we’re discussing the various ways to tune a banjo. There are a few methods to go about getting your instrument to sound good, and hopefully you’ll be able to utilize one of them today, but they require a few tools. If the older music is what you want to play, this course on old time banjo for beginners will get you started pickin’ in no time.

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16 Career Clusters: Focus Your Career Search Today

16 career clustersWhen students begin narrowing down what it is they might want to spend the rest of their lives doing, they can be pretty overwhelmed by the sheer number of possibilities that face them. In addition to the seemingly endless options for potential careers out there, it doesn’t help matters when everyone around them, including their parents, teachers, and counselors are constantly telling them how the decisions they make now will affect the rest of their lives. Luckily, in the 1990s the U.S. Department of Education decided to lump together pretty much any career path you can think of into individual groups, or clusters, from which students could choose the professional path that they will follow.

These career clusters, of which there are 16, are the topics of our discussion today. In addition to facilitating the career-choosing process for students, the 16 career clusters also make it easier for schools and other institutions of education to group together careers and trades that require similar skills and teaching methods, thus smoothing out the education process a bit, not only for the students, but for the schools, as well. We’ll be describing each of these clusters today, and some of the career paths that fall under each. If you’re just past school-aged, but still want to change your profession, this article on changing careers at 40, and this course on redesigning your career will help you steer your life in a new direction, no matter what your age.

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Units of Production Depreciation: Calculating Wear and Tear

yellow pipesDepreciation is the amount of reduction in the value of an asset, and happens to almost anything that is worth money. Pretty much everything that has value begins depreciating once it’s purchased and used, such as a car, a computer, or furniture, and the main causes of this decrease of value is wear and tear. When a business purchases an asset, it’s necessary for the accountant to calculate the asset’s depreciation in order to figure out how much value will be lost during each period of the accounting cycle. There are several ways of calculating the depreciation amount, and the one we are discussing today is the units of production method. The accounting industry is all about calculating the value of various aspects of a business, and this course on the basics of accounting, along with this article on the accounting ratios will give you a better idea of what it’s all about.

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Owner’s Equity: The Life Blood of Any Business

owners equityIn the accounting and business worlds, money is of the utmost importance – not from a philosophical standpoint, but for a business to operate, money is crucial. When it comes to the business side of things, money not only flows into it as they sell their goods and services, but it’s also used as a tool to pay for things that the company needs to operate, such as employees, machinery, and other assets. In a business, owner’s equity is basically how much of that business’ assets the owner(s) actually own, as opposed to being owned by creditors.

Today, we’ll explain a bit about this important concept, and along the way, we’ll be getting a bit into the world of accounting and financial statements. To brush up on, or introduce yourself to, these handy accounting tools, check out this course on financial statements made easy, as well as this article on the layout of the balance sheet.

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Faithful Representation: Integrity and Honesty in Accounting

faithful representationA little over a decade ago, when people thought of accounting, they got a bad taste in their mouths, what with all the headlines concerning the scandalous and improper techniques that were utilized by the biggest accounting firms and the companies they represented (Arthur Andersen, Enron, et al.), resulting in the bankruptcy of several huge corporations. Though malfeasance and duplicity can be easily tucked away into the many convoluted details of the accounting process, especially when it comes to the financial statements, there are actually safeguards in place that are meant to keep financial misrepresentations at bay, whether they’re on purpose or not. Today, we will be discussing one of these safeguards – the concept of faithful representation, and how it’s used to keep companies and their accountants honest. If you’d like to learn more about the basics of accounting, this course on accounting made easy, along with this article on the basic accounting ratios will give you a good introduction to this subject.

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Types of Big Cats: 8 Felines That Might Throw Out Your Back

big catWhen most people think of big cats, their mind goes straight to lions, tigers, leopards, and the other ferocious feline predators of the wild. While those beasts definitely fall under the description of “big cats”, it’s the domesticated big cats we’ll be talking about today. Part of the reason people get a cat as opposed to a dog is due to the cat’s relative small size when compared to a canine, but there are cat lovers out there that just need to get the most bang for their buck, and have a cat that’s just “big boned”, with more of them to love.

All obese cat jokes aside, these kittens aren’t so much fat as they are just large for cats, with some of the healthy ones reaching upwards of 25 pounds or more, and the average weight of these big cats hovering around 15 pounds. But why would someone go out of their way to bring a bigger cat into their home? These larger breeds tend to have some advantages over their more diminutive counterparts: they live longer, they’re friendlier, they get along well with humans, and they’re good hunters. If you’re considering getting a cat, this course on cat adoption and ownership will walk you through the process of finding your new furry family member.

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How to Roast Coffee: Delicious Brewable Beans In No Time

coffeeIf you’re a coffee connoisseur, chances are you do something special when preparing your coffee at home. Perhaps you buy your favorite whole beans, and grind them yourself right before brewing. Maybe you use a brewing method that brings out the best in your bean of choice, such as a fancy Technivorm, or a French press. You may be happy with your particular coffee-making method of choice, but have you ever roasted your own beans? If you haven’t, then get ready to take your coffee game to the next level, because today, we’re explaining how to roast coffee from home.

Afterwards, check out this coffee crash course to learn everything else about this miraculous nectar.

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Deep Depth of Field: Focusing on the Big Picture

deep depth of fieldTo the uninitiated, the art of photography may seem like a very simple undertaking when compared to other visual media – painters take months, sometimes years, to capture a scene just right on the canvas, and filmmakers similarly agonize for extended periods of time to perfect their vision, but photographers just point and shoot, right? Well, yes and no – the actual capturing of a photo may take just a fraction of a second, but there’s plenty of thought and effort put into the composition of a photo, and the photographer has many tricks up her sleeve when attempting to turn real life into art.

One of these tricks of the photography world is called depth of field, and our discussion today focuses on a specific type: deep depth of field. If you’re not an expert on photography, depth of field is the area in front of and behind the focal point of the camera, and depending on the tools the photographer uses, he can make those areas either in focus or out of focus. We’ll explain more about this concept, as well as exactly what kinds of tools are used to achieve deep depth of field. If you think you’d like to dabble in the photographic arts, this course on the fundamentals of photography will introduce to the basic principles.

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My Left Arm Hurts: 8 Possible Causes of Discomfort

my left arm hurtsBefore we get into our discussion about pain in the left arm, if you are suffering from any discomfort, you may need to seek medical treatment right now. If there is any physical deformity due to an injury, including protrusions or extreme swelling, or you are experiencing a sudden and severe pressure or squeezing on your arm or chest, seek emergency medical treatment right now. If you’re experiencing any other severe pain, difficulty with movement, or accompanying chest pain, consult your doctor immediately. Any other symptoms, such as redness, mild pain that lasts a few days, or light swelling, warrant a visit to the doctor’s office very soon, especially if it’s already been a few days since the discomfort has started.

Hopefully, you’re not experiencing these or any other discomfort or pain in your left arm, and are just reading this article simply because you’re curious as to what a pain in the left arm might mean. At the very least, when you’re done reading this, you’ll be somewhat informed as to what might be wrong if your left arm, or the left arm of a friend or family member, starts to hurt, and you’ll know how to deal with it. If something like that does happen, just make sure to keep calm, and stay focused.

Today, we’ll be discussing the various ailments that are signified by pains in the left arm, as well as some of the other symptoms that accompany them, and what to do if these things happen. Some of the pains may be acute, coming on quickly and lasting for a short time, while others are chronic, meaning they last more than three months. Sometimes these pains come and go, and are simply inconvenient, other times, they progressively worsen, eventually becoming debilitating. If you happen to be around when this or any other type of injury is occurring, this course on first aid, and this article on what to do with a head injury will prepare you to save the day, no matter what the situation.

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Best Coffee in the World: Who’s Got the Best Beans?

best coffee in the worldPeople used to think that not only could your day not begin without breakfast, but it had to begin with a big breakfast, replete with eggs, bacon, and toast, with coffee as an afterthought. These days, people don’t have time for protein and pork, but they will make time for a cup of coffee, with people’s entire work day being thrown into disarray without that first cup ‘o joe. Many people whose lives revolve around this dark and bitter nectar, and you know who you are, probably have a favorite brand of bean, but chances are they don’t know much, if anything, about where their daily liquid lifesaver comes from.

Today, we are talking about where the best coffee in the world comes from – where it’s grown, and what makes each so special. For those of you that need more than just that morning jolt, and would like to learn a bit more about your favorite beans, and possibly discover new types of beans you might like to try, you’ve come to the right place. If you’d like to learn all about coffee, not just where it comes from, then this crash course on coffee will take you from beans to brew.

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